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The third anniversary of the death of Windows Phone

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Unconsciously, Windows Phone/Windows 10Mobile (hereinafter referred to as WP) has become a historical noun for a long time. Microsoft executives Joe Belfiore announced in October 2017 that WP stopped developing new features into maintenance, marking the collapse of WP competition in the mobile market and becoming Microsoft's loser. As the IT giant Microsoft once a leading product, it should not have ended up like this.


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WP has gone

There are different opinions on the causes of WP failure. In addition to WP's controversial interface design, stagnant system functions, muddled version planning, and repeatedly skipping development tools, other departments of Microsoft have developed a lot of excellent apps for IOS, Android and other competitors, even more than for WP.

Microsoft ecology is supposed to be WP's killer mace, but on the contrary, the plot is unexpected for many people. Of course, Microsoft may also have an overall consideration based on ecology, but this has always made many Microsoft fans feel uneasy for a long time. If these excellent Microsoft apps can be found on the WP platform, WP may survive - many soft fans have such ideas.

It has been three years since WP was given up strategically. During this period, Microsoft app has flourished on other platforms. With the remembrance of WP, let's take a look at these brilliant Microsoft apps today. With them, will you remember the WP that was once highly expected?

Office three in one

In the WP era, the Office performance on the WP is not as good as that on other platforms, for example, the Office on the WP will once have the problem of picture and text mixed display, while the other platforms will not. Microsoft's Office evolved to the present, and more perfect, the traditional three sets of home Word?Excel and Powerpoint together, the introduction of a three-in-one version of the Office, no need to install three more App, to use more convenient.

Office three-in-one App interface, with traditional Office three-piece functions

Three in one office apps are released on both Android and IOS. Their functions are basically the same as the traditional three suite, but they will be smaller in size and more convenient to use while saving space. At the same time, the office 3-in-1 app also has notes, PDF search and other functions, which is further than before.

Office three-in-one App support notes, corresponding to Win10 notes, both automatically synchronized

Undoubtedly, compared with the office suite app in the era of WP, today's office three in one app experience is more perfect. At present, the office three in one app has become one of the most popular professional applications on IOS and Android. Office has failed to become a competent leader of WP, but it has served people conscientiously, but it has spread all over various platforms.

Microsoft desktop

In fact, many friends are most impressed by WP's unique UI. WP's desktop is quite different from that of Android and IOS. It uses a unique magnet design. This style is still preserved in win10. However, there is not much interaction between WP desktop and win10 desktop. On the contrary, this "Microsoft desktop" application is deeply rooted in the essence of Microsoft ecology.

Microsoft Desktop is a App. of Microsoft's desktop Launcher on Android Actually, its interface design is different from that of WP. It is a very traditional style of icon wallpaper. Microsoft's desktop features, however, are unconventional, and its interactivity is excellent, especially in terms App common ecology.

Microsoft Desktop, one of the highly praised Launcher of Android platform

Microsoft attaches great importance to cross platform ecology. In win10, it introduces the concept of "timeline". Different win10 PCs can synchronize the current and even historical working status. For example, a document was opened in computer a yesterday, and it can be synchronized with computer B today to continue editing. The Microsoft desktop on Android is just an application that only supports timeline on the mobile platform. If office is installed on both the mobile phone and PC, the opened office documents can be found in the timeline timeline of PC and mobile phone's Microsoft desk. PC and mobile phone can switch tasks seamlessly, which is very convenient.

You can synchronize PC content, which is even stronger than WP .2

Microsoft desktop has other features, such as connecting Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage, OneNote notes and so on through various components, and has extremely high customization, users can highly customize its various visual effects, high playability.

In short, if you have an Android, with the help of Microsoft desktop app, you can greatly experience the beauty of Microsoft ecology, which is even far beyond WP's reach. However, it should be noted that for some reasons, the ecosystem of Microsoft desktop has not been fully developed in China. Some functions, such as timeline, need to be changed to English to experience. You can try it.

To Do

In addition to big ecological applications, Microsoft has also made a lot of small and sophisticated apps. For example, on Android and IOS platforms, Microsoft to do has become one of the most highly praised to-do apps. stayAppleA score of 4.8 on the app store and 4.6 in the Google play store are the embodiment of its strength

The main function of Microsoft to do is to record all kinds of to-do items, such as shopping list to the supermarket, tasks for tomorrow, etc. Compared with similar apps, its biggest feature is that it adapts measures to local conditions and can give full play to the advantages of various platforms. For example, on the IOS platform, Microsoft to do can fully support various features of IOS, including not limited to Siri, shortcut instructions, content drag, widgets, etciPadYou can even open Microsoft to do windows and drag the content of another app directly to Microsoft to do. The efficiency of recording content is very close to that of PC.

