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iPhone 12 series which is the most fragrant? All you want to know is here

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iPhone 4 was a lot of people

I never thought Apple would bring back the right-angle side design and still have four at the same time.

During this decade, the world has changed, and the iPhone, who once changed the world is now back to the angled scheme.


IPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro


The design of right angle frame has been leaked for half a year. The iPhone 12 is made of aluminum alloy with front and rear glass, iPhone 12 Pro is made of stainless steel frame, and the glass material on the back is frosted.

Ten years ago, someone called this kind of design sandwich structure, a very vivid name. Today's Sandwich technology is obviously much better than it was a decade ago. Compared with any detail or joint on the fuselage, the improvement of delicacy and craftsmanship can be seen at a glance.


IPhone 12 back technology improved significantly

With these 10 years in hand, everyone has a story that is mixed with surprise and hardship. Apple is of course the same. From challenger to challenged, they are also changing their roles and products.

The screen has changed, the original only 3.5 inch retina screen iPhone 4 has been amazed by our appearance with a good screen flagship, ten years later 5.4 inches is just the beginning, I have a cup of iPhone 12 and large cup iPhone 12Pro, has reached 6.1 inches.


In a decade, the iPhone has changed dramatically

But the number in the mobile phone industry is only a small size.

Compared iPhone 12 11, the direct feeling is to cut off the arc frame of 11.


iPhone 12 border is angula

Although there are corners, but because narrow, thin, and chamfering properly, its grip has improved. Before getting the real machine, many people may think that the circular border on the grip should be better, but the machine is far more comfortable than expected.

Apple has always been good at shaping aesthetics, and straight up and down the edge is easier to accommodate more components, anti-fall performance than arc edge. The film party finally relieved, no longer with the arc glass.


The screen without 2.5D glass doesn't need to be covered with film

Although not disassembled, we believe that its internal structure must also have a lot of changes, such as SIM card slot from left to right, which means that the motherboard should also change the position.

In fact, for more ordinary users, they need the freshness brought by shape change. This is more important than any structural change.


Blue Aluminum Alloy Frame

Looking back at Apple's products, the most impressive style change was from 07 to 13 years, when the iOS 7 interface switched directly from pseudo-materialization to flattening; from 14 years to today, the switch from iPhone 6 to iPhone 12, fuselage from arc to right angle was just six years, which was


The two new iPhones have the same screen size

Perhaps many people complain about Apple's price or closeness, but the workmanship of their products has never been disappointing. On this basis, is the apple material texture incisively and vividly play.

In an interview with ive many years ago, he said that one of Apple's design principles is to let each material have its own texture, and this tradition has always been preserved.

So we see iPhone 12 aluminum alloy matte frame front and rear glass, but glass is glass, metal is metal, each material has its own texture. With a variety of easy colors. Color is very jump off, eyes of people and animals harmless, coupled with less high prices, suitable for most users.


iPhone 12 back details


If the iPhone 12 temperament seems to be full of youth men's and women's groups


iPhone 12Pro is the sister who takes the wind and the waves


iPhone 12Pro texture, reflected here

On the iPhone 12 pro, it's polished surgical grade stainless steel, brighter, colder and harder. Put the two together, you can clearly see the advanced sense and different temperament of pro. It seems that from 16 to 26 years old, you wear a handsome suit and comb your hair into the appearance of an adult.


The difference between the two

If I don't consider photography or the so-called advanced sense, I prefer the iPhone 12, because it weighs only 162 grams. Yes, in this era of large screen mobile phones, it's lighter within 180 grams.

Of course, no matter the belt

This is actually very important


iPhone 12Pro( left) and iPhone 12( right) back

Pro and non Pro differences, In addition to shape, material and temperament, as well as photography. More in detail, For example, their screens are 6.1 inches, With the same material, At the same resolution (2532 x1170), The same pixel density (460 ppi), the same HDR, Same color, P3 same wide range, Same 2 million to 1(contrast), But the typical screen brightness is different, 625 to 800 NIT, It means that the latter looks more beautiful and transparent in most cases.


Screen parameters are basically the same, brightness is different.

By the way, this year's iPhone screen has an invisible improvement. They all use super ceramic crystal panels and ceramic as glass substrate to increase the screen hardness and the phone's fall resistance. The official claims that the drop performance can be increased by 4 times. Students who don't like to wear mobile phone covers call experts.

Photo photo

As for taking photos, the difference between the two iPhones is not as big as expected.

Put the two together, the iPhoneh 12 is obviously simpler than the iPhone 12Pro version (or even rudimentary). But the difference between the two in the photo results, the actual expectation is not so far.

