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From Zou Shenglong to Li Jinbo, I know the front and back of Xunlei's lawsuit against the former CEO

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By Uncle zuolin

Source: zuolin right Beaver (ID: left-right-007)

Uncle zuolin today rubbed against the hot spot, the history of Xunlei suing his former CEO.

Let's start with a point of view

1. This matter fully shows that Xunlei's corporate governance is rotten to the street. Over the past decade, Xunlei has a board of directors with a super luxury lineup, but it has achieved a super defeat.

2. However, it is the beginning of the rapid recovery and the complete end of the super chaos. In a word, this article does not constitute investment advice. If you want to copy the bottom, please do your own business. If you want to make money, remember to invite uncle to dinner. If you lose money, don't ask Uncle for trouble.

Let's open eight.



Zou Shenglong

Zou Shenglong and Robin Li also had many contacts, and Zou Shenglong also told the left Lin beaver channel that Robin Li had invited him to drink coffee in front of the American bank in mountain view city (which was also the most popular Starbucks in Silicon Valley). Robin Li invited the Zou Sheng dragon to eat, and the whole audience was silent, but the was very impressive. After Yan Hong founded Baidu, he returned to Silicon Valley to invite Zou Shenglong to join him. Zou Shenglong failed to move forward. He recommended Robin Li to his American University Alumni Cheng Hao to join Robin Li. He served as the head of Baidu's search business. After the abolition of Baidu's search business, Cheng Hao came to Shenzhen with Lin Ying Ming and a vote of old Baidu from Beijing. He joined the thunder and became the co founder of Zou Shenglong. Less than a year after listing, Cheng Hao left. Cheng Hao is now the founding partner of Yuanwang capital.

Xunlei is also one of the few companies that does not fall behind Tencent's PK in the client field. Xunlei and Tencent once came to a building in Nanshan Science and Technology Park (the China Merchants Bank downstairs is said to be the star network of China Merchants Bank, you know), but the opposite office doors of both sides are locked, and each enters from the other side. When Zou Shenglong was interviewed for 15 years, he said that Tencent couldn't dig people with thunder.

Around 2010, Shanda had a takeover offer of more than one billion US dollars for Xunlei. At the same time, Shanda also made a slightly lower offer for YY, but they were all rejected by the founders. Because they are all Chenxing projects, YY and Xunlei have been comparing. The headquarters of the two companies are in Guangdong, and there are quite a lot of talent exchanges. However, for a long time, thunder is pressing YY head.

Baidu, PK Tencent, refused Shanda, Xunlei was once considered the most important force of the new generation of Chinese Internet.

But all of Xunlei's glory fell at a parabola speed after the second decade of this century. Chen Lei's Luo Shengmen is the epitome of this series of dog blood.

Chen Lei's CEO in 2017, Xunlei since 2014, 2020, 2017, 2014 and 2011 before that have become the four important time nodes of Xunlei in the past decade.

In 2011, Xunlei sought to be listed. Before Youku potato, Xunlei also wanted to go public with the concept of video. At that time, Xunlei saw more than Youku, and Xunlei's client traffic was supported. Murdoch was introduced into the copyright to endorse the company, but the company was blocked by Youku. Youku's way of blocking is also very simple, that is, on the night before Xunlei submitted the prospectus, he announced that he had changed the way of financial audit. Before that, both Youku and Xunlei were able to make profits, but with such a change, everyone could not make profits, so Xunlei had to postpone his plan to go on the market.

As we have described in the boiling New Decade: Gu Yongqiang is modest, generous and generous. When zuolinyouli channel contacts Youku, the old Department of Youku has a high evaluation of Gu, but blocking Xunlei's listing and putting his former subordinate Lu classmate into prison, these things have greatly reduced his score.

After being blocked by Youku, he missed the gold, silver and ten and had to queue up for listing in the next year. However, the second year's listing referred to the data of last year and lost his imagination. The valuation also dropped a lot (similar to touch control), which was far lower than Zou Shenglong's psychological expectation. Zou Shenglong chose to give up listing at the last moment.

But this give up, let quick thunder vitality. Zou Shenglong also rarely reflects on the media. Most enterprises that reflect on the media will basically go downhill. For example, no one will listen to the old reflection of every customer.

