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iPhone 12 made a MagSafe wireless charge: I didn't expect all kinds of dummies

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The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have been officially launched a while ago. I believe some of the bad friends have also got the new machine, and the new features on the iPhone 12 can also be used.

One of the new features of the iPhone 12 is MagSafe, which is equivalent to a magnetic suction function. You can attach the card cover to the back of the phone, or you can charge it with a magnetic charger.

Apple promoted this thing very well at the press conference, and we also felt quite fresh when we took the lead in iPhone 12, such as this magnetic suction charge, which was just more convenient than the wireless charger.

In the past, it's just lazy to find the right place to use your mobile phone charger.

But there is a gap between ideal and reality. In recent days, bad comments and exposures about MagSafe have been one after another, and more and more problems have been exposed...

And the first problem to emerge is

Since the release of the iPhone 12, Apple has also introduced some MagSafe cards that can be adsorbed on the back of the phone, so that the commonly used cards will not be misplaced.

A ▼ in the flowers


A convenient feature, but MagSafe may demagnetize some of your cards, as shown in Apple's latest document.


Many people's first reaction is

However, apple said that only one-time cards like hotel room cards are easier to demagnetize, while cards with stronger magnetic force such as credit cards should have no problem.

But the card is originally for people to use, but now said that demagnetization, you are not contradictory. ..

However, this is only MagSafe's first problem, as some iPhone 12 users have noticed that MagSafe's charger leaves a round mark on the leather case.

Why don't I have to sacrifice a phone case with a charger?

Apple also added a small line to the bottom of the document, meaning that if you add MagSafe to the leather phone case, you will leave a trace. ..


The shell doesn't work, and the card case doesn't work. Apple suggests that we use MagSafe chargers on bare machines? (manual dog head)

By the way, if you wear a traditional mechanical watch instead of an apple watch on your wrist, the iPhone 12 may affect the accuracy of your watch...

A microblog blogger tested it. If the watch has a antimagnetic design, it will not have much impact, but if there is no antimagnetic design, there will be an immediate travel time error.


Since MagSafe has so many influences, I don't need a leather phone case, a mechanical watch, or a card case, so I'll charge it?

Results to Apple official website, charger 329 yuan, magnetic absorption protection shell 399 yuan.


This is the next problem MagSafe has to face: the official accessory experience will be better, but MagSafe has been cracked by Huaqiangbei at the speed of light...


If Tony is right, it is estimated that Hua-Qiang North's MagSafe related accessories be tens of dollars.

But magnetic charging is not common on mobile phones. If cracked accessories are used, there may be some security risks. However, in the face of huge price advantages, unless you are a loyal fan, most people will not choose to spend hundreds of yuan to buy accessories.

Apple certainly has its own plan to stop this behavior, and if you're an iPhone user, you should be familiar with MFI authentication.

MFI Sanlian


Simply put, if you are an accessory manufacturer, if you want to sell iPhone data lines, you must pass that you can use your data lines normally.

Otherwise, the screen will appear...


While everyone thought MagSafe accessories would also pass the MFi certification, Apple did a coquettish operation, they directly completed a new MFM certification. ..


This MFM is the abbreviation of made for MagSafe. Although Tony doesn't understand why he needs to get a new certification separately, it is estimated that the process is similar to the previous MFI.

So if you don't use MFM certified accessories in the future, you may receive reminders or even unusable.

Tony thought about it carefully. I don't need a mechanical watch or a card case. All the accessories are official. Is this the head office?

Of course, Tony did this with the iPhone 12, but even then he ran into all sorts of problems.

The most direct problem is fever.

Although the iPhone 12 is far from hot, but the fuselage as a whole has begun to heat evenly, like a warm hand treasure. ..

Secondly, the charging speed is slow.

Tony put the iPhone 12 on the MagSafe charger, went to the hot pot for a while, and then went to the bathroom. How could that add up to five minutes?

Results back to the station, good guy, only 2% more power!

Although it's 0202, the charging speed of this thing is only 15W, but it's better than the previous five blessings and one an, but is your speed a little slow...

Additional ▼ for charging head


And Tony remembers that the iPhone 12 battery is less than 3000 MAH, so this charging rate is really moving. I hope this is just an example.

In addition to the iPhone 12, we also found various slot points on MagSafe.

For example, we have found such a problem, the problem is not big, small is not small, that is

Magnetic absorption charging is really convenient, does not need to be aligned, as long as the phone is close to the MagSafe charger, then it will be adsorbed on the back of the phone,

When Tony wants to take the phone, he needs one hand and the othe


From this point of view, it's not as convenient as a portable wireless charger

What if I want to take it off with one hand?

In fact, can also take down, the method is to work hard to do miracles. ..

But that's not all. We've done some work to make MagSafe difficult, such as charging other phones~

We found Samsung next door to try, the results are really charged!

This is understandable, however, because MagSafe supports wireless charging Qi protocols, so in theory it can charge a large number of electronics.

But the most amazing thing is that it can also be sucked on the back of Samsung... (although the suction is not strong)

This opens Tony's brain hole. Does that mean it can be absorbed in a place to save space when not in use?

Tony tried, and MagSafe was firmly attached to the case...


After all these twists and turns, MagSafe is completely broken by Tony. You say it's not easy to use. It's really convenient to suck on the back. But if you want to say it's easy to use, you can find a lot of grooves on it...

In this way, whether it is MagSafe's own problems or the inconvenience caused by strong magnetic force in daily use, Apple needs to find a way to solve them.

Apple spent a lot of space to promote MagSafe, and even wanted to change people's use habits once again. However, apple did not bring much convenience to us this time, and it can even be described as rollover.

In fact, when it comes to iPhone related products, airpods should be the product with the highest recognition and praise because it is too convenient to use and can seamlessly connect with iPhone and apple watch.

Tony thinks that's what Apple wants to bring

But at present, MagSafe obviously has a long way to go. If it can solve some of the problems mentioned above, it is very convenient to use. I hope apple can find ways to improve it...



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