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Master Lu's Q3 mobile phone ranking: Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition wins double champion

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The mobile phone ranking of Master Lu in Q3 of 2020 comes from Master Lu's android app data from July 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020. For details, please go to master Lu app.

This time, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition won the titles of best performance mobile phone and best fluency mobile phone in this season; snapdragon 865 plus won the first place in both chip performance list and AI chip list; black shark joy UI, Nubia UI and 1 hydrogenation OS ranked top three in UI fluency list; Samsung became the best temperature control brand; Huawei still took the first place in new market share, followed by oppo and vivo; oppo find X2 is the first fake machine.

Mobile phone performance list: Xiaomi's eldest son wins

The data of Q3 mobile phone rankings are all from Master Lu's new version (Android v10.2.8). The engine is upgraded, the pressure value is increased, random read-write tests are added, and the score system is adjusted accordingly. How big is the adjustment? Generally, the flagship is more than 80 thousand.

Yes, you are right. The performance score of mobile phone has reached the 80W level. The competition of mobile phone performance has always been more intense than that of PC. after all, whoever runs fast can have the dominant power in the public opinion field.


In this year's Q3 mobile phone performance list, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition won the championship with 849813 points. The second and third place are Lenovo rescuer E-sports mobile phone pro, ASUS Rog game mobile phone 3 classic version.

The performance of the top 10 is both equipped with the snapdragon 865 plus and the snapdragon 865. However, this year's Plus is very embarrassing. It is often defeated by various 865 models. It hits the mobile phone manufacturers and hurts the face of Qualcomm. According to the official data, the performance of the 865 plus is 10% higher than that of the previous generation snapdragon 865. Under various magic modifications and optimizations, the 10% performance improvement is not easy to be perceived or even surpassed.

Cell phone chip ranking: MTK stability is difficult

In terms of chip ranking, the total score gap between snapdragon 865 plus and snapdragon 865 is also very small. Plus only has a small advantage in GPU with higher frequency.


Surprisingly, with the increase of test models, the ranking of Tianji 1000 series has dropped by several places compared with Q2. It seems that it is easy to climb high, and it still needs to work hard to maintain the stability of the joint development division.

In the middle and high-end chips, the snapdragon 768g is still the unshakable toothpaste, and the Kirin 985 has no one to surpass. The Xiaolong 765G and the snapdragon 768g have become springboards that any manufacturer can step on. Basically, new machines carrying these two processors will appear every month.

As for some newly released mid end toothpaste processors, such as Xiaolong 690, Xiaolong 720, Tianji 800, etc., they can not be ranked in the top 20.

Mobile Fluency List: M10 Commemorative Edition

A good processor is the foundation, what house can be built on it will have to show their magic power. Generally speaking, the performance of a certain mobile phone is good. In addition to excellent configuration, it also depends on whether the operating system is fluent enough. The competition for the top of the fluency list is the most intense in the quarterly report.


Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative mobile phone is the champion of the fluency list, with an average score of 201.86 points, which is also the first model with an average score of more than 200 points. This machine is preinstalled with Xiaomi miui12 system, which is officially said to be reconstructed from the bottom technology. It is equipped with a 120Hz high brush screen, which is as fluent as IOS.

Oppo find x2 pro and oppo ACE2 ranked second and third. Since the innovation of coloros 7, oppo has been a frequent visitor of the fluency list.

UI charts:

In terms of UI ranking, black shark joy UI, Nubia UI and 1 hydrogenation OS rank in the top three respectively. UI ranking is related to the coverage of models under the brand. Only being a flagship, UI with fewer models will be higher.


The Black Shark JOY UI operating system is not a fully inherited MIUI system, but rather uses

Covering a wide range of models, coloros ranks first, followed by Huawei emui and Xiaomi MIUI. In the past, Huawei and Xiaomi competed, but now oppo is on its way to a tripartite confrontation.

Cell phone temperature list: Xiaomi again

After reading the performance and fluency charts, let's take a look at the most influential temperature list for daily use experience.