During the same period, Shanda literature failed to go public. That is, shortly after the failure, Wu Wenhui fell out with Hou Xiaoqiang, and Wu Wenhui went to Tencent alone. This is a wonderful story, but because of the structure problem, uncle kept telling, deleting, changing and moving in the new decade of boiling. To say a word more, although we all say that IP is the most valuable place of netwriting, Hou Xiaoqiang actually does more and pays more attention to IP than Wu Wenhui. In fact, these two people could have cooperated well.

If linmen gave up listing, it would be a company that would hang up. In fact, there are two counter examples. One is Jingdong. Liu qiangdong also tried to shock Jingdong to go public with Chen Shengqiang in Xunlei at the same time, but it was not recognized by the capital market. Then, Yixun, in combination with Tencent, could be able to block the listing in 2014 even if Alibaba's strong resistance In, Chen Shengqiang was listed successfully in, and recently, Chen Shengqiang was going to market with Beijing East Division of statistics, which is a good story.

Bixunlei, Shanda literature and Jingdong also gave up listing in linmen later. The former head mobile game company hatched today and cocos, the second largest game engine company founded by Wang Jie, is the newly listed unity. Due to the benchmarking of unity, it is said that cocos is in the process of IPO, which can be compared with IPO at that time If the level of financing is settled, Chen Haozhi and Gary Liu Guanqun, the two touch controlled double fat players, will also have a hard time.


It's far away. Come back eight quick thunder. Thunderbolt gave up the listing at the door. The investors who carry oil are Xunlei investors, among which the most oil backed is Chenxing. Chenxing is one of the top 3 funds today (the other two are Sequoia and SIG). However, seven or eight years ago, it was not as powerful as it is today. What's more, at this time, Liu Qin just started to raise his own fund independently (Chen's family did LP before), and Liu Qin's most successful investment in Xiaomi was $10 million (specifically 950 In fact, the biggest winner of Xiaomi's listing is the Chen family's biggest winner.


Liu Qin

The board of directors of Xunlei also has IDG. IDG is an angel round investor of Xunlei. Yang Fei is also a member of Xunlei's board of directors. The investors of Xunlei include Google and Lianchuang ceyuan. Feng Bo was also a member of Xunlei's board of directors. Xunlei's board of directors is really luxurious.

Zhou Hongyi is not a director but has more say than a director. The relationship between Xunlei and 360 has always been discussed in the industry. The personal friendship between Zhou Hongyi and Zou Shenglong is also classic. The bodyguards Zhou Hongyi came to Shenzhen were all Zou Shenglong's. once, uncle went to the lobby of OCT Venice hotel to find Zhou Hongyi. He had just arrived in the lobby to see a man in red. He was stopped by two big men. When he saw it, he was familiar with it and remembered that he had met him in Xunlei's office.

However, these institutions together are not as much as Chenxing's. Even to the second listing of Xunlei, they also have more than double-digit shares.

The sky fell down, and Chenxing became the biggest promoter of Xunlei's second listing. In a word, Wang Ran's figure flashed during this period, helping Xunlei see and sell it to Chunhua capital. In recent days, uncle Shiyuan has joined the ranks of envy, jealousy and hatred of brother-in-law Ishihara and investment banks. In China, if the primary and secondary market is relaxed, the only competitor of her husband is Wang Ran, and his other half is just a popular nursery rhyme girl. The reason why she said only two is that she used to manage products in blog China and Lanting, and now she is in a certain top Wenxin, a VC partner, married Zhang Jingchu, the film queen.

It's eight years away. When I come back to baxunlei, I'll sell it. At the same time, Xunlei has successfully launched its membership service, which makes Xunlei have a new growth point outside the advertisement. (the game transportation business of Xunlei has not been well done, which makes the outside world puzzled. At least Cheng Hao doesn't understand the game. Cheng Hao himself said a paragraph. When he was in Baidu, he was in Li Yan At the door of the office, every afternoon, Cheng Hao will gather a group of colleagues who do not take a nap or play games together to play the red alert or CS. One day, Robin Li finds Cheng Hao, whispers and Cheng Hao, can you play a little bit at noon and have a little noise, which will affect your lunch break. Why the thunder game has not been completed, which also has a lot of stories, after eight), a series of income increase and throttling operation, Xunlei began to have the possibility of listing again.

However, over and over again, we'll try our best. If the second listing fails, Xunlei will basically finish the dishes. At this time, although Xunlei's finance is healthier in 2014, there is no good story. We can't use the statement of the top three clients of the PC Internet. It's too out.

