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YY for Baidu, the right is perfect

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Wen / Zhou Tian finance and Economics

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The right is the best. The same applies to any business cooperation.

New changes are coming from the live track. On October 26, it was reported that Baidu would acquire YY domestic business, which started from entertainment live broadcasting.

At present, neither Baidu nor YY has given any formal response to this news, but there are many debates on this "marriage" in the market. Some people think that one is to do the live broadcast of Pan knowledge, and the other is YY, which started from entertainment. However, some people think that YY may be the appropriate choice for Baidu, which is making efforts to accelerate its entry into the live track.

Baidu wants to speed up the development of live broadcasting business, which is an indisputable fact. From the "gathering plan", we can take out cash flow and cash subsidy live broadcasting business, senior Robin Li enters the live room, and then build the live broadcast business team in Baidu mobile eco business group, etc., and we can see Baidu's sincerity and determination to make achievements in the short video and live broadcast business.

Baidu's sincerity for live track, of course, is also reflected in the choice of partners. Although YY originated from games and is good at entertainment and live track, after analyzing the positioning and long-term planning of Baidu live, and then substituting YY's advantages, we think YY can definitely bear the name of Baidu's most suitable partner in the live track.

Why do you say that? Let's explain Baidu's live broadcast strategy, current situation and YY advantages one by one.

Thoughtful cooperation

Baidu has never covered up its determination to enter the live track.

If we really want to find out who is the first to layout the live broadcast, it is no exaggeration to say that Baidu is one of the earliest Internet giants.

In 2014, Baidu, based on the self-developed small i-ear and eye camera, used real-time streaming media broadcast technology to broadcast the full moon of the Mid Autumn Festival in Huashan, Shaanxi Province, and Emei Mountain scenic spots in Sichuan Province. In 2015, baidu also launched the "Baidu Park" project, which was broadcast live on the real-time viewing platform of 25 scenic spots, including the Forbidden City and Fenghuang ancient city.

In terms of form, these are not very different from the current live broadcast on the Internet, which can be called the earlier form of domestic live broadcasting.

It's just that in that year, the benchmarking figures of Li Jiaqi and Weiya have not yet appeared, and the domestic live broadcasting environment is not fully mature. In addition, users' acceptance of live broadcasting still needs to be cultivated. Therefore, Baidu's real power for live broadcasting is around 2018. At that time, baidu went live. After that, the layout of Baidu's live broadcasting business showed obvious signs of acceleration.

In 2020, the epidemic has stimulated the development of China's live broadcasting market. The stimulation of this external force directly drives the live broadcast market to grow at an exponential rate. Live broadcasting has become a commercial form, a business incision.

For a while, Tencent had tiger teeth and fighting fish in bat, and it was in charge of live game broadcasting. Alibaba's Taobao live broadcast continuously pushed the revenue figures to new records. Baidu, as one of bat, can't give up this market in a sense. What's more, the search entrance and knowledge information assets owned by Baidu are at least the advantages that many domestic companies yearn for.

During the epidemic period, baidu once again accelerated the construction speed of the live broadcast team, recruited a large number of Posts related to the live broadcast, and launched the live broadcast function in Baijia. On May 13, at the baidu mobile ecology conference, baidu launched the "energy gathering plan", focusing on the pan knowledge live broadcast, and providing 10 billion traffic and 500 million advanced subsidies to cultivate high-quality live broadcast creators. It said that it would create 1000 anchors with a monthly income of more than 10000.

Meanwhile, Baidu founder Robin Li walked into the live room on Baidu's live broadcast. This is Robin Li's first live show and is seen by many people as a strong support for Baidu's live broadcast business by Baidu. In more than an hour of live broadcast, the audience accumulated more than 9.26 million, and Baidu's market value soared by $1.7 billion overnight.


Prior to that, apart from the live broadcast, most of Robin Li's personal business on Baidu's platform was driverless car, AI and big data engine. This shows the importance of live broadcasting in Baidu.

When Baidu passed on the importance of live broadcasting business through the way of real gold, silver and high-level appearance, there was an important change in the architecture system, that is, baidu mobile ecological business group completed the construction of live broadcasting platform, and formed an independent team of live broadcasting business, and the team leader was Gu Feng (real name Chen Luojin). According to public information, Chen Luojin is one of the founders who initiated and incubated YY's live game team.

Baidu, which has already deployed funds, high-level support and team building, has completed the preparatory work of speeding up "riding the wind and waves" in the live track. These orderly changes and deployment show that Baidu is not only aiming to make live broadcasting the most popular business form at present, but also hopes to turn live broadcasting into a long-term strategy of Baidu. Therefore, it acquired YY Baidu's decision is definitely not Baidu's "shallow taste" in the live market.

The right partner is the perfect partner

For this "marriage", many people question the key lies in the obvious positioning of Baidu and YY.

Shen Shuo, executive vice president of Baidu group, once stressed that the core of Baidu live broadcasting is information and knowledge. And stressed that this positioning will not be easily changed.

Baidu for their own live business such positioning, at present, there is no problem. First of all, baidu itself is an information search content aggregation site. With the diversified development of live broadcast market and the richness of short video and live broadcast formats, the demand of video dynamic search will inevitably be derived for users. Secondly, once users need to get information or knowledge, they may need to search the web page or enter a link. In the future, users' needs for knowledge and information may be solved by watching a short video.

Positioning pan knowledge live, Baidu can say that it did not choose the wrong direction. Moreover, in the current situation of multiple live broadcast platforms, differentiation is the next problem we all have to face.