And on Android, Microsoft To Do can support Android features such as notification bar quick notes. Can you drop down notice bar directly, in which edit Microsoft To Do notes content, very efficient. Notably, both the iOS and Android versions of Microsoft To Do, content can be synchronized with each other, and Microsoft To Do is also available in the Win10 system, installed through the Microsoft store. Unfortunately, Microsoft To Do no longer supports Cortana, otherwise the experience will be more smooth.

In short, Microsoft to do is an efficient to-do app that the WP platform has never had before. Its product power is very excellent. I think it is better than the notes on IOS platform and Google keep on Android platform. I can't help but imagine that if there was such an app on the WP platform at that time, would it be helpful to push WP? Unfortunately, there is no if.

Edge browse

Speaking of Microsoft's biggest product change in the past two years, edge browser is no doubt ranked No. Edge browser abandoned the self-developed kernel and switched to Google's Chromium kernel, which made many Microsoft fans grieve. However, in fact, on mobile platforms, edge browser has long been in the chromium camp. With the help of desktop edge switching to chromium core, the edge competitiveness of mobile version has become more powerful.

Mobile version of the edge browser, can be much easier to use than ie on WP

Limited by iOS systems, iOS version of the Edge browser does not use the Chromium kernel, performance is not much. The Edge browser performance of Android is excellent, no less than Chrome, and at the same time, it has an advantage in functionality.

We all know that because of the special Internet ecology in China, Chrome browser synchronization and other functional advantages are difficult to reflect, but Edge broke this shackles. Edge browsers of different platforms can synchronize bookmarks, browsing records, keys and other data, which may be the best browser for ecological experience among different platforms in China.

Compared with Chrome, the advantage lies in the smooth use of synchronous services at home

Of course, the edge features of the mobile version are not as good as those of the desktop version. For example, it does not support the extension program, which is enough to open the quality gap. However, in terms of comprehensive experience, it is much better than the IE / edge built-in in WP at that time. After all, chromium is the de facto compatibility standard of the current Internet, and the compatibility is the best. The days when ie was the standard of fact are long gone. Maybe this is a kind of cycle.

Your phone

Could be the most coveted Microsoft App. for domestic users App your mobile phone is not popular at home, but people who know it are eager for it to enter the domestic market. How does your phone App magic so that? Easy, it can make your phone and PC seamless connection, experience and even with Apple ecology!

Through "your mobile phone", win10 PC can exchange SMS and telephone with Android

When Android phones and Win10 computers have installed your phone App, the magic chemical reaction occurs. You can use PC to answer mobile phone calls, check mobile phone text messages, accept mobile phone notifications, and even operate mobile phones directly on the PC! Of course, such primary functions as data transmission, that's all.

You can even run Android apps on your PC

It can be said that your mobile app can make Android phones and win10 PCs enjoy a seamless connection experience, which is not even realized on WP. Unfortunately, due to some reasons, your mobile app does not launch services in China at present. When it is opened after installation, it will only prompt that the area is not supported. I hope the situation can be improved in the future.


Microsoft's boutique apps for IOS and Android platforms are far more than the ones mentioned above. For example, there are the most powerful note taking app, such as the most powerful note taking app, onedrive network disk, which can synchronize backup data on the whole platform at any time, and outlook, which can synchronize calendar contact accounts for all devices. These apps are very well known, and will not be introduced here.

As you can see, although Microsoft has ended WP, it has not stopped in the development of other applications. Microsoft's App is already more than in the WP era, and functions are not the same. Despite no WP,, Microsoft's ecology is still thriving in the mobile market.

But is that a good thing? Without the WP card, Microsoft has not yet been able to compete on the same level with IOS and Android in the mobile market. Without the help of WP, Microsoft has been unable to complete win10's ecological uwp and win software's cross platform feat. A lot of Microsoft apps are really more conducive to Microsoft's light load, but when it comes to gnawing down some hard bones, I'm afraid we still need WP's top-notch products to open up the situation.

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