With the concept of mobile Internet, Xunlei had a lot of ideas on the mobile Internet at that time. This benefited from Cheng Hao's foresight, but Xunlei's executive power was not so good. The grenades they made with great efforts were not successful. In fact, Xunlei could make a difference in the fields of browser and app store. App store and pea pod (pea pod) are actually mobile He even talked about investment, but when Xunlei decided to enter, the pea pod was not good. Besides, Xunlei himself, as for the browser, was originally Xunlei's dish, but was held down by 360. Zhou Hongyi also proposed to buy Xunlei. On the one hand, the price has not been agreed. On the other hand, Zou Shenglong himself is not willing to offend Lao Zhou. Although Zou is not willing to offend Lao Zhou, he is not willing to surrender directly. He still wants to go to NASDAQ alone to ring the bell.


Zhou Hongyi

Neighbors will ask, Xunlei shareholders are not Zhou Hongyi? Did Zhou Hongyi, Lei Jun, not claim that Leizhou Peninsula did not communicate with each other? Zhou Hongyi was only a single digit minority shareholder. At that time, Zhou Hongyi's shares in Xunlei were also held by his wife Hu Huan. There is a story circulating in Silicon Valley's real estate intermediary circle: around 2014, the newly rich were popular in Silicon Valley to buy a home, and there was a house in PaloAlto, Silicon Valley, which was sold for 1000 because it was adjacent to the jobs family After hearing this, she said that the house was good, but it was a little expensive. She said that this kind of big house was not bought by anyone. So we should stretch it out and wait for the other party to reduce the price. So Huan didn't take the initiative to go back to the other party. After a few days, there was no movement, so she took the initiative To ask, only to know that a customer from China to increase the price by 10% to win. You may have to ask the neighbors who won the prize, so you can't tell us in detail. For the stories about the big men in Silicon Valley who bought houses, you can click and read the original text to discuss with us in the knowledge planet of zuolin Youli channel.

It is a common practice in the river and lake that the personal property of the tycoon is managed by his wife and invested everywhere. In 2018, a super Unicorn company was listed, and Zhang Ying, the other half of Jack Ma, bought a lot of relatives and friends shares. However, the stock price has been broken for more than a year, and Zhang Ying chased him to the office and pointed his nose at him.

Once again eight far, back eight quick thunder.

Therefore, Chenxing helped Zou Shenglong find Xiaomi, the most popular mobile Internet star company at that time. Chenxing and Xiaomi have a very strong relationship. Chenxing was the fund that had the closest relationship with Lei Jun when he was an angel. He took over the double-digit project of Lei Jun, and Liu Qin made his own fund. Both Lei Jun and Xu Xiaoping put money to do LP. The first round of Xiaomi's investment was that Chenxing and Qiming put in $5 million each. However, Qiming regretted that they would stand up after crossing the bridge. Therefore, Chenxing gave us $9.5 million, and the other US $500000 was at Qiming today at GGV Tong Shihao made his own decision to invest in the bridge and said that if Qiming didn't want to put money in by himself, of course, Tong Shihao later transferred the rights and interests of this investment to Qiming, and Tong Shihao was a knight. If the single digit shares corresponding to $500000 (Xiaomi's valuation at that time was $30 million) were held by Tong Shihao himself, he should be able to issue evergreen fund by himself.

In front of Tong's support and Xiaomi's rapid development, Qiming also followed Xiaomi, and Tong Shihao left Qiming later. When he left Qiming, he was not happy. This is why Xiaomi was listed. Qiming hardly spoke and Tong Shihao was very high-profile.

But in business, even with Zhou Hongyi's factor and Chenxing's face, these can only add points, provided that Xunlei is valuable to Xiaomi in 2014.

two thousand and fourteen Xiaomi developed very fast at that time, but it was in the state of making up lessons everywhere. The hardware needed to be made up, and the software was also missing a lot. In particular, the transmission and cloud storage were uncertain, which led to the delay of the mobile phone. In the face of Xunlei's rescue, the two immediately matched. Soon, Xunlei set up a team of more than 100 people to settle in Xiaomi's office, and formed a joint research team with Xiaomi to deal with Xiaomi M in storage and transmission problems.

Thunderbolt can help Xiaomi decides that Lei is willing to help thunderbolt, but Xiaomi can not eat thunderbolt completely (of course, Xunlei is not willing). Therefore, finding new growth points for Xunlei becomes an important consideration for Lei boss to help thunderbolt.

