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QQ monthly live users fall to half of wechat, why do people not use QQ

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Where there are people, communication is needed, so instant messaging software is available. From the previous QQ to today's wechat, products of different times naturally have different characteristics of the times, and also have different fatalistic reincarnation. According to Tencent's third quarter financial report, the monthly number of wechat active accounts reached 1212.8 billion, but QQ fell to half of the wechat level. Why do people not use QQ?


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QQ monthly live users fall to half of wechat

Specifically, the number of active accounts of wechat and wechat reached 1218.8 billion, a year-on-year increase of 5.4%. We should know that for an app that was officially launched as early as 2011 and has been in operation for nearly 10 years and can be said to be used by almost everyone, it can still maintain a growth rate of more than 5%. We have to say that the endogenous