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iPhone 12" popular lover "or" tasteless food "?

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After a series of accurate revelations, iPhone 12 series of mobile phones have not much suspense. And the iPhone 12's product classification is consistent with previous revelations, divided into four styles,They are 5.4 inch iPhone 12 mini, 6.1 inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro, and 6.7 inch iPhone 12 Pro maxAll four models use OLED screen, LCD screen to say goodbye to us.


Interestingly, after the launch of the iPhone, the host took a long time to introduce 5g network and its advantages, but for Chinese consumers, it can be laughed off.


Why? It's very simple. 5g has been basically popularized in the Chinese market, and all smart phones from 1000 yuan to 10000 yuan have already supported 5g.What's more interesting is that Apple mentioned its partner Verizon when introducing 5g, but it's not nice to say. Verizon is the leading operator in the United States, but it's really not good at 5g coverage.

OK, let's get to the point.

iPhone 12

And to our surprise, Apple introduced iPhone 12. first There are lower positions under the iPhone 12, according to previous revelations iPhone 12mini, but last year's launch was also introduced by Apple iPhone 11, perhaps to show iPhone 12

Well, let's pretend we don't know. You can see from the official rendering that iPhone 12 did change the design, in the words of Ray Technology Editor Witkey, that isYears later, Apple abandoned it again


And then there's the screen change, but Apple took a little time to introduce iPhone 12 new screen, exactly the new screen panel. Apple calls the new screen panel


And we noticed that iPhone 12 this screen is absolutely


Next is 5g part, a word summary, fast, fast, super fast. We don't want to see the difference between popular science Sub-6GHz and millimeter-wave 5 G. We know the information at the conference


Then Apple introduced the A14 processor again, and Apple didn't mention any changes in the A14 processor on the phone, a simple summary of which is


As a series of products


However, there is a saying that the lower limit for the strength of Apple's camera is high enough, but it is estimated that the upper limit can not be compared with that of the domestic camera. Of course, we will also carry out tests on the specific situation.

At other points that need to be plugged in, Apple will launch a magnetic-suction charging device for iPhoneAs for why Apple is researching new charging accessories, it's very simple that this generation of all iPhone is no longer equipped with data cable and charging head.


Subsequently, Apple quickly released the iPhone 12 mini, a small screen mobile phone built on the basis of iPhone 12. As we all know, we can think of the iPhone 12 Mini as a reduced screen version of the iPhone 12 (maybe there should be some differences in configuration, we will make a detailed analysis later), and there is no big gap in other hardware configurations.Moreover, the price is the biggest highlight of the iPhone 12mini, officially replacing the original iPhone 11 as the cheapest of the new generation of Apple phones, priced at $699 and priced at $5499.


The iPhone 12's positioning is up one notch, and it's selling for $799 in the U.S,The price of BOC is 6299 yuan。 It should be noted that the iPhone 12 standard version can be pre ordered on October 16, but the sale date has not been announced, but according to the disclosure, it should still be October 23; although the iPhone 12 Mini is very popular, it can not be pre purchased until November 6, and the official opening date has not been announced.


More Pro iPhone 12Pro series

Even if we pretend we didn't know it, we must have guessed that iPhone 12 series will be launched

However, let's talk about where the iPhone 12 Pro has been upgraded. Xiao Lei finally found several points: 1. From the aluminum alloy frame of the iPhone 12 to the stainless steel frame, PVD processing technology; 2. The screen becomes larger but also better, for example, the resolution is further improved, and the maximum brightness is reduced to 1200 Nine times out of ten, nit is one of the best screens in the world; 3. With the further improvement of the camera, the most obvious feature is the change of two cameras into three cameras, but in fact, the functions of static photography and dynamic video recording have been upgraded.


Or it can be more straightforward: iPhone 12Pro the biggest upgrade is basically on the camera, buy iPhone 12Pro you, please have a creative heart.

As mentioned earlie


Back iPhone 12Pro the biggest feature of the series is the ability to calculate photography a step closer. Apple said it was the result of better camera hardware and better processors,To meet the needs of advanced users, iPhone 12Pro series is supported by Raw format photos, officially named


About raw format photos, friends who know photography must know that, generally speaking, it is a kind of Photo format that retains all the original light information, and the post space is much larger than our common JPG photos. Although many flagship smartphones already support shooting and saving in raw format, this is the first time it has been put on apple.

The output of RAW format photos is not easy for iPhone, because all three imaging lenses in iPhone 12Pro series series of mobile phones support Deep Fusion technology, but Deep Fusion image post-processing technology, which is not included in the RAW format file. However, the ghost apple solved the problem and the answer was

The related principle is limited to space, so I won't repeat it here. In a simple way, Apple's proraw file contains the processing effect of deep fusion, and both can be achieved. Moreover, proraw files can be processed in Apple phones, or by third-party software. In short, the compatibility is very good.

The other iPhone 12Pro (or perhaps only iPhone 12Pro Max) is very strong in taking pictures, that is, supporting the SensorShift function, the specific principle is not popular science, the role is to improve the fineness of the image, and super anti-shake technology is the same.

At the same time, the iPhone 12 Pro Series mobile phones also have a great improvement in video recording, and can even shoot Dolby horizon HDR video, up to 60fps level; at 4K resolution, it can also shoot 60 frames of video, which is indeed a good improvement compared with the previous generation of mobile phones.


There is nothing else to say, the volume of mobile phones will be much better than nature, but from the official website, it does not seem to be much better than the previous generation of mobile phones. Actually iPhone 12Pro series has a fourth phone


As far as prices are concerned, surprisingly, iPhone 12Pro pricing has even fallen somewhat compared with previous ones,The iPhone 12 Pro starts at 8499 yuan, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at 9299 yuan. As for the launch of the flagship, the iPhone 12 Pro will be available for pre-sale on October 16, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max will not be available until November 6.

The upgrade is good, but it varies from person to person

In Xiaolei's personal opinion, the whole series of iPhone 12 phones have indeed been upgraded. At least in terms of 5g and design, it is still quite obvious.In fact, Xiao Lei knows that many users who are using iPhone 8 or earlier iPhones are watching. They will resist buying iPhone XS and iPhone 11 series phones just for the appearance of 5g iPhone.


Honestly, at this stage, the role of 5 G is really not big, say a word

But on the other hand, if you're not the owner of the old iPhone and don't care about using 5g on this node, then the iPhone 12 series is really a bit of a drag.Ultimately, the change in iPhone 12's new design language is n' t so obvious that it's far from iPhone X when it's released

Interestingly, every time iPhone public opinion over the years will be divided into two groups, optimistic and not optimistic. But from the sales point of view, as long as the iPhone is not overpriced, basically can be achieved

If you decide to buy the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 12 Mini will still be the top priority. There is no other reason, it's cheap. The iPhone 12 standard would be a better choice if you are concerned about endurance performance. As for the iPhone 12 pro and pro max, as we said, before you buy these two mobile phones, please confirm whether you have a strong creative enthusiasm. If you buy a mobile phone camera only for scanning code and so on, then you are really overqualified.

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