Boss Lei proposed to let Xunlei fully enter the cloud storage market. In fact, the circle of cloud computing and cloud storage players in China is not large. There are only two or three key nodes. One is Wang Jian. Wang Jian took a group of people from Microsoft Asia Research Institute to do Alibaba cloud computing, but these people basically spent all their money. Later, some technical forces such as Yang Zhenkun, who came from Baidu, were recruited and acquired at the same time The net can help sell Alibaba cloud, and it stands up all of a sudden. There is a paragraph. The reason why Wang Jian thinks that cloud is the direction is because Microsoft updated the version of office. Office has thousands of functions, so he made a statistics to see which functions need to be updated more. This statistics needs multi-party cooperation and cooperation, so there is the rudiment of cloud. Lai Linfeng, who is closely related to Microsoft, quickly closed down after Hong Lei's accident in tomato garden and founded 115 online disk.

Another important node of Wang Jian is Chen Danian. He Gang of Jingdong cloud and Ji Xinhua of ucloud have been in Shanda. Of course, Xu Shiwei, who invested from Jinshan, is one of the founders of Jinshan fast disk, and later founded qiniuyun.


Lei Jun

Lei Jun and Xunlei are related to this circle of cloud: Xu Shiwei comes from Jinshan; two of the three founders of kupan, an important player of cloud storage, are related to Xunlei. One is Gu Zhicheng, one of the founders of storm video, once stayed in Xunlei for two years, and Huang Mingming, another Express's enemy, is Xunlei. A while ago, he chatted with Huang Mingming. After selling the cool dish to Ali, Huang Mingming came out to invest in the first project. It was based on the collaborative product graphite shared in the cloud. Huang Mingming said that this was the seed of kupan.

Xunlei cloud storage is also a matter of course, technology has accumulated. At that time, the main player in the market was Netshop, and the product was not good enough. However, in A-share market, Xunlei had a great opportunity to enter the Bureau. This business also had cooperation with Jinshan cloud and Xiaomi.

But who will lead the cloud storage is a problem. Xunlei has technology accumulation and team, but it lacks a leader. There are many technical experts in Xunlei, and there are also some super PM. However, it is better to have someone who has done it in a large company and has seen how cloud platform is running well.

At this time, Chen Lei had the idea of leaving Tencent. Chen Lei entered Tsinghua computer department in 1990, and then went to the United States to study. He worked at Google. After the 3Q war, Tencent invited many Google people back from Silicon Valley. Chen Lei was one of them. During Tencent, Chen Lei participated in the construction of open platform and the preliminary work of Tencent cloud. Whether it's work experience or related background, Chen Lei is very suitable.

Of course, there are different opinions about whether Chen Lei left voluntarily or passively.

Interestingly, before the arrival of 2015, both Alibaba and Tencent had experienced a change in their cloud business. The president of Alibaba cloud changed from Wang Jian to Hu Xiaoming, and the president of Tencent cloud changed from Chen Lei to Qiu yuepeng.


Hu Xiaoming

Hu Xiaoming, who succeeded Wang Jian, was a sales cadre, while Qiu yuepeng, who succeeded Chen Lei, is Tencent's own son soldier. Qiu yuepeng, who joined Tencent in 2002, has been fighting for Tencent's operation and maintenance. The succession of these two people made the business of Alibaba cloud and Tencent cloud quickly enter the actual combat stage from the virtual stage.

Hu Xiaoming set a high sales target, then gave the front-line sales a lot of authority, let the business force products and technology, at the same time, it was very clear around ucloud, the market leader at that time Starting to launch the plan of encircling the weasel, together with the great promotion of Alibaba after its listing, and the promotion of Alibaba cloud to Alibaba cloud, and Alibaba cloud's wild advertising in the gathering places of business people such as airport road signs, this series of combination fists made Alibaba cloud's performance take off rapidly after 2015.

Qiu yuepeng seized the opportunity of live broadcasting. On the one hand, he fought a price war on core resources such as CDN, and on the other hand, he cooperated with Tencent's content department to do combined sales. The live broadcast itself depended on the content. In this way, Tencent cloud quickly cut the cake he wanted to cut in the fields of live broadcast and games.

It seems that it's eight years away. Uncle, the heart of this gossip, comes back eight quick thunder.

Uncle and Chen Lei chat, also talked about Lei Jun Bingzhu night talk, all night heart to heart, with fatigue tactics to deal with his joining this past.