This time the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are 12 million pixels wide angle main lens ultra wide angle lens, wide angle aperture is? /1.6, ultra wide aperture? 2.4 Aperture, and 12 more Pro with long-focus lidar.


Camera for iPhone 12 pro (left) and iPhone 12 (right)

First of all, they all have a wide angle, Apple this time significantly improved the 12 series of night shooting ability.

Last year's iPhone 11 series should be added, people feel deeply, this year, is based on last year's promotion. Now look for four pictures to compare, this is iPhone 11 pair iPhone 12, and iPhone 11Pro pair can clearly see the 12 generation, whether it takes or not Pro, the same scene is more bright


IPhone 11 Pro shooting


IPhone 12 Pro shooting

Apple's official claim that the new phone's low light shooting performance has improved by 27%, and that's where the digital results are.

For the other 11, we all know that although the night shooting mode was added, the super wide angle and long focus night shooting are actually a little bit out of step. Apple only gave the ability of night shooting to the main lens, and this year it finally gave the other two.

The angle of view of the super wide angle camera is also as large as 120 degrees. Compared with the iPhone 11, you can see that its wide-angle camera can capture more things and control the distortion better.

What we have to mention is the credit of A14.


A14 overbearing copy

The most obvious case of machine participation in photographing is portrait mode, which creates a studio like effect through algorithms, allowing chips to influence or even produce light. The iPhone 12 series has also improved in this part. We found a streetlight and tried it. We can pay attention to the natural effect of the background virtualization, the excessive light level from the shoulder to the lower arm, and the texture of the clothes.


Portrait mode for iPhone 12 Pro night shot

Let's talk about one thing unique to the iPhone 12 pro, the lidar lens, which we've seen on the 2020 iPad pro. On mobile phones, of course, it can still be used as a rangefinder, but using it only as a ruler or calculating area is overkill. In fact, the official rangefinder is more like a demonstration app, and the imagination space is left for developers.


Lidar is added to the new iPhone 12 Pro back system

Apple has developed more functions for lidar this year, such as improving the speed of night scene focusing. In a dark environment, within the range of lidar, about 5 meters, the auto focusing speed is significantly accelerated (officially claimed to be increased by 6 times).

On photography, in fact, what we have seen is not the strongest performance of this year's iPhone 12 series, Apple ProRAW later through updates. Also, the most anticipated iPhone 12Pro Max, conference said that its wide-angle camera's photosensitive element size increased by 47 percent, pixel size increased to 1.7 microns, and low-light shooting performance 87 percent

In the video capture section, this generation of iPhones began to support Dolby horizon HDR video capture.

So called


Dolby vision

Dolby Horizon is a system that requires hardware and software support. This time apple added a iPhone camera system for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro to shoot direct video from the Dolby horizon. In fact, it has entered the level of manufacturing content. Of course, there is a difference between the two, the iPhone 12Pro Dolby horizon is 60 frames, iPhone 12 is 30 frames.

The iPhone can not only shoot, but also clip Dolby view video on the device, play it with airplay, and generally put 4K Dolby view video on compatible devices.

So you see, apple supports a standard, it has to be implemented from the beginning to the end: iPhone 12 and 12 Pro fully support Dolby's vision from shooting, editing, playing and sharing. This method is very apple, and only apple has it.

5g part

For a variety of reasons, Apple's phone did not catch the first bus in five G. A lot of people felt that Apple was behind last year, and this year asked these people what you did with five G, and it seemed nothing

In this year, China vigorously developed 5g mobile phones, and domestic mobile phone manufacturers almost only made 5g mobile phones. Now, penyou in the first and second tier cities may have experienced it.

But to be honest, there still seems to be nothing to do with the five- G scenario, and perhaps that's why Apple made a smart model for its phone

In addition, it was said by foreign media that if two 5g cards were put into an iPhone 12 at the same time, there would be only 4G. It could be a misinformation. We measured the actual shipment of iPhone 12, and loaded two 5g cards at the same time. One card was 5g, and the other card voice and Internet phone were not delayed.


The new iPhone finally supports 5g

Of course, 5g is not used to run points. In daily use scenarios, the more obvious experience is that the iPhone with 5g support is much faster than 4G. When watching videos, the highest image quality is almost no buffer time.

For now, 5g may be in its early stages. The high-speed road and the cars on it, that is, the Internet and 5g mobile phones, are ready. Users can drive high-performance cars on the highway, but where is the goal? What is it? I'm not sure.

