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Here is the key to Huawei's success in building HMS ecology

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On September 10, the 2020 HDC (Huawei Developer Conference) was held in Dongguan Songshan Lake, the headquarters of Huawei.

There is no doubt that HDC is one of the most anticipated conferences in the domestic IOT industry.

Whether China's mobile application industry can produce an influential operating system for the world, whether Huawei can get rid of GMS's overseas dependence and build a successful HMS ecosystem are hot topics of concern to the industry. The answers to these two topics can be found in the Huawei developer conference.

In fact, one of the most eye-catching topics among these focuses is the construction of Huawei HMS ecosystem. Under the premise of absolute monopoly of IOS and Android operating systems, it will take time for Hongmeng to break the game.

HMS ecology is the core issue of Huawei's survival and development.

To be honest, there is no doubt that HMS ecology will be the core of this HDC conference. Most of the 38 technical forums are related to HMS.

So what achievements has Huawei HMS ecology made to the industry in the past year?

HMSThe ecology has been preliminarily completed


As of August 2020, more than 96000 applications of HMS core have been integrated in the world

These rapid growth shows the vitality of Huawei HMS ecology on a global scale.

However, Wang Yanmin gives us more quality data, which is quite encouraging: up to now, more than 80% of the world's mainstream head applications have been put on the shelves.

That is to say, in addition to the influence of political factors, the vast majority of head applications in the world have been established in the HMS ecological environment and presented to Huawei end users.


This fully proves that Huawei HMS ecology has been recognized by global developers and mobile application business partners, and the value of its capabilities has been accepted.

HMS ecology, to a certain extent, has achieved fundamental success in the world.

Now HMS core 5.0 has built a complete set of five root service capabilities, namely browser, map, search, payment and advertising, so that developers can implement basic mobile Internet applications globally based on HMS platform.



Lilith is a game production company located in Shanghai. Relying on the mobile game "Legend of the turret", Lilith is quite famous in the domestic game market.

In 2020, they will choose to cooperate with Huawei HMS in depth, and both sides will promote the two new games "rise of kings" and "AFK arena" created by Lilith in 170 countries and regions around the world by means of online and offline combined transportation.

Huawei's ecological teams around the world, on the one hand, organize the promotion resources of appgallery's localized operation around the world, on the other hand, organize local offline promotion activities and user meeting activities. Through the global intermodal service, the newly added downloads of these two games increased by more than 140% each month, ranking the third and fourth respectively in the revenue ranking of outbound mobile games in July 2020, becoming Lilith enterprise The key booster of industry growth.

On the morning of September 11, Hyatt Dongguan Songshan Lake Hotel held the HDC China Sea going leaders summit. Netease, perfect world, cocos, babybus, Netdragon technology, global e-shopping, funplus, bear Bowang, shadow technology, Opel lighting, feishushennuo, testin and other 12 partner enterprises established HMS offshore ecological alliance with Huawei.

The alliance takes HMS offshore capability engine as the platform. On the one hand, it uses Huawei's own capabilities to empower alliance developers; on the other hand, it makes full use of the capabilities of its partners to help more developers successfully expand in overseas markets.

Similar to Lilith, Huawei provides joint operation services for alliance enterprises. The operation and service of target market are supported by Huawei, including language localization, software localization, operation localization and other services. Through the combination of Huawei terminal and Huawei HMS ecology, it completes offline store promotion and online resource delivery, so as to help alliance enterprises succeed Take root in overseas market.

besides,Huawei also provides global compliance services for alliance enterprises to reduce the legal risks of domestic enterprises going abroad, including tax and regulatory issues in different countries, as well as financial payment and currency exchange.


However, due to the lack of reliable partners overseas, as well as problems in language, usage habits, laws and regulations, there are few successful examples of domestic games in foreign countries.

In fact, the sea alliance is not only to serve domestic enterprises to go abroad and establish their own operation foundation in overseas markets, but also suitable for enterprises of one country to cross the country and succeed in the markets of other countries.

Huawei HMS ecosystem is a cross country and regional operation service support system. For example, Europe's leading taxi software bolt has more than 30 million users in 150 cities around the world, and it will be launched in appgallery in May 2020.