Of course, Lei Jun's persuasive ability and reputation in the world are important chips for digging people, but the scheme designed for Chen Lei is the key. This scheme is that Chen Lei becomes CTO of cloud storage company and CEO of NetCenter of cloud storage company. In this way, he can not only enjoy the stable and mature welfare of listed companies, but also have the voice and growth space of start-up companies.

After discussion, Zou Shenglong also thinks this is feasible. Although Xiaomi's blessing has brought a lot of influence on Lei Jun, the cloud storage story put forward by Lei Jun can make the capital market pay. Chen Lei joins as CTO and CEO of its subsidiary company. Although the power is decentralized, it is convenient to enhance the public's trust and imagination in Xunlei For Zou Shenglong in, his single mind or the second attack on NASDAQ can not be lost, as long as it is conducive to the second listing, he is OK.

At that time, this plan that can be attacked and defended was perfect at that time. But common sense tells us that energy is conserved. The shorter the time, the more perfect the plan is. In the long run, there will always be unexpected problems, and then it will come true. This is a later remark. Let's make another eight.


During the period of 2014-2016, Xunlei's tone showed a good trend in stages. At this time, the dividend of PC Internet did not disappear completely, which could also support the income and profits. At the same time, relying on Xunlei's technology accumulation, resource advantages and distributed advanced ideas, Netease also made good achievements in market expansion. Xunlei's comments on Chen Lei are still quite high during this period. Chen Lei's classmates have two skills in technology, have seen the market, and know themselves better. He also quickly introduced many of Silicon Valley's styles to netheart, such as the working atmosphere of equal heart to heart, and the employee welfare comparable to Tencent (Chen Lei emphasized many times in an interview with zuolin Youli channel) A well-known thing is to sign the restaurant near the company, and then get through the settlement system between them and the forbidden card of netheart, so that the employees of netheart can swipe the access card near the company and eat and drink at will.

However, the problem of divide and rule between netheart and Xunlei is still highlighted. Netheart's emphasis on equal power of Silicon Valley fan and Xunlei's pursuit of efficiency are still out of place. Although Chen Lei is a CTO of Xunlei, his butt is more on the side of netheart. Therefore, especially in the management of the technical team, there is often an uneven situation.

This is not the key to the problem. The problem is that after 2016, netheart encountered the civil war of CDN, especially the entry of Tencent cloud, the old boss of Chen Lei, and entered the market almost free of charge, making the whole CDN market quickly turn from blue sea to Red Sea and finally the dead sea.

At the same time, Zou Shenglong bet on the VraR market also failed to achieve expectations. Xunlei suddenly fell into a double hopeless situation that can't be defended now and can't see hope in the future. The stock price also started to go down all the way.

At this time, it happened that the return of zhonggai shares was very popular, and the majority 360yy returned one after another. Zou Shenglong also put forward a proposal to let Xunlei's shareholders to return to a shares. However, not long after the resolution was put forward, Zou Shenglong claimed to resign as CEO for physical reasons. Cheetah also had the idea of MBO dismantling vie and returning to the stock market. At that time, Xu Ming also said that he would succeed Fu Sheng as CEO. This is another story about boss Lei's refusal to let MBO merge. Those who are interested can come to the knowledge planet of zuolin Youli channel to discuss with us.

At that time, there was also a saying that Cheng Hao wanted to go back to Xunlei as CEO, but at this time Cheng Hao had already started to build his own fund here. At the same time, his wife and children were living in Silicon Valley, and there was no possibility of returning.

It was Chen Lei who succeeded Zou Shenglong as CEO in the summer of 2017, which was also the best choice at that time. Firstly, the new growth point was Chen Lei's netheart; secondly, he could balance the left and right hand in corporate governance, which could better take into account the past and the present; thirdly, Zou Shenglong, as the chairman, also reserved some face for the founders.

Shortly after Chen Lei took office as CEO, an event happened, that is, the dispute between Xunlei big data and Xunlei. There are also a lot of reports about this case, which is equally fair and fair, and the old one is reasonable. You can check it by yourself. The simple synopsis of the story is that Chen Lei asked Xunlei big data to remove Xunlei and Xunlei from the company name on the ground that Xunlei's big data was used as P2P, which triggered a tearing up. The client of Xunlei big data is the famous Feijie, senior vice president of Xunlei in charge of legal affairs for many years.


