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How to pay for iPhone 12 without charging head

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With the launch of the iPhone 12, it turned out to be a controversial product.

especiallyWithout charging headObviously, it has caused many users' dissatisfaction. However, dissatisfied, the mobile phone still needs to be charged, and the charging head is indispensable for charging. Consumers have no choice but to pay for it.

In addition, the bad news is not only this one, but even the iPhone 11 series will also cancel the charging head.


In addition, it should be noted that the current four models of the iPhone 12 series support 20W cable charging or higher power adapter.

However, it is not easy to find high-quality and safe products in the charging head market due to the intermingling of various products.

Apple's original charging head is expensive but reliable

For consumers who don't need money, if the budget is sufficient, the original apple charger is the first choice. After all, you can get what you pay for.

Apple accessories in the workmanship and materials have always been very cautious, safety has not to say, consumers do not need to spend too much attention, closed eyes will not fall into the pit.

Of course, if we have to say a slot point, it is that the original apple charging head is not very user-friendly.

The latest iPhone 12 series charging head has been replaced by usb-c interfaceApple Jingdong flagship store 18W usb-c charging head price 243 yuan,emmm


Identify the third party MFI certification brand, the best choice to save money

The reason why many people don't buy third-party Apple rechargeable products is not, to a large extent, expensive.

Compared with the mobile phone itself, we do not have a deep understanding of the charging head. In addition, with the complex market environment, more and more users are willing to spend more money to buy a reassurance, rather than take the risk to buy a brand they are not familiar with.

In fact, due to the existence of apple? MFI certification (click to query), third parties have been screened to ensure that we have the ability to buy reliable non original charging devices.

So called MFI authentication,Electronic accessories specifically designed for iPods, iPhones and iPads.And these accessories have been authorized and certified by apple to meet the performance standards of Apple products.

When selecting such products, we can focus on the product packaging box and accessories themselves. The certified third-party accessories are printed with MFI mark on the packaging:


Some accessories may have MFI marks from earlier versions:


How to identify counterfeit or uncertified lightning connector accessories has a very detailed description, specific details you can go to the official website for reference.

Generally speaking, MFI certified charging devices will be upgraded synchronously with IOS system without pop-up prompt.

But not MFI certified products, compatible with IOS system is unstable, easy to pop up.

Of course, MFI authentication comes more from the data line,They have built-in Apple's original encryption chip, there will be no version incompatibilityIn addition, Apple's strict assessment of the manufacturer's qualification can also ensure that the products have excellent quality.

This also provides an idea for consumers to purchase MFI certified charging equipment. Users can purchase the same brand power adapter, and the quality and safety will be guaranteed, such as Anker, ugreen green link, purple rice, etc.

In short, compared with the original original charging head, these third-party MFI certification brands have no major problems in safety and reliability, and are cheaper.

Third party 3C certification charging head quality is trustworthy

Compared with the third-party certification, we also need third-party certification.

Of course, after all, they are regular products that have passed the 3C certification. Although some products lack the halo of MFI certification, it does not prevent them from becoming the choice of fruit powder.

So called 3C certification, refers toIt is the unified symbol of the national compulsory product certification.

The CCC certified power adapter meets the requirements of national mandatory standards in terms of electrical safety and EMC performanceThis is a point that consumers need to focus on when choosing a third-party Apple adapter.


There are a large number of Apple chargers with 3C certification marks, which represent the brands of Beisi and Pinsheng.

Many of the third-party MFI certification brands also have 3C certification. In a word, some mobile phone manufacturers provide charging heads and products produced by famous accessory brands,Most of them meet the national 3C certification and can be used safely for iPhone.

With the improvement of brand influence, there are few quality defects and hidden dangers in the accessories of large factories,As long as the 9.9 package mail home, or small workshop production of three no products, users will not step on the pit.

Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that you should choose the official website of the brand or the official channels such as pinduoduo, Taobao and Jingdong to purchase compliance products.

Last but not least, since we choose to buy third-party accessories, we can see that we still care about the price.

Apple's third-party accessories are much cheaper than the original ones,At the same time, the same product has different prices in different e-commerce platforms,Therefore, we suggest that we can conduct a wave of price comparison among major e-commerce platforms before starting.


For price sensitive friends, when purchasing electronic products, you may as well compare the prices through pinduoduo to make sure that you have a clear idea, which will help you to buy products that meet your expectations as soon as possible.



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