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This domestic game with plagiarism is worthy of its attention?

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Recently, a controversial domestic game was launched.

It's called the original God, produced by MIHA.


How to say, this game is currently in the major Internet platforms belong to the heat, but the user reputation is very poor state.

Traveller Star list, the heat score is more than twice the second GTA5, but only 3.9 points.


In terms of Zhihu, the recommendation of the original God is only 34%.


Bad reviews spend most of their game time on hosts and PC

I have played 5 minutes anger delete game, and then in the circle of friends angry spray;

Also have to play with relish, deep in it, even to the game to recharge money.

No matter how the various groups play, "original God" after the public test has really attracted attention, and it is a fact that the score is very low. How is this situation formed?

Let's look back more than a year ago, E3 in 2019.

In front of the game, the game's preview has brought the game to the whole world.


To tell the truth, the forecast is actually working.


But at first glance, it looks too much like Nintendo's legendary work in the NS era, the 2017 annual game "Legend of Zelda: the rest of the wilderness.".


The domestic community of players was lit:

Then ," the original god "in the host player circle became the domestic game shame, next

I still remember that in ChinaJoy in 2019, when the original God released the news of logging in to the PS4 and appeared at Sony's Playstation, an irascible elder brother personally smashed his PS4.


Then, after the E3 and Chinajoy ," the original god "appeared at the tokyo video game show TGS, next year's sony online games conference and other events, and even released the news of the login NS, so nintendo did n' t mind coming home

Many people are anxious, hate teeth itch. ..

Domestic players community view "the original god" increasingly irritable, everyone with

But at the same time, it is true that more and more people remember it.

Too many things happen in 2020, and the irascibility of players is gradually replaced by other events... Until recently.

After a few rounds of small-scale closed beta, the day of September 15 is getting closer and closer for the PC version of the public test, and everyone begins to rub their hands one after another.


For the supporters of the original God, there is no need to say much about the reasons for their expectation.

On the other side, the players who look down on the original god may be looking forward to:

I'm no exception, as I said before, download and play for a while, to be honest... It is far from the legend of Zelda.


First of all, by my own standards, it is far less attractive to me than the legend of Zelda, especially in terms of details, degree of completion and playing methods, which are much richer.

Therefore, there is no relationship between Cha Ping Jun and the original God. After two hours, he will not play...

Secondly ," the original god "by people criticized plagiarism style, in fact is Miha You consistent quadratic element rendering style.

In the wild, the scene is really like the legend of Zelda, but it's the taste of other people playing games...


Bad comments on Jun in front of the computer, holding the handle of the old man's music, on the Internet about the "original God" but there are four controversies.

Long ago in March, Dota2 anchor Zheng Xiang Zard plans to live on the Douyu "the original God" internal test, sent such a Weibo, played


As a result, according to his own account, this microblog was deleted by MIHA you through the betta, so it was settled.

After the public test, some players found that there is an additional game called


Although I don't know if Miha you did this on purpose, but in short, the original God's controversial storm will not be small.



It can be imagined that the reputation of the game is not good, a large part of it is indeed mixed with some angry old friends' emotions.

But the question is, does the game really copy Zelda?

My point is, it's more like a hat.

Tell me a story.

I interviewed Lao Yang, the producer of the Pascal Contract, a few days ago, who said that when he updated the game this year, he added a new path-finding feature and joked:

First: Pascal contract guides players with jellyfish

Next: "to the soul of Ma Dao" guide players with wind


I don't think this happened in fact and the original God copied "Legend of Selda" some of the same thing, people were PTSD by some of the earlier years of improper behavior of manufacturers, so often

In addition, I think the current evaluation of the original God is fairly fair. It is a game with a high degree of krypton gold, a slightly empty core, and some boring and flawed games in the open world.


But it still has a market, exquisite pictures, lovely painting style, simple operation...

There's a commercial movie

A little sister in the office played all afternoon


So, should the original God bear these curses?

I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

Although I don't think it's a serious plagiarism, I think it's more or less

This is not, I know a few old brothers who never play hand games, after the "original God" public beta, want to see what it has done.


If you want to wear a crown, you must bear the heavy burden. Maybe the original God has no intention of coronation, but obviously it has gained extra attention and should bear some extra consequences. If the quality of the game is really excellent, the extra attention will not be a criticism.

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