Chen Lei, former CEO of xunlei

It seems that this incident was caused by the uneven division of spoils between Chen Lei's airborne faction and Xunlei Yuanlao faction, but it exposed Chen Lei's weakness of not being magnanimous and being slightly impatient. Finally, Xiaomi, as a major shareholder, came out to preside over the overall situation (Xiaomi and Jinshan jointly held 27.6% after the listing) Feijie out of the game, by the way Zou Shenglong is not the chairman of the board, Wang Chuan takes over Zou Shenglong as the chairman of the board.

Wang Chuan has a lot of things to die about. After 2017, Xiaomi also fell into a low ebb. When he couldn't help himself, how could he manage Xunlei and netheart? With the mountains and rivers in Shenzhen and Beijing, Xunlei became the speech of Chen Lei's CEO.

After Chen Lei Xunlei's network heart is double shouldered, luck is also quickly found. After 2017, Xunlei encountered an excellent concept blockchain. The key technology points of blockchain are cloud storage and distributed computing. These two are thunder's strengths, and the universe is the strongest.

Xunlei has launched such services as Joker cloud and linker, and organized blockchain developer competitions and related meetings with various developer communities. Uncle is a blockchain believer. Uncle Zhu Bo, a good friend of uncle, even suggested that uncle should write about blockchain in the new decade, and believe in faith. However, blockchain is still in the early stage of infrastructure construction. Please refer to It's more of a Bo silly game. Xunlei's willingness to invest hundreds of engineers in related development investment is not much (but even so, what can be done is still limited). Therefore, Xunlei also firmly holds the hat of the first stock of blockchain China concept. Whenever bitcoin breaks a new high or domestic blockchain policy has any advantages, Xunlei's stock can rise a wave. As for whether You can really make something, who knows.

As for the original client business of Xunlei, no one pays attention to it. The income, treatment and welfare of Netease are better than others. Even for PK Tencent, the capable person of Xunlei client service, either leave or go to netheart. Thunder also reduced to play eight times a day window.

Over time, Xunlei has become a pure concept company. The most valuable thing of Xunlei is its thousands of trained engineers who have accumulated experience in the field of distributed computing and cloud storage.

So the problem is, in such a hot blockchain situation, if the price offered by someone is higher than the market value of Xunlei, and Chen Lei takes these engineers and the previous source code to change jobs collectively, then what kind of chicken feathers will Xunlei and netheart be like?

Of course, this is only a hypothesis, but it is a challenge to human nature. It also has a super challenge to Chen Lei's professionalism and word-of-mouth. More importantly, with Chen Lei's overall control of Xunlei and netheart, this assumption is gradually becoming reality.

What helps Chen Lei better control the company is Miss Dong of Hegang in Northeast China. She has friends who have dealt with Miss Dong. She is a typical pretty girl from Northeast China. She has mature game rules and martial arts routines. Because Miss Dong is in charge of Xunlei's purchase, she expresses her intention to express that her friend's company doesn't eat this set, so she doesn't do it.

In fact, Ms. Dong used to be a public relations officer of Tencent. At that time, she was a colleague of Chen Lei during Tencent. She was one of the few confidants Chen Lei brought from Tencent. In Xunlei, Ms. Dong has been promoted all the way, and soon she has been promoted to senior vice president of Xunlei.

Xunlei's board of directors also questioned the relationship between Miss Dong and Chen Sanshi. However, Sanshi swore in the name of a Christian that he and Miss Dong were just colleagues.

However, in 2019, Ms. Dong began to ask for leave, but she still commanded by remote control. That is to say, from 2019, the argument that Chen Lei would bring a vote of Xunlei people out to raise funds alone began to circulate in small circles, with a price of 1 billion US dollars. Hainan government is the largest buyer. Hainan Xing financial company, which two farmers in Hegang serve as consultants, is probably the new platform for Chen Lei and Miss Dong.


Seeing others want to be tall, Li Jinbo appeared at this time.


Li Jinbo

According to many thunderbolt people contacted by zuolin right beaver channel, lijinbo, the most important and most successful version of Xunlei history, was the white knight who saved Xunlei. This time, lijinbo appeared as a white knight again.

Uncle checked, Xunlei history is Chen Lei a CTO, and before the closest to the CTO It was Li Jinbo, but maybe Zou Shenglong thought that Li Jinbo's background was not beautiful enough, so he just gave Li Jinbo a technical partner, that is to say, shortly after he was promoted to a technical partner, Li Jinbo left Xunlei and started to start a business continuously with 6% of Xunlei stock that Zou Shenglong gave him.

