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IPhone 12: no big surprise, but sincere, really fragrant! I'm excited

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After 27 days, Apple quickly held its second autumn launch, bringing the delayed iPhone 12 series.

Late but sincere :5 G、 vintage design, A14 bionic chip, super porcelain panel, sensor displacement OIS and $699 starting

Apple iPhone 12 series, it seems to be a heartbeat signal; well, Zhenxiang warning!


For apple, the iPhone 12 series is the first new product to enter the 5g era, and it is also an opportunity for apple to surpass Huawei in the world. In 2019, Huawei overtook apple to become the world's second-largest mobile phone manufacturer; however, due to the U.S. sanctions, Kirin 9000 may become the best, which will affect the market share of Huawei's high-end flagship mate / P series.

Market analysis that these shares will be divided by Samsung and apple, Apple may usher in the opportunity to overturn.

5g era signal no longer a problem?

In fact, in addition to the conventional hardware upgrades, we are most concerned about whether Apple supports 5g. After all, 5g of domestic mobile phones has developed for more than a year, and 5g products have been reduced to less than 1000 yuan.

Apple last year (2019) new product conference did not support 5G, make complaints about it. This time, the full range of iPhone 12 supports 5g network, including iPhone 12 Mini.

In order to guarantee 5g signal, apple said it has customized antennas and wireless components with high sensitivity and high efficiency. Then, the iPhone 12 Pro can support as many 5g bands as possible, and the whole software is analyzed and optimized to give full play to the potential of 5g.


Apple did not mention whether there was any credit from Qualcomm. According to outside speculation, apple and Qualcomm have reached a comprehensive settlement before, and may use the latest 5g baseband chip provided by Qualcomm on the iPhone 12 series, so as to improve the signal performance.

However, this speculation has not been confirmed.

In addition, in the use of the network, previously exposed

A tribute to iPhone 4 retro design

For ordinary users, in addition to supporting 5 G, the most intuitive feeling is design.

iPhone 12 series continues the design of Liu Haiping, at the same time, the overall design style becomes harder and stronger in shape, and returns to the iPhone 4 industrial style design aesthetics. The whole series adopts the classical straight angle frame design.

The iPhone 12/mini uses aviation grade aluminum right angle middle frame glass back cover, while the iPhone 12Pro series will use stainless steel right angle middle frame glass back cover.


It is worth mentioning that the glass back cover of iPhone 12 Pro introduces nano ceramic crystals with higher hardness than most metals, making it integrated with glass. Apple explained that the material is Apple's exclusive formula, which not only reflects the hardness of porcelain, but also maintains the optical permeability of the material. It is understood that the durability of the iPhone 12 Pro increases the drop resistance of the iPhone 12 Pro by four times.

As we all know, since iPhone 6, the outline of Apple's mobile phone has maintained a rounded rectangular style, lasting five or six generations, consumers have formed aesthetic fatigue. iPhone 12 series returns to the flat angle border design, not only brings the brand-new experience to the consumer in the sense organ, but also salutes iPhone 4, has won many fruit powder good will. As you know, iPhone4 generation is known as Apple's classic, both in sales and word of mouth.


In addition, Apple also added a new dark blue color, which looks very good.

A14 bionic chip 5 nm process technology

No surprise, the iPhone 12 uses the latest A14 bionic chip. It is also the first chip in the industry to mass produce 5nm process.

The powerful performance of Apple's A-Series chips is obvious to all. A14 bionic chip has been unveiled at Apple's first autumn product launch in September this year (2020). Apple gave the first launch of the A14 chip to the iPad air, bringing a lot of surprises to everyone.

According to the official data of A14 bionic chip released by apple, 11.8 billion transistors are integrated in the chip, which is 40% more than that of 7Nm chip. The CPU adopts a new six core design, which improves the performance by 40% compared with A12 bionic chip. The performance of graphics processor is improved by 30%. The machine learning engine with 16 core architecture can achieve amazing 11 trillion operations per second and machine learning performance It's also doubled.


You should know that Huawei mate 40 series, released 8 days later, also carries a 5nm process chip, Kirin 9000. According to the Convention, Huawei will release the latest Kirin chip at IFA exhibition in September, but this year's IFA exhibition is absent due to well-known reasons. At that time, it was rumored that Kirin 9000 would be released together with Huawei mate 40 series.

They are also the latest 5nm process produced by TSMC. Which is better, apple A14 bionic chip or Huawei Qilin 9000?

There are a few iPhone versions this time

Although iPhone 12 series came late, four new machines came in.

And this time, the iPhone 12 series has brought four new machines in three sizes, and be named after the previous generation

It's the largest number of new iPhones ever released in a single launch, with the largest size and new mini models on the scene.

In terms of taking photos, the night mode of the iPhone 12 series can be used for wide-angle and ultra wide angle cameras, and the low light shooting ability is stronger. In particular, with the help of lidar technology, the iPhone 12 Pro Series can shoot people in night mode.

In particular, in terms of anti shake function, the iPhone 12 series does not adopt the OIS optical anti shake technology, which is widely used at present. Instead, it is equipped with sensor displacement type anti shake technology. This technology has always been a unique secret technology of digital SLR cameras, and this is the first time that it has been used in smart phones.


According to media reports, the trajectory of sensor displacement anti-shake technology is that when the main camera is shot, the sensor is moved rather than the lens, so it can improve the camera capture dynamic effect and video anti-shake experience.

It's just

Previously, there were rumors that iPhone 12Pro would support a refresh rate of 120 Hz, but Apple's industry chain analysis Guo Mingwei said in September that all new iPhone would not have a refresh rate of 120, and the feature would be introduced in 2021. Now, it does wait until next year.

Anti-killing opportunity?

To sum up, the iPhone 12 series, as the first Apple product to enter the 5g era, still has sincerity. As for the market performance, the third-party institutions are still very optimistic.

Apple's performance this year was unexpected and completely unaffected by the epidemic. On apple's third-quarter report this year, apple CEO cook said iPhone business grew more than expected, saying the market was doing well in may and june.

According to third-party data reports, Apple's iPhone performance in the second quarter of China was very eye-catching. Counterpoint data show that apple was fourth in the second quarter of 2020, but rose 34% year on year, the only second growing mobile phone brand (the other is Huawei).

Omdia released its latest list of mobile phone sales. According to the report, in the first half of this year, the iPhone 11 sold 37.7 million units, becoming the largest number of mobile phones shipped, with 23.3 million more than Samsung's Galaxy A51.


For this year's release of the iPhone 12, the industry is generally optimistic, because it will drive Apple users to change planes.

China's market was on the eve of iPhone 12 release, according to the Morgan Stanley report

As a result, the report points out that the possibility of iPhone replacement in the Chinese market is very significant, the highest in the past four years, which also means that the growth rate of iPhone shipment will significantly accelerate in the 2021 fiscal year.

Also, Apple's head-on rival Huawei, which will be released after eight days, may be called

The kylin 9000 may be a hit because of u.s. sanctions, Huawei will lose market share in the high-end flagship Mate/P series. Huawei, according to Digitimes reports

In 2019, Huawei overtook apple to become the world's second-largest mobile phone manufacturer. However, after Huawei is banned, apple is likely to take this opportunity to turn the tables and reshuffle the market.

iPhone 12, smells good.


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