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Station B jumps out of copyright competition game

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Written by Wu Zhaohan

Source: Alphabet

It seems that station B has won another dangerous battle.

During the small long vacation broadcast by "rap new generation" and "wind dog boy's sky", station B app ranked second in the app store list of China. And "wind dog", a 16 episode Youth Drama jointly produced by station B and happy media, also broadcast more than 100 million two weeks later.

This is the first time that a domestic drama has been serially broadcasted in station B, rather than being exclusively broadcast by youaiteng.

If you think that station B is going to grab the cake with youaiteng, you can only say that you have ignored the genetic differences of these companies.

Just as you aiten seems to be on the same track, it is still very different.

B station, the biggest difference with Ueteng, is its gene

This 11th holiday, B station COO Li Yu said in an interview with the media that B stand in the director's video, the most important thing is to meet the needs of users in the ecology of PUGV( professional users' self-made content. She stressed,

For station B, the community atmosphere and community ecology, which are used by station B to distinguish itself from youaiteng, are often proved to be powerful, although they are very empty.

So it is not difficult to understand, enter the Bureau of live film and television, for station B, it is absolutely not a simple entry into a new business. However, when station B has made clear the reason why it is a live action movie, how to determine the cut in route?

After all, the annual copyright purchase cost of the three major video platforms exceeded 70 billion, but none of them realized their desire to run around the world. Iqiyi, which has lost 10 billion yuan in successive years, has even spread rumors of merging with Tencent video. With the current volume and capital reserve of station B, we should be more careful.

Want to be


B station and iqiyi, Tencent must do differentiated content, this is no doubt.

However, it is more realistic to bet on content through investment, equity or joint production.

This is also a lesson that station B got from the painful experience of burning money on the long video website. Aiyouteng's three companies have been paying a lot of money to buy copyrights for many years, resulting in huge losses. At the moment when Chinese users' payment mentality is still unstable, the member's income can not cover the content purchase cost, and the route of single copyright purchase is proved to be unfeasible.

For the platform, only by investing in production companies and participating in the upstream of the industrial chain can we master the bargaining power of content.

However, the difference between youaiteng and youaiteng lies in that, for youaiteng, whether it is the implementation of paid members or advanced on-demand, the hot plays bring more direct and short-term benefits. For station B, buying copyright is more like incubating IP, which is to land content as the seed of IP in each content area of station B, turning it into more rich content forms, and even deriving peripheral and offline IP authorized stores, forming a positive cycle.

Indeed, "wind dog" has achieved good results. Since it was launched on September 24, the number of hits has increased. At present, 11 episodes (including two episodes of preview) have exceeded 110 million. In addition, the drama to B station pull new and member pull effect is also good. Li Ni also confessed that this is the first time that station B has produced an S-level drama series, and this achievement is beyond expectations.


But for now, station B is doing more.

In the interview, Li Ni said that all self-made content of station B is based on content upgrading, not purely based on advertising revenue or member income. She said that any self-made content in the future will be measured by the three standards of quality, IP and ecology.

Clearly, happy media is an important step in the content of B station. Ning Hao, Xu Zheng, Zhang Yimou

In addition, according to the results, Joy Media has a number of key film and television works into the post-production phase or has completed production, including Chen Kexin directed by the "alone

For station B, in the next five years, it will have a large number of well-known directors' new works landing platform, and then has the opportunity to establish a deeper cooperative relationship with the top directors in the circle. At the same time, station B can have five years to truly enter the process of film and television production and accumulate experience in controlling content production. Although Li Nan stressed that this is a non-standard strategic form of cooperation, it does not affect how station B chooses the future plays or the standards of film partners, but it can still establish a reference blueprint for the cooperation between station B and other producers.


The secondary creation of users has always been a feature of station B. barrage culture and pugv content are the foundation of its existence.

Search "wind dog" in station B, there are all kinds of secondary creation of the protagonists, and the official infinite second creation activity is in hot progress. This is what Li Ni is looking forward to seeing. Users create the content of "wind dog" twice, so as to achieve a positive cycle with the original film. This is also an important reason for B station to add copyright: to meet the needs of users.