Li Jinbo didn't leave Xunlei smoothly. He tried many projects one after another. It was only after 2014 that Li Jinbo met Huang He, the first product partner of byte jump, who worked together to be the rightmost.

The right name comes from the micro-blog commentary jargon, referring to the most classic and most popular comments. The right is also following the micro-blog product positioning for the long time, and with the help of the good recommendation engine system and the mature operation idea, it can eat the user bonus of the sinking market.

The rightmost has continued to be positive after 2017. In 2017, it went to the happy base camp. In the second half of 2018, it encountered the content segment which was off the shelves. After that, the users turned to the rightmost one after another. However, with the success of the revival of the connotative story, the rightmost was caught in the tragic fate of being removed from the shelf. Uncle asked Jinbo to come out for tea at that time, and Jinbo replied that he was drinking tea with the relevant departments.

The one who rescued the rightmost and Li Jinbo was Fei Jie, who was the Fei Jie of the old Xunlei legal officer mentioned above. With the entry of Feijie, the rightmost began to walk on the road of compliance and legality.

After the safest right, Li Jinbo finally has time to start thinking about Xunlei. He has deep feelings for Xunlei. Anyway, Uncle Li Jinbo will come back to Xunlei after boasting three words. He also has Zou Shenglong and Cheng Hao, two partners, maintaining good relations and close interaction.

Li Jinbo reorganizes Xunlei's board of directors. It is not enough to rely on the founder alone. The support of Xiaomi and Chenxing as important shareholders is very important.

Back to Chen Lei's side, although Chen Lei had no merit, he did not make a big mistake. At that time, Chen Lei denied all kinds of facts later. However, in front of Chen Lei's announcement that he was put on file for investigation, why Xiaomi and Chenxing supported Li Jinbo became a question that must be answered.

At this time, there is also a key figure, this person is Luo Weimin, Chenxing's investment partner.

Luo Weimin is also Liu Qin's classmate. After Liu Qin invested in Xunlei, he asked Luo Weimin to join the board. Luo Weimin did not fail what Liu Qin had entrusted him. He helped Xunlei improve his management and operation a lot, and served as coo. He has a good reputation in Xunlei.

Add 2019 In, Xiaomi invested in the rightmost again. Under the thread of Luo Weimin, Luo Weimin and Li Jinbo designed and made a rather complicated transaction. In a word, it is not clear. In a word, the old shareholders of Xunlei, such as Xiaomi and Chenxing, exchanged shares with the rightmost parent company, and the rightmost parent company became the major shareholder of Xunlei. As a result, Li Jinbo became the actual controller and executive chairman of Xunlei The re-election of the board of directors in January and the expulsion of Chen Lei.

Xiaomi also feels OK. With the rise of Jinshan cloud, Xunlei and Xiaomi have almost no strategic coordination with Xiaomi, and the rightmost is also more valuable to them.

What's more, after the re-election, they have left the board of directors. Therefore, it is strange that boss Lei wants to carry the pot on his back. It has nothing to do with boss Lei.

The last question is why we should deal with Chen Lei in a public way. Uncle tries to answer the following: Xunlei's chaotic corporate governance makes Xunlei's programmers don't know who they are working for, and Chen Lei has been quite generous and popular these years. For Xunlei, it is necessary to criticize Chen Lei in order to let those Pro Chen Lei programmers stand on the team again and their code can be smoothly handed over.

Neighbors will ask, such a public tear force, Xunlei stock price will not collapse? What uncle knows is: Xunlei has fallen to less than 200 million US dollars, and Xunlei's account cash and related assets have reached 300 million US dollars. Xunlei has also begun to buy back the plan. Therefore, as long as Xunlei does not withdraw from the market, there will be no big problem.

As for what Xunlei will do next and whether the share price of Xunlei is likely to double, I suggest that you neighbors use the latest version of Xunlei. From the product, Xunlei really makes great progress. This is the beginning of Xunlei's beginning to do things and start to gather strength again.

To put it another ten thousand steps away, Li Jinbo's agitation is not likely to lead to a $1 billion company. Without this basic judgment, Li Jinbo might as well just go to the far right, which was valued at $500 million more than a year ago.

Li Jinbo believes in the power of doing things.

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