Let's look at YY. YY's live broadcasting business in China is more inclined to entertainment, dance, outdoor, talk show, shoumai and many other entertainment nature of live broadcast. This seems to be Baidu for live positioning deviation is really some big. If so, why baidu still led YY's hand?

First of all, let's look at Baidu's live broadcasting business. From the team and structure, Baidu's team and structure still need to be improved. Although Baidu has a lot of advanced technology patents in the field of AI, for the live broadcast market, baidu is a "newcomer". This field of algorithm and technical personnel, baidu is needed to supplement and improve.

Secondly, Baidu has indeed formed some live broadcasting formats, but at present, most of the live broadcasting needs to be distributed to Baidu app, good-looking video, Baidu Post Bar and other product ends, without a unified content output end. This is very important to the user experience of C end, which will affect the registration of users. Although said that Baidu related responsible person once said, baidu live spelling is not online duration and the number of online users, but any track without popularity is not good. So in order to solve this problem, baidu needs YY, which has a reputation in C terminal.

So, in terms of talent, technology and content, will YY be a suitable partner?

First of all, YY is still one of the front row platforms in the entertainment live broadcasting industry. According to the data released earlier by the China Business Industry Research Institute, YY live broadcast continued to occupy the top position in the domestic entertainment live broadcasting platform with the active user scale of 41.204 million in the first quarter of this year. The number of active users of Zanthoxylum bungeanum live broadcast ranked second was only 5.522 million. For Baidu, such a user scale is undoubtedly a big advantage.


Secondly, YY runs through the whole process of the development of China's live broadcasting industry. The whole team is very familiar with this field and knows the operation rules. YY's experience in user management, anchor training, technology, algorithm and resources is a huge fortune for Baidu, but these soft strengths can not be solved by money and recruitment overnight. At present, the information disclosed is also true. It is learned that Baidu's acquisition of YY's domestic business is also the focus on its team and technology.

In the real world, it's a kid's game to look at strengths and weaknesses. In the adult world, we can see whether it is suitable or not in the long run.

Perhaps Kwai tiktok is not the first class brother in the live broadcast world compared to the jitter and the fast hand, but for Baidu, it meets the needs of almost all the key needs of the current stage of YY, such as talent, such as platforms, such as anchor. At this level, YY is a "suitable" partner.

What will YY bring to Baidu?

After the acquisition of YY, Baidu's live dream can really plug in the wings?

According to xiaohulu data, in September, YY's live broadcast head presenters received 680 million yuan of live gift income. In July and August, the gift income was 780 million yuan and 680 million yuan respectively. In September, the total number of head anchor barrages was 160 million, the average number of anchors was 21000 per day, and the average number of active users was 391000. The number of people paying for the service remained stable at about 330000 throughout September. In the same period, the daily living users of Betta were 4.484 million, but the gift income was only 950 million yuan.

These two groups of data show that YY live broadcast users have a strong awareness of paying. This user characteristic is very important for Baidu, which always wants to make a difference in the field of Pan knowledge live broadcasting. Because knowledge dissemination can not get around one problem, that is, knowledge payment. Baidu needs to cultivate this awareness of payment in the user pool.

Secondly, YY's current user growth has slowed down slightly, but with Baidu's traffic and import import, it may lead YY to break through the status quo of growth platform period.

For Baidu, live content has a strong export. Just imagine, if you want to go to Baidu to find a live or short video content, whether there is a moment do not know where to find trouble? With YY as a veteran and national port, this problem will be solved easily. YY is a good way to attract users and strengthen Baidu's live broadcasting business.

Shen Zhen, executive vice president of Baidu, once said that live broadcasting will become a medium. If we translate "medium" here into "media", it may be more in line with the purpose of shudder. In his opinion, "live broadcasting can exist independently, but the existence of live broadcasting also needs to be discovered. At the same time, compared with text and short video, live broadcasting is more timely and interactive.".

From this point of view, YY and Baidu live cooperation is a win-win situation. Baidu improves the exposure probability of YY high-quality live broadcast owners, and YY high-quality live broadcast owners can "bring goods" for Baidu pan knowledge live broadcast content.


In addition, YY's addition can remove the first impression of Baidu's live broadcast of serious knowledge. Baidu positioning knowledge live is not wrong, but it is also easy to leave ordinary users with a "serious" and "straight" stereotype. As a matter of fact, the live broadcast market is rich and diverse, and pan knowledge live broadcasting does not necessarily have to be synonymous with "seriousness" and "integrity". The addition of YY can clear up some misunderstandings in the market.

For Baidu live broadcast business, we can also remove some restrictions before. In the pan knowledge field, with the help of YY's strengths in the pan entertainment field, we can open more live broadcast forms. Let pan knowledge live broadcast more in line with the current live broadcast format and user mentality.

In other words, YY, to a certain extent, makes Baidu pan knowledge live more "free" and "diversified" expression forms, and Baidu live can form a more stable and more fighting team through YY's technology and experience.

Robin Li once said in his first live show: "user search may not be able to find the answer, or do not find the answer so quickly, this time can match users to the appropriate live broadcast, directly ask the professional anchors in this field, and get timely feedback."

This paragraph may be the best explanation for why baidu wants to do live broadcasting, and it is also the most accurate explanation. Baidu still has a long way to go from this goal. The acquisition of YY has undoubtedly accelerated the pace of Baidu's progress in this dream.

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