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[Live Video] Apple's fall 2020 launch: two apple watch and two iPads

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The highly anticipated new Apple product launch in autumn 2020 will open at 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on September 16. According to the current clues, Apple will release two apple watches, two iPads and airtags, a tracking device with U1 chip,The biggest suspense is whether Apple will launch the iPhone 12 series at this conference. Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, this autumn conference will continue the way of wwdc20, which will be broadcast online in the form of recording and broadcasting.


Alibaba cloud launched a special special event for colleges and Universities: 0 yuan experience of entry cloud computing rapid deployment Entrepreneurship Project

Apple online store (China)

IOS 14 will be launched tomorrow - earlier than the iPhone, ipados 14 and watchos 7 will also be launched tomorrow, with the words "safe and healthy shooting" still attached at the end of the live broadcast. This is the end of this conference. Thank you for staying up late.

Pixelmator photo uses ml to add a zoom / enhance feature to automatically enhance the zooming part of the image. Usb-c universal interface for the future can be easily connected to digital cameras and other peripherals.

High performance cache, 6-core design (2 high, 4 low). 40% better performance than the previous iPad air. There are also new GPUs. There is no doubt that the performance of the iPad is amazing. But from the ecological point of view, what professional applications can really play its strength?

To "unlock" the new role, Tim millet, vice president of Apple platform architecture, talks about the company's first 5nm chip, the A14 bionic integrated with 11.8 billion transistors.


Touch ID entity fingerprint sensor function is also integrated into the power key.

The new iPad Air uses a 10.9 inch liquid retinal display with a resolution of x 1650.2360 Full lamination process, True Tone toning blessing, supplemented by anti-reflection coating.

Cook returns iPad Air. to introduce the redesign Appearance looks like an 11-inch iPad Pro, with plenty of color options.

Handwriting recognition, intelligent paragraph selection, copy and paste to another app. Of course, Siri intelligent voice assistant is indispensable.


Cook makes a transition to introduce the next generation of iPad tablets. This year is the 10th year that iPad has gone through, with sales of more than 500 million units. Cook said 53% of their iPad customers are first-time buyers.

Lori malm, Apple's director of services, introduced the apple one service, which costs $10 to make users' boring bike or treadmill exercise look like peloton.

Apple's director of services Lori Malm take over the services, Here comes the legendary Apple One", iCloud, included Apple Music, TV, Arcade, News, Fitness, Personal package costs $14.95 a month, The family package costs $19.95 a month.

A subscription fee of $9.99 per month.99 per month, or $79.99 per year. It is recommended to open home account sharing, and applications will not be available until the end of this year and will only be available in a few countries. Consumers who buy Apple Watch can enjoy free services in March.



Apple's ecosystem can play a big role here: it's all done by syncing watches with IOS devices and drawing real-time graphics using icloud data. "Adding new weekly fitness classes" also offers many different music types to choose from. In addition to being a beginner, the apple watch can also display "smart exercise suggestions" that users can try based on a set of algorithms.




While playing the exercise guidance video on the iPhone, the monitoring data on the apple watch can be synchronously displayed on the screen. After the exercise is completed, you can also see the summary analysis. "Adding new weekly fitness classes" is a better content production investment for apple than anything it does on TV.

Users can get a video catalog on an iPad, iPhone or Apple TV and send indicators in real time. Whether it's yoga, riding, dancing, running, core strength training, or meditation, apple watch can fully meet the needs of users' Sports monitoring.

Apple Fitness Technical Director Jay Blahnik to explain the experience of exercise monitoring. Apple launched a Fitness service. Because the application is designed around the Apple Watch, there will certainly be some functional integration of the opponent table. Apple Watch users like to view all kinds of data during exercise, Apple sweetly provides this feature update. Among them, the integration of music can be said to be a direct attack on Peloton, the latter has been locked in copyright by record companies.

The new Apple watch will be available for order today and will be shipped from Friday. This approach is defined by Apple as an environmental choice, and it is a correct move. Now we are playing a tvc advertisement. Apple's basic strategy for Apple watch is to put an app store on the watch, but it doesn't really enable any crazy killer app. All the innovation comes from Apple's added hardware.

Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of environment, talks about the company's new progress in carbon neutrality. Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of the environment, talks about carbon neutrality. According to her disclosure, Apple has reduced its carbon footprint by 35% and will achieve 100% carbon neutrality by 2030, including supply chain and products. Apple even recycled 100% rare earth and tungsten elements from taptic engine, and cut off the apple watch's USB power adapter.

Apple watch se, a cheaper watch, uses a larger watch display. Equipped with accelerometers, heart rate monitoring, electronic compass, gyroscope, motion sensor, fall detection and other functions, the price is only $279. The GPS version of the apple watch series 6 starts at $399.

The apple watch SE version has also come. It was disclosed earlier that it is based on the apple watch series 3 and aims to lower the threshold for Apple smart watches. Even so, the apple watch se has a built-in "heart" of the series 5, twice as fast as the series 3.

Next, home settings, where users can pair watches with their iPhones for people who don't have an apple watch. The iPhone must be managed independently of the iPhone watch. Users can specify objects for their children and use their watches to send messages. They can also set location reminders for them. We're still curious about the new tricks that people who live in isolation and maintain social isolation will play with these new features.

It was mentioned on the slide that the apple watch is equipped with a U1 ultra wideband chip.


Seven colors, various sizes, yarn woven / leather strap, and the new Nike co branded. The new watch will have a new strap: a single lap strap, no clasps, made of silicon. There is also the "Hermes" version loved by luxury lovers.

