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How to match the hardware of RTX 3080 double eleven installation machine

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In September 2020, NVIDIA released RTX 30 series graphics card. Relying on the powerful NVIDIA ampere architecture, the second generation geforce RTX GPU has achieved a new performance leap. Among the three first-line products, RTX 3080, which is positioned as the quasi flagship, has the performance of up to twice the RTX 2080, making the previous generation's flagship Ka Huang RTX 2080ti, which has a price of more than 10000 yuan, has become the measurement unit for the running time of video cards. Ready to make complaints about the RTX 20 game player that has been priced too high by the Tucao, and the RTX 30 series pricing is totally reduced. RTX 3080 has come to 5499 yuan, which makes many hardware players eager to move.


After all, the price of 5499 yuan is only half of the price of 2080ti, but it has achieved performance compaction. At present, it happens to be close to the double 11. Not only is it on sale in stock, but also there are many preferential activities. Can 3080 not be fragrant? As long as grab is to earn! But before pressing the pay now button, there are some things you must know in advance. Otherwise, the graphics card will probably bring you some trouble when you install it.


RTX 3080 is heavy and thick, what to do?

Because the performance improvement of RTX 3080 is very large, it is inevitable that the GPU core will emit huge heat when it runs continuously at high frequency. In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation, major manufacturers have equipped the RTX 3080 with large and heavy three fan radiator and all metal backplane, which makes many RTX 3080 graphics cards occupy up to three card slots, and their weight is more than twice that of the previous generation. If the high-end PC card is installed in the high-end card slot, it will be afraid to install the extra pen card in the video card slot. If your chassis can be equipped with vertical package, the price of vertical package is often very expensive, and the cost of a package is even equal to that of a chassis, which is really heartbreaking.


If you don't want to spend extra money on additional chassis accessories, there is a good solution, that is to directly purchase the atx3.0 architecture and support the vertical installation of graphics cards. For example, this chassis from Xingu Kaiyuan G5 can provide a more friendly installation environment for RTX 3080 graphics cards. How does this ATX 3.0 chassis work?


The English full name of the ATX is AT Extended, mainly represents the compatibility of the ATX board and the chassis to the motherboard, while the ATX3.0 architecture chassis is the third generation improved version of the ATX architecture chassis. Different from the previous 2.0 standard, ATX3.0 provide vertical installation, horizontal air duct. Hsin - Gu Kaiyuan G5 kept


The front three fans provide a large amount of air, blowing directly at the graphics card, so that the hot card can obtain more efficient heat dissipation efficiency.

At the same time, the vertical installation of the display card also eliminates the gravity effect of the graphics card on the card slot of the main board, and avoids the PCB fracture caused by the deformation of both the display card PCB and the card slot. In addition, Xingu Kaiyuan G5 provides a total of 7 PCIe card slots, which can support the installation of 320mm graphics cards. At present, most of the RTX 3080 graphics cards with thickened and lengthened three slots on the market can be well compatible.

RTX 3080 has high power consumption, what to do?


The performance of this generation of RTX 3080 is improved by using GA-102 core and high-speed gddr6x memory particles, but the power consumption is still high. The TDP of the public RTX 3080 video card alone reaches 320W, and some non-public RTX 3080 even go up to 360W directly. Generally speaking, Core i7, core i9 and even higher-level flagship platforms are often used when building high-performance hosts based on RTX 3080. If the CPU power consumption is included, the whole configuration needs at least 750W power supply to drive.


It should be noted that the nominal power of the power supply is not unique. Its conversion efficiency, internal materials, after-sales service and so on are also factors we must consider. Some substandard power supply can easily cause the computer to shut down automatically under high load, which will seriously damage the hardware, which is very distressing. Therefore, in terms of power supply, I recommend Kunlun kl750g, which is also from Xingu.

As a high-end positioning power supply under Xingu, Kunlun kl750g has passed the gold medal certification of 80 plus, and its conversion efficiency is as high as 91.58% under half a load, which is comparable to that of platinum. Internal high-voltage, low-voltage, module output PCB board adopts all Japanese capacitor, MOS tube adopts German Infineon, stable quality and durable. Its 10-year warranty also reflects the excellent quality of this power supply.


According to the actual test results, the 744w output current of Xingu Kunlun kl750g power supply accounts for 99.2% of the rated power, that is, the single 12V output power reaches 744w. When faced with the combination of RTX 3080 graphics card and high-end Core i7 and i9 processors, it can easily cope with, and leave a part of margin for users to perform overclocking and other operations to obtain additional performance.


At the same time, Xingu Kunlun kl750g also uses 14cm hydraulic bearing cooling fan to support intelligent start-up and stop technology. When installing the machine, just turn on the i-stop switch on the power supply, and the power supply will run half load at low load to achieve zero noise, quiet and comfortable.


When building a high-performance game platform based on RTX 3080 graphics card, we must pay attention to whether the specifications of the chassis and the actual output power of the power supply can meet the requirements of the whole configuration. This can effectively avoid the installation and subsequent running problems. Finally, I would like to wish you all success in installing the machine at a satisfactory price on the double 11.


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