When B station is still a niche community, many users like to chase drama at B station. As one of the earliest screen sites in China, screen rendering atmosphere, audience spontaneous

Watching secondary creation in station B has also become an important part of watching movies for many users. Many Scissor hands generate electricity for love and spontaneously cut Amway's original works in the form of mixed cutting. Among them, there are many erchuang clips with millions of playing volume. At the beginning of this year's hit "more than a year" in the end, a short film "modern version" in the film and Television Division of station B! "More than one year's celebration" once again ignited the original work, which not only broadcast more than one million on the day of the video release, but also made a hot search on Weibo.

However, due to the fact that the copyright of video content belongs to other platforms, the user creation of station B will inevitably fall into an awkward situation. Previously, iqiyi's hit drama "two generations of love" once launched a editing competition in station B. However, on the day before the finale, many entries uploaded by scissors to station B were removed from the shelves by the copyright owners (iqiyi).

Coincidentally, Tencent's video was launched to promote the new play during the "Celebration of the Year" hit


Scissor hands scold the platform side for killing the donkey, but it is unreasonable but reasonable to take the video off the shelves for copyright reasons.

The fund reserve is not abundant, B station obviously cannot fall into the copyright competition game, it must open up a new content route.

Li repeatedly stressed in the interview that PUGV ecology and community ecology are the most important B station, which is also a powerful auxiliary force to do film and television content,

When more and more B-site produced / CO produced content go online, the simultaneous development of pugv content and OGV content has obviously become the key to the content ecological construction of site B. The original work and the erchuang video appear on the same platform, and more new attempts will be made in the content interaction. At the same time, the OGV content of station B can also get more exposure and dissemination through the secondary creation of pugv, and the content of various forms in the ecology of station B can also have good mobility. In addition, the copyright of the film and television works also provides a more free atmosphere for up owners.

A typical case is that station B bought the copyright of the TV series "the rise of the Qin Empire" after the ghost animal video of station B exploded. As a result, more ghost animals and mixed cutting videos were produced, which made the TV series with Douban score as high as 8.5 be found and concerned by more people.


This is a possession

Before the live action film and television, the IP and ecological content of the content has achieved phased success in other long-term video content fields of station B.

B station decided to do its best to create animation in 2014, according to Li


"Life Series" has become B station to IP incubate ideas to operate copyright and content examples. This is what the user calls

The recent launch of the first blockbuster homemade variety "rap New Generation ", not only in Douban scored 9.0, but also let similar programs have a sense of crisis. In the face of the fierce "rap new generation "," China's new rap" chief producer Che Chul made a circle of friends,

Let copyright content IP, ecological, rather than a round of tour on the platform, obviously will also become station B's expectation for live movies and TV. This is the core competitiveness of station B compared with other long video platforms, and it is also why the cooperation agreement between happy media and station B specifically mentions the derivative development of film and television IP.


B station 11th anniversary, home Slogan replaced

In the early stage of its establishment, station B was developing into a comprehensive video community combining long, medium and short video content.

In terms of live action films and TV series, before "wind dog", station B did not have a series of series broadcast alone, but there was no lack of action in the copyright procurement of overseas and domestic dramas. The purchase of the copyright of classic IP film series such as Harry Potter and Batman, as well as many classic films such as police story, crouching tiger, hidden dragon and Kung Fu, has even made station B a hot microblog search.


These copyright content and pugv ecology support each other, so that many of the best produced but poor ratings of the series, in station B has been revitalized.

Station B is not so much a direct competition with aiyouteng. It's better to say that station B needs to get stuck in the field of film and television in advance.

Now for station B, it is also a good time to get stuck in the field of film and television. Due to the epidemic situation, the upstream film and television production companies need funds to replenish ammunition, and the content inventory is about to run out. However, the demand for content consumption is constantly rising, and the platform's voice power is gradually strengthened. When should we not do so?

Tiktok Kwai is certainly going to be compared to the whole video industry, whether it's with the long video based AI Teng, or the short video website.

There are obvious differences between station B and traditional video websites. Aiyouteng is like a tool. It will be closed when it is used up. Users will pay for good content, but they will not have emotional connection. Station B has a barrage of comments to forward three companies, the community discussion and exchange atmosphere is strong, and the empathy atmosphere and communication space it provides is unique.

Aware of this, long video sites also began to build their own UGC ecology with short video content. April, iqiyi launched


From this point of view, whether it is to invest in happy media, or buy classic film and television copyright or homemade content, can also be regarded as B station

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