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Sony ps5 first domestic starter: dualsense handle can't go back

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Thanks for Sony's invitation, we had the honor to attend the ps5 experience meeting at Sony office in Beijing.

This event, we first started to contact the PS5 real machine, and under the guidance of the staff to try to play the "robot universe: game space" and "the big adventure of burlap" two games Demo !2

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About ps5 host

I have to admit, PS5 look far past

During the activity, in order to keep the ps5 for display always bright and bright, the staff always wear gloves to operate the machine, and will wipe it with paper towel from time to time. If you want the ps5 you bought home to keep its luster all the time, you may also have to form a good habit of cleaning up frequently.


Although I had psychological preparation before I saw the real machine, its huge size and heavy weight still exceeded my imagination. This is relatively small game space, or hope to often take the game machine out of the player, there must be some inconvenience.

Of course, weight and size problems do not bother most players


About the handle

PS5 DualSense handle is the most impressive part of this experience. Both its weight and grip are very similar to PS4 handle

However, keeping this familiarity doesn't mean it's unchanging. The ps5 handle has been significantly improved in terms of vibration, button feedback, and microphone.


Because the ps5 handle is placed in the left and right sides of the handle, a large and a small motor are placed respectively. The game can simulate a more delicate vibration feel by adjusting the vibration frequency of the four motors. Compared with previous generations of handles, dualsense can not only feedback different vibration intensity, but also let your hands feel the direction of vibration.

With more advanced gyroscopes, you can even feel the vibrations inside the handle when shaking it


Adaptive trigger is another big surprise. This time, the ps5 handle adds rebound feedback to the trigger key. The harder the finger presses, the stronger the trigger rebounds.

This makes the trigger feel very crisp, and for shooting games, it can more skillfully simulate the feedback of guns or bows. Of course, a more realistic feel will certainly bring some negative feelings


Because the ps5 handle has a built-in microphone, you don't need to plug in a voice headset when you chat with your peers in the game voice. If ps5 game can make full use of the microphone function of the handle, it may also develop some interesting features from the sound level.


Add an extra mute key below the Home key to disable or enable the speaker, microphone, and vibration function of the handle

I think the application scene of this function is very attractive. For example, when you wake up your roommate or wife by playing games on a big night you're about to get scolded


About trial games

Sony has provided two demos for its first party game, namely "cosmic robot: game space" and "Burberry adventure".

Among them ," Robot of the Universe: Game Space "is a pre-installed game for all PS5


Many features of the ps5 handle mentioned above are also well reflected in this display game.

For example, walking on different materials of the ground, the handle vibration feedback will also be targeted subtle adjustment; whether it is bow archery, or machine gun shooting, the trigger springback is quite straightforward; in sailing, You even need to blow into the handle microphone


But "the sackcloth son big adventure" is a more pure game display. As a family game that supports up to four people playing on the same screen, it is probably the most suitable game for both young and old in ps5. However, compared with "cosmic robot: game space", this game does not reflect too many ps5 features.



This is our first impression of ps5 in this activity. Due to the limited experience time, entertainment content and allowed coverage, we are unable to disclose more information for the time being. For more details, please look forward to our full experience of ps5 later.



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