Millet 9 pro and millet 10 Pro were No.1 in the peak high temperature ranking and daily average high temperature ranking, respectively. The peak temperature of Xiaomi 9 Pro reached 41.74 ℃, and the daily average temperature of Xiaomi 10 Pro was 37.53 ℃. This reminds people of millet that classic slogan, for fever and born!


In the 5g era, 5g baseband processor is getting hot, and 5g network has high requirements for service life, which is hard for mobile phone manufacturers. In order to plug the large battery in the limited fuselage, we have to find ways to plug the cooling module. Many of the high-temperature rankings are flagship products with strong performance and high power consumption. Once the heat dissipation is not done well, it is not uncommon to turn a mobile phone into a lighter.


Oppo reno3 Pro 5g is the champion of both peak and daily low temperatures in the two low temperature rankings. The mobile phone uses a three-dimensional liquid cooling cooling system, which is covered with a layer of copper foil and double-layer graphite flakes on the flexible screen of the customized version, so as to effectively transmit the heat. In addition, the thermal energy of the back of the fuselage will be transmitted to VC through thermal conductive gel. Thanks to good heat dissipation design, the average daily temperature of OPPO Reno3 Pro 5G is only 28.46 degrees.

In Q3 mobile phone temperature ranking, the best temperature control brand belongs to Samsung. After experiencing the pain of note 7, Samsung is now very cautious in charging and cooling.


This time Samsung was also exposed a melon. The Samsung note20 ultra with Orion 990 uses copper for heat dissipation, while the version with snapdragon 865 uses graphite for heat dissipation. As for why different cooling systems are used, it is speculated that the heat dissipation material has a great impact on the performance of the processor, so Samsung has matched different versions. However, it is such a mobile phone that the domestic sales are bleak.

Android new market share: redmi's share rises

Samsung note20 is accused of squeezing toothpaste and cutting leeks, and the price of ultra version is very high. In the new market share of Android, Samsung only ranks sixth, with a share of only 4.29%. It is hard to believe that this is the performance of the first mobile phone manufacturer.


According to Lu master's app evaluation data, Huawei was still the largest new Android Market in the third quarter, accounting for 19.54%, which was higher than that in the previous quarter. But this is not something to be happy about. Huawei's chip supply was cut off after September 15, and the real test has just begun.

Oppo and glory are still in the second and third places. It is worth noting that the share of red rice has increased a lot, and has exceeded one plus. Since Lu Weibing took over Hongmi, it is not surprising that the sales volume of many models has been improved, and the share increase is also expected.

AI chip ranking: no match for snapdragon 865 / plus

In terms of mobile phone AI chip ranking, the snapdragon 865 and the snapdragon 865 plus have not found rivals in AI performance, and Kirin 9905g can only rank second. It is estimated that the fifth generation AI engine will have to wait for the latest A14 processor to enter the market. As for the expected Kirin 9000, it is uncertain whether there will be sufficient supply.


Interestingly, once the boundless scenery of MediaTek Tianji 1000, was defeated by Qualcomm 865, the Celldragon 768 G, those shouting MTK YES slowly, MediaTek may now fall into a high-end embarrassing situation, wanted to impact the high-end, Hard to be played by the iQOO into the middle end, but also lost the former Shanzhai machine Jiangshan.

Mobile phone fake list: Shanzhai

In the third quarter, Master Lu tested about 1161127 aircraft, and 6596 fake machines were detected, accounting for 0.56%. That is to say, five fake machines will be tested out of an average of 1000.


According to master Lu's fake machine test in Q3, the old 720 resolution is still used in the test of fake machine. The key point is that the fake machine in the new era has abandoned the United Development Department and put it into the arms of high pass. The snapdragon 425 has replaced the United Development Department and become the favorite processor of the fake machine. Let's congratulate undac for finally getting rid of the Shanzhai label.


And in Q3 quarterly fake report,


That's the Q3 mobile phone report. The 865 plus is the most concerned one, but it's a bit unsatisfactory. Three quarters of the year 2020 has passed, and there are still a few months left. The iPhone 12 will go on the market, Huawei will solve the difficulties, and Xiaomi will attack the high-end products. It sounds very busy and exciting. You can look forward to it.


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