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Why can't Baidu buy YY?

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Live broadcasting is a key business that Baidu has been promoting this year

By Li Jinlin

Source / zinc scale (ID: znkedu)

Although it has not been officially announced, Baidu's acquisition of YY is like a huge stone cast in deep water, which has aroused the attention of the Internet circle.

For Baidu's acquisition, there are two different voices. One faction thinks that the acquisition is very reasonable, which is good for Baidu and YY, and new changes will appear in the future of live broadcasting industry pattern. Another faction questioned the acquisition, believing that the acquisition of YY is not the optimal solution for Baidu.

The news of the acquisition was revealed a few days ago, but the discussion about the acquisition is becoming more and more intense. Some people who do not participate in this big discussion do not mean that they are qualified Internet media people. So, today we'll talk about it. Why can't Baidu buy YY?

Who else besides YY?

For Baidu, to quickly cut into the live track, the acquisition of live broadcast platform is undoubtedly the best way. If you want to purchase, there are two conditions: first, it must be a head platform; second, the other party must have the willingness to sell.

Let's take a look at the independent live platform track. It is no longer news that tiger teeth and douyu are merged into Tencent. In fact, before the merger of the two platforms, there were six listed companies in China, namely, douyu, Huya and Momo, huanju era, Tiange interaction and Yingke, which are the live game broadcasting platform.

Overall, the six companies achieved profits in the first half of this year. According to wind data, YY live broadcast belongs to the era of reunion, with 10.578 billion yuan of total revenue and 7.385 billion yuan of net profit, ranking first among the four entertainment live broadcasting platforms.


Data from: wind, company announcement, compiled by every reporter


Data from: wind, company announcement, compiled by every reporter

YY's live broadcasting is one of the main businesses in the gathering era. In the second quarter, YY's revenue was 2.78 billion yuan, higher than that of the other three entertainment platforms in the same period. From the perspective of active users, mob Research Institute released "insight into the situation of China's live broadcasting industry 2020", which shows that by March 2020, YY's live broadcasting has been far ahead of China's entertainment live broadcasting platform track with 41.204 million users.

Obviously, YY is the leader of independent live broadcasting platform.

Certainly, although as the domestic entertainment live broadcast domain head player, the YY live broadcast also because receives the shaking sound, the fast hand and so on live broadcast after the rise is squeezed the market share, the growth rate slows down and so on. But even so, YY's head advantage on the stand-alone live broadcast platform, if it can be found like tiger teeth


Data source: insight into 2020 China's live broadcasting industry released by mob Research Institute

Talk about the willingness to sell. As early as 2019, Li Xueling, the gathering CEO, said in an interview that the strategy was

Recently, Li Xueling in the circle of friends issued a letter saying:


Li Xueling's circle of friends revealed the idea of selling YY

Independent live broadcast platform head player's identity plus the possibility of being sold, why don't Baidu choose YY?

What can YY bring to Baidu?

In fact, it's not just a leader. YY, which came out in 2008, is an old domestic live broadcasting platform.

YY, which has been deeply engaged in the field of live broadcasting for many years, has a mature live broadcasting product system. The advantages of YY are rich team and anchor management experience and technical accumulation. YY is one of the originators of the show mode and guild mode. The live broadcast talents from YY occupy half of the live broadcast in the world. For Baidu, which has entered the industry for a long time, the experienced YY can undoubtedly help its business to build a mature live broadcasting operation system and introduce high-quality anchor talents.

According to relevant news, after the acquisition, YY will provide Baidu with content, technology and domestic live broadcast team simultaneously. In addition, YY's domestic long-term contract anchor will also belong to Baidu. It is understood that YY's domestic head anchor's renewal rate is more than 80%, which is of great significance to Baidu's live broadcasting ecology.

In addition, the acquired YY can be said to have its own traffic. In recent years, the content of YY live broadcast tends to be diversified. In addition to the show, games and shoumai, dance, outdoor, talk show, live with goods, etc. have also become the content of YY live broadcast. These contents help to increase the user time of Baidu, and fit in with Baidu's mobile life service and personalization strategy proposed this year.

After the acquisition, Baidu will also use its own traffic and AI technology to support and empower YY, so that both sides can have better synergy. It's not difficult to predict that the acquisition of YY will definitely let Baidu live have a better development prospect.

From YY's position in the industry and its own advantages, Baidu's acquisition of YY is the best choice.

Since it is beneficial to both sides of the acquisition, why not Baidu do it?

No, no, no

In spite of the controversy, Baidu's acquisition of YY is regarded as a key step to add code live broadcast.

Since March this year, Baidu's big and small actions in the field of live broadcasting have not been broken. After a large number of recruitment online live function, baidu launched a series of self-made boutique live columns.

Robin Li also broadcast live on Baidu App in May, leaving the platform for himself. In June, baidu brought Gu Feng, the founder of Huya, as the person in charge, and set up a live broadcasting platform.

Under the accelerated layout, Baidu's live broadcasting business has achieved remarkable results. During 618, baidu water trial live broadcast with goods, and the single transaction volume exceeded 10 million. Data shows that in the second quarter, baidu app's daily non entertainment live video shows a growth rate of 400%, and the number of monthly viewers has exceeded 80%.

In the background of frequent code live broadcasting, and the acquisition of YY can be said to be a landmark event for Baidu to show its strategic determination and determination to the outside world.

Looking back at Baidu's actions in the past six months, it is not difficult to find that Baidu has been trying to diversify its mobile ecology by expanding the search boundary. Live broadcasting is the key business that Baidu has been promoting this year.

The acquisition can be seen as a measure for Baidu to make up for the difference in live broadcast time. With YY's participation, Baidu can enter the live track faster and more stably and participate in the competition in the live broadcasting field.

Overall, Baidu is not unable to buy YY, but

Of course, at present, there is no official announcement on the acquisition between the two sides. However, some analysts believe that once the acquisition is completed, the leading players in the live broadcasting field will become Tencent, Baidu and byte jump, and the domestic live broadcasting battlefield will be full of gunpowder. Baidu will occupy a place in the future of live broadcasting industry pattern.

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