After being put on the shelves, bolt has provided high-value free travel tickets to Huawei application market users in 10 countries through joint marketing and promotion with Huawei. Through this promotion, bolt has downloaded more than 50000 times in the last week, 136 times more than that in the first week.

Supercell, a Finnish game developer,Through Huawei HMS ecological sea service, brawl stars national service was released in the Chinese market, which is widely welcomed by Chinese players, makes Finland's supercell, an overseas game developer, a great operating income. As a classic case, it shows the huge business opportunities in the Chinese market.

Such examples can be found everywhere. For example, in 2019, Gameloft, a French game company, brought "wild drag racing 9: racing legend" to Chinese users through HMS ecological platform. The download volume and various data of this game are far ahead.

HMS offshore alliance has become a high-quality choice for local enterprises to expand their business in the global market. On the one hand, it has greatly accelerated the pace of business expansion in the global market, on the other hand, it has greatly reduced the risk and cost of overseas market expansion.

Because of this, the sea alliance is becoming a booster for Huawei's HMS ecological prosperity.

Empowerment is the secret of HMS ecological success

Why can Huawei HMS ecology attract the majority of overseas head applications in one year? In fact, there are many answers to this question, such as the above-mentioned offshore service, Huawei's huge user base of 700 million users in the world, and so on.

However, we believe that the two companies that really attract these customers are the two enabling companiesWords.

In fact, these two words are not uncommon. In the ICT industry, this word has been expressed in the external publicity of many enterprises. But why is it the secret of Huawei HMS's ecological success? Wang Yanmin gave several examples in his speech.

Sberbank is Russia's largest bank with over 67 million active customers in Russia.

Sberbank released the NFC contactless payment software sberpay in July, which integrates multiple capabilities of HMS, such as near-field communication services, payment services, security services, etc. Sberpay has a great application convenience, that is, when paying, you can touch the payment card of the merchant with your mobile phone. In a convenient and safe way, it quickly won the favor of Sberbank users and formed a popular effect. In a short period of 10 days, the installed equipment reached 3.2m, and the total download volume exceeded 21m.

The Asia Pacific live video platform like integrates HMS DV kit, uses the drift camera for multi view live broadcasting and calls multiple external cameras at will. In the past, professional shooting team and professional broadcasting station are needed to achieve such guiding ability, which is a great technical investment. Today, it is realized by mobile phone.

Sweetselfie, a Latin American self portrait app, integrates HMS camera kit and supports super night scene and anti shake mode. The effect of scenery and portrait shooting is excellent, making this mobile phone application quickly become the mainstream application of local mobile phone shooting.

Banggood, one of the largest cross-border e-commerce companies in Southeast China, has more than 50 million registered customers in 130 countries and has more than 500000 products on its official website, covering 30 categories from fashion, home appliances to various electronic products.

It integrates Huawei's HMS ml Kit (machine learning service) to provide photo shopping function. Ml kit can identify goods and six kinds of mainstream text. Users can find the products they need by taking or uploading photos in a few seconds. In this way, customers can take photos and place an order on banggood when they see the goods on the street and on the advertisement. Bangood said that at present, more and more users on its platform are using the photo search function, which is helpful to improve the conversion rate.

From these cases, we can see that Huawei HMS provides ecological partners with stronger business innovation ability, enables partners to have more personality characteristics and build application habits that win customers' favor.

Empowerment, not simply said, but need to be done.

It is through hundreds of billions of US dollars of technology investment and HMS open platform that Huawei has enabled HMS ecological partners to have stronger business realization capabilities. It is in response to Zhang Ping An, President of Huawei's consumer business cloud services, that HMS allows customers to focus on innovation, and Huawei is required to do other work.

The three-day Huawei developer conference, 38 technical forums and 4 Songhu dialogues were held closely around HMS. Rich capabilities, advanced application scenarios, enabling customers to succeed in the ecosystem and service system, let people see the key to the success of Huawei mobile applications, and also see the hope that Huawei HMS ecology will become one of the most popular ecosystems in the world.

This is the real reason that makes us excited. Come on HMS ecology!

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