Apple HMI design vice president Alan Dye responsible for the introduction of novice dashboard design. Memoji function is also extended to Apple Watch, the animated face can be placed on the dial interface.

For apple, one of its advantages is that it has more wrist sensors than its competitors. The S6 system powers the apple watch with a dual core processor based on A13 bionic. The watch can also display altitude in real time. Alan dye, vice president of human computer interface design at Apple, narrates in this video


Doctor of Medicine Sumbul Ahmad Desai, vice president of health at Apple to talk about the importance of this feature. A new Apple Watch uses red and infrared light, and then uses its algorithm to read the color of your blood to show blood oxygen concentration. It takes 15 seconds to read, and it can be done in the background, such as when you sleep. And this function can even be used in the current popular COVID-19 symptom detection.

From the picture, apple is showing off its new Apple watch series 6. The apple watch series 6 looks like it will have more color choices, and there will still be a version of product (red).

As soon as the camera turned, the stage went fast to Apple's chief operating officer Jeff Williams this side. A function of watchOS 7 is to provide predictive values for maximum oxygen uptake. If it falls to a lower level, the wearer will also receive a reminder. video shows more sensors on the back of the newly released Apple Watch. VO2Max is a predictable watchos7 until later this year when users are notified if the value falls to a lower level.

A life-saving story, the apple watch, can alert people with high heart rates because it can be a precursor to cardiac arrest. At the same time, medical service providers and insurance companies are also deeply considering the positive significance of Apple watch. Mount Sinai is also using the apple watch to study the impact of covid-19 on front-line medical staff and even detect early signs.


Cook outlined the functions of Apple watch, including home control, streaming music, heart monitoring, fall detection, etc. Cook uses a real case study to illustrate how Apple watch has improved the lives of people involved. The video shows some users' personal opinions about how Apple's health products can bring hope to them when they are in trouble. One of the users said that he began to monitor his exercise data with his watch after his physical examination was bad, and his physical condition improved after a period of use.


Cook said to the point that there will be two products today -- the apple watch and the iPad

The animation is the same as this year's WWDC, but this year Tim Cook is not on stage, but in front of the Apple headquarters window. Then into the Apple Park, and finally Tim Cook came over, not on stage but in the Apple Park corridor.

In terms of live broadcast channel, in addition to AppleBesides the official website, users can also pay attention to it through iqiyi, Tencent, microblog and other domestic media.

IPhone 12 not sure yet

Although all the current information suggests that Apple will not announce iPhone 12 series at this conference, it does not rule out this possibility. On apple's official YouTube channel, after the preheated video of "Time Flies( time flies)", apple has removed iPhone 11/11Pro、Apple Watch Series 5 promotional videos. From this point of view, there is reason to believe that iPhone 12 will be on stage with Apple Watch 6.

In addition, the well-known U.S. electronics retailer target, Deutsche Telekom and Canadian baseus have launched iPhone 12 related activities, indicating that the iPhone 12 may appear at this conference. But anyway, Apple's new flagship is worth looking forward to.

Apple Watch SE

According to information shared by well-known informant Jon Prosser, the people friendly version of the apple watch may be called the apple watch se after it goes public, while the successor of series 5 may be called Apple watch pro. It is reported that Apple watch se will also have two rules of 40mm and 42mm. In 40mm, the model of GPS and cellular network version is n140s / n140b, while the 42mm model is n142s / n142b.

The difference with Apple Watch Pro is that SE will use a Series 4 design, no regular screen, do not support ECG electrocardiogram. SE will use the same S5 processor as Apple Watch Series 5 and built-in compass. And will retain the altimeter introduced from the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch Pro(Apple Watch Series 6)

On the health side, apple introduced ECG electrocardiogram and fall detection on the Series 4; on the Series 5, apple introduced a global emergency call for help; and on the upcoming Apple Watch Pro (Series 6), blood oxygen detection will be introduced.


Blood oxygen, a health indicator, is mainly used to measure the oxygen content in red blood cells. Normal and healthy pulse oximeter values usually range from 90% to 100%, and lower than 90% is considered to be low, which should be evaluated by medical professionals.

Code related to blood oxygen function has appeared in the code of IOS 14, and it also supports the same "blood oxygen notification" function as heart rate notification. For example, when the apple watch detects that the wearer's oxygen saturation is lower than a certain threshold, it will send out a timely notification.

In terms of color, apple is expected to bring new colors to the new watch, adding Navy colors. And there may be more materials available for the strap. In terms of features, the new watch will introduce fast charging function to improve charging speed.

iPad 8

The iPad 8 will carry a A12 processor with a 10.2-inch screen, dual speakers, USB-C interfaces, power buttons on the left, volume, SIM slots on the right, and a 20 W charger, according to the information shared by the digital blogger.


New iPad air

According to the details shared by netizens, the iPad air 4 will be equipped with a 10.8-inch liquid retina screen, a 12 megapixel single camera on the back of the body, A13 bionic processor, face ID biosensor (however, it is also reported that the touch ID fingerprint sensor will be integrated into the power button at the top instead of the face ID security solution), dual speakers and Apple support Pencil 2 and magic control keyboard, 128GB start, starting at $499.



Twitter revealed that Jon Prosser exposed more information about this product. He claimed that airtags would adopt Apple's U1 chip, assemble it through USI method, support UWB (ultra wideband technology), and be very accurate in tracking, searching and positioning, and support data transmission.


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