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Huawei mate40 and Huawei sound launch in China

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On October 22, 2020, Huawei successfully held its annual autumn overseas conference. At the press conference, in addition to the debut of Huawei mate40 series, Huawei sound also made its debut, which aroused public expectations. Finally, on October 30, 2020, the domestic press conference attracted the attention of the public. Huawei sound came as promised, with the built-in tivaret sound quality and Huawei intelligent black technology.


HuaweiSound this time, the four-horn acoustic structureinch bass horn and 3 full-frequency horn units, plus 2 PUSH-PUSH symmetrical passive units (passive radiators). The fuselage design is more sophisticated. Sound pressure level can still reach 90 dB( data from the Huawei laboratory), can make a very explosive sound, bring shocking music.

Continue the classic visual design, bring visual impact

The most popular feature of Huawei sound x is the visual design of loudspeaker. Instead of traditional music, the speaker is wrapped in the box. Huawei and tivare innovate to use the open visual speaker design. When playing music, the speaker will relax with the music rhythm, bringing a very ornamental visual enjoyment. Huawei sound continues the classic design of tivaret, making the sound visible when playing music.



In addition, Huawei sound has brought two colors: bright black and platinum. It is reported that the upper part of Huawei sound's fuselage adopts the piano baking technology, which has a bright texture and smooth arc surface. When listening to music, it seems as if you are in a concert hall. The gradient color light effect design at the top, with different voice control modes, will present a unique rotation shape, which well interprets the interaction between light and technology. The top part of the button is a touch type induction button, sensitive and easy to control. The lower part is designed with coated high gloss fiber mesh, which makes sound transmission more free and transparent, and can also play the role of dust prevention and splash prevention.

Tivare professional tuning new upgrade Sam? Technology

Huawei sound has once again launched deep technical cooperation with French professional and high-end audio brand divaret. After hearing this sound, it is still as pleasant as before, giving a new listening experience. This time, Huawei sound adopts a complete set of diwaley acoustic speaker structure design, and tivare professional tuning, plus the unique audio algorithm support, to inject high-end acoustics and audio technology into Huawei sound. Tivare's unique audio algorithm, such as frequency division point phase balance management, can make the low frequency signal smooth and smooth transition from medium to high frequency signal; for example, loudness management can automatically adjust the frequency response balance according to the human hearing characteristics under different sound loudness and signal content, so as to ensure a comfortable and pleasant hearing experience. A series of tuning algorithms of tivare present 360 for Huawei sound High quality listening experience provides guarantee.


The HuaweiSound also features a brand-new upgrade of the Divare Patent Signal Processing Technology SAM? . upgraded SAM? Di Valle patented signal processing technology that can simultaneously control the accurate displacement of the bass horn passive unit. By modeling the bass horn and passive unit, the bass horn is controlled, the state of air vibration in the sound cavity is controlled, and then the diaphragm displacement of the passive unit is accurately controlled. After the brand new SAM? of Tivare After technical processing, the most intuitive feeling is that when you listen to music, you feel as if the singer and performer are in front of you.

For users who like to listen to symphonies, diaphragm amplitude is very important for the performance of music fluctuation. If the diaphragm amplitude is too small and the low-frequency sound pressure level is reduced, you will obviously feel that the low-frequency sense of the speaker is weak, the bass is not strong enough, and the change of music intensity is not felt; when the diaphragm amplitude is too large, beyond the linear working area of the amplitude, the low-frequency will be distorted, and you will feel the low-frequency turbidity and drag. Tivare Sam? Can keep the sound from the speaker in a good dynamic range, and convey the excitement and emotion of the music better. When enjoying the music, the sound is shocking and surging, clean and not procrastinating.

Audio and painting synchronous experience brings immersive viewing enjoyment

According to the International Telecommunication Union standard, when the wireless synchronous playback delay is less than 100ms, the human body has no perception of the synchronous rhythm of sound and picture. The standard is also extended to the field of internet live broadcasting, such as video app websites. Generally, only cable speakers or professional wireless stereo speakers with more than 10000 yuan can achieve such an experience.


Huawei sound selects point-to-point low delay audio stream synchronization and feedback audio synchronization technology to realize popular video applications, such as iqiyi, whose delay is less than 100 ms (data is from Huawei Lab), and can easily match TV, computer, tablet and other devices to obtain a non perception video experience. With the choice of various sound effect modes, such as the personal listening mode created by divaret, you can immediately enter the real immersive drama world and enjoy the immersive viewing experience.

Richer listening mode and upgraded interactive experience

In addition to supporting wireless transmission such as Bluetooth 5.0 and dual band Wi Fi, Huawei sound also adds a traditional 3.5mm wired audio input interface, which can match more devices such as PC connection, so as to easily realize high-definition music lossless playback.


A touch of the transmission to upgrade! By touching the speaker, the mobile phone can transmit music, which reduces the cumbersome of manually connecting speakers and other electronic devices through Bluetooth, and improves the convenient experience of music delivery. Bluetooth audio coding is upgraded from SBC / AAC standard definition transmission to LDAC high-definition transmission. High resolution music close to hi res quality can also be heard in Bluetooth.


Wi Fi transmits voice over air. Huawei mobile phone is equipped with emui 11.0, which can transmit the audio on the phone to the smart speaker through WiFi network image. For non Huawei Android mobile phone users, Huawei sound has also improved the experience of high-quality music transmission. At present, the three major domestic music apps, such as Netease cloud music, QQ music and kugou music, all support the standard DLNA function. By putting the streaming music URL on any music app into the speaker, you can achieve higher bit rate music playback.

High quality music with rich audio content

For music lovers, if you want to listen to songs without copyright, is extremely uncomfortable. HuaweiSound hand in hand to Huawei music, Tencent Group's KuGou two major music platforms, with tens of millions of massive songs, immediately want to listen to. For music enthusiasts, more attention is paid to sound quality. HuaweiSound support KuGou HiFi zone fever selection, with hundreds of thousands of Hi-Res high-resolution songs, the Huawei music and Hi-Res streaming media music service


As a speaker placed in the living room or bedroom, HuaweiSound can meet the needs of the whole family. Himalayan, dragonfly FM、 fan den reading club and other mainstream audio content platform, including 100 million audio content ,7 million big coffee anchorman, including audio novels, audiobooks, audio books, children's bedtime stories, crosstalk sketches and other 300 content categories, to meet the needs of the family.


In addition to the lyrics of hichang and hilink, you can also find more functions such as hilink and hilink. From November 1 to November 3, 2020, Huawei sound smart speakers will be sold for the first time, and enjoy preferential and free gifts! Drop 100! You will also have the opportunity to obtain Huawei music membership card quarterly card. For details, please refer to the preferential instructions of Huawei's official flagship stores in Huawei mall and major e-commerce platforms.

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