It's app developers who have to work hard. This is why 5g iPhone is important: for ordinary users, they can finally have 5g network on the system they like; but more importantly, Apple's industry appeal, with Apple's promotion, 5g application ecology may develop faster.

Continuity and MagSafe

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro still do not mention the specific capacity of the battery as before. Apple's official website has been tagged

After all, no matter it's 17, 18 or 20, it doesn't make much sense. For 90% of the people, it's inevitable to charge every day. Even if it can persist, do you dare to charge it?

Modern people's life has been coerced by all kinds of information and app. If you want to have a long service life, it's the best way not to look at the mobile phone, but can you?

Compared with the iPhone 11 generation, today, both the 12 and the 12pro have reduced in length, width and thickness. The weight of the iPhone 12 has been greatly reduced from 194 g to 162 g, but the actual use time has not been significantly reduced. Imagine that MagSafe, a super porcelain crystal panel, has been added to it, and its waterproof ability has been improved, but its weight has been reduced by nearly 16%. This thing sounds very amazing.



Speaking of MagSafe, this is a small surprise on the iPhone 12 series. Old Apple fans all like MagSafe on macbooks, but this single function design was eventually replaced by the increasingly powerful usb-c. from that 12 inch MacBook 12, apple saved its own life.

After four years MagSafe the name returned again, changed the appearance, changed the form of existence. Gently, don't worry about the wireless charging alignment; and through the MagSafe,iPhone 12 wireless charging power from 7.5 W to 15 W, there is a special effect; of course, iPhone 12 series is also compatible with the previous Qi charger, but the power is still 7.5.


MagSafe charger and protective case

The principle of placing a magnet near the wireless charging coil is not complicated. It was found on the Palm Pre in 2009 and has been on the apple watch. However, Apple has obviously played with the magnet again. This time, with the release of MagSafe's magnetic card bag and MagSafe mobile phone case, Apple's third-party partners have also begun to make efforts to introduce more interesting accessories.


Looking forward to the future development of MagSafe accessories

If you think MagSafe accessories are expensive or 15W is still slow, cable charging is also a good choice.

Speaking of this, there will be a controversial topic. As we all know, apple didn't come with a charger and headset, but it came with a C-L fast charging cable. To tell you the truth, the mobile phone has been used for so many years, and there are many chargers in every drawer. However, not everyone has the C-Port charging head. This is also the reason why many people will have words about it.

Apple officials, of course, also offered 149 yuan and 20 W. But there are already many third-party charging brands offering smaller 20 W chargers, looks more like customized for iPhone12 depth. This charger I've got Anker ank Nano 20W supports all iPhone 12 fast charging, Charge 50% in the first 30 minutes, Compared with the previous five Fu Yi an charging speed increased by three times. It's about the size of five blessings, The most important thing is that the 20 W is only half the price of Apple's official 20 w, It only costs 79 yuan. Friends ready to switch can focus, Also recommended to iPhone 8 and above have not been too fast to fill the partner.

So where's the iPhone improvement this year?

And to sum up, this year's iPhone improvement comes down to four main areas, and I' ll sort it out according to the level of attention of most ordinary users:

1) The shape changes, you change the mobile phone, but also let people know that you changed the mobile phone;

2)5 G came, looking forward to more than a year, although it is still the early stage G 5, but I believe this is the beginning of the next world change.

3) It's better to take pictures, especially in dark light. Because the super large cup iPhone 12 Pro Max has not yet appeared, the final results will have to wait until November;

4) The improvement of chip. The era of faster mobile chip ratio has passed. The obvious improvement of A14 over A13 is still the performance of neural network engine. The number of hardware cores has increased to 16 (A13 is 8). In the era of artificial intelligence, the parts of chips with neural engine have been integrated into all aspects of use. Even if you take a good picture, it may help you.

If you don't know how to choose after reading the above, let's be simple:

For 80% of the people, the iPhone 12 is enough. The only regret is that there is no telephoto. It must be the best and most popular model this year;

If you're interested in long focus and need a better texture, just like buying a watch when you feel you do n' t need stainless steel, look at the iPhone 12Pro;

If you are a mobile phone photography maniac, photographer, don't rush to buy, and so on November's super large cup iPhone 12 Pro max;

If you care about the size of your mobile phone, and you have certain performance requirements; or you need a portable mobile phone, but you don't take the mobile phone as the whole of your life, and you don't brush your circle of friends and chat on wechat all the time, you can wait for the iPhone 12 mini, the smallest mobile phone. I'm a little worried about its service life, and everything else must be OK.


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