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In the eyes of hard core foreigners, the Chinese made "Lori control" AK47 is the real heart

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You may not believe it. For a long time in the past, made in China has always been synonymous with low price and low quality. Poor quality, disrespect for intellectual property rights, and Shanzhai have also become the lingering labels of Chinese products.

In the golden nose Award for Shanzhai products, Chinese enterprises often take the first few...


For this reason, foreign netizens have also made a lot of stem pictures to ridicule made in China.


Of course, in recent years, with the quality of domestic products getting better and better, the word-of-mouth of Chinese products abroad has gradually recovered.

But there are still many netizens with old glasses to see the world, simply to spray, regardless of whether his products are made in China, anyway, things are broken, as long as no brain to push made in China.


Even if we encounter some Chinese products with excellent quality and high sales volume, they are often mistaken for those produced by other countries. I have to say, it's very unpleasant.

So today, pepper wants to have a plate of those unexpected overseas hot money.

Unlike the conventional mobile phones, UAVs and other electronic products, or high-speed rail, satellite and other sophisticated big guy, we certainly can't imagine that these popular foreign products are also domestic products.


Rubik's Cube

In the past, domestic toys can be described as pulling hips. They are not only rough in workmanship, but also lack of independent appearance design. They often rely on large foreign factories to make a simple living.


But in the poor evaluation of the Rubik's Cube master's introduction, small pepper just know, in today's adult puzzle toys

Because in terms of professionalism, most of the foreign Rubik's cube has no domestic beer.

And these home - made Rubik's Cube are not just

Take a home-made Rubik's cube named Dayan as an example. Ten years ago, in order to increase the feel of Rubik's cube, they added a super small clip rail loop in the Rubik's cube to form a spherical structure inside.


It's a shame that with such a small work, the results of all fast twisting players have been shortened by 2 seconds...

Maybe it's hard for us to understand this. Jiang Ganyuan, the founder of magic cube brand Gan, said: if Rubik's cube is compared to a mobile phone, then geese are almost similar to the first iPhone.


Far from it, even Rubik's Cube brand Rubik created by Rubik's Cube invento

Rubik also ruled in the Rubik's Cube that only his own Rubik would be used


Now most of the Rubik's cube world records are basically twisted out with domestic Rubik's cube.

Rubik's cube made in other countries? Sorry, there's no deck.

Guns of northern industry

The English name of North China Industrial Corporation is

Because they're in the real ammunition business.


The weapons made by the northern industry are also loved by the simple old American people because of their good quality and cheap price. You can also see on a North American gun website that a worn-out old man

But because of some US gun bans, PRE-BAN (before the ban)


On the tubing


Such fine words in foreign countries should be spurred by their netizens. (funny by hand)


Of course, because northern industries are too cheap to price and good quality, so that local arms dealers are very large, so the United States quickly banned the sale of anti-dumping reasons

However, because the guns of northern industries have not been banned in Canada, many netizens joked that the dream of cheap guns for 300 million people in the United States can only be realized in the neighboring maple leaf country...

Now today


In addition to guns, northern industry also sells some exciting things that everyone can't think of, which is very popular with friends in the Middle East. Interested friends can go to their official website to have a look.


Wigs are just needed by some hairless users, but they may not believe it. Many black women also love wigs.

Because black people's hair is curly and fluffy, it's not a big problem for some friends who like to keep their hair short. But if you want to have long hair, it's hard to dye and straighten, and it's a waste of time to tie dirty braids.

In order to avoid a weed, many black women choose to shave short hair and then wear a wig. One of the best wigs is China.

The amount of video playback on the tubing about wigs has also been high. There is even a saying that Chinese wigs are black women's second underwear...


Novel coronavirus pneumonia China Cardi B, who discovered that the wig bought in China was not delivered, has begun to understand the terrible nature of the new crown pneumonia.


On fastsell, an e-commerce platform for overseas buyers (known as the international version of Taobao), an average of one Chinese wig can be sold every 2 seconds. Generally speaking, 80% of the wigs in the world are made in China.

Whether it is the bottom end, middle end or high-end, chemical fiber wig or human hair wig, China made wig can be said to be all inclusive. And it is said that Michelle, the former first lady of the United States, is very fond of wigs made in China.

Now the U.S. and Africa are China's first and second largest markets, respectively, and wigs


Of course, in addition to this, there are many Chinese brands that are deeply loved by consumers abroad, so little pepper is no longer redundant.


But I have to admit,


In fact, at the end of the 19th century, German goods, which were of poor quality and did not respect intellectual property rights, denounced the British market.

In order to prevent German dumping, the UK passed a bill mandating imports from Germany to be marked

Later, with the development of German manufacturing industry, the precipitation of science and technology,

And our made in China also seems to be on the way of upgrading.

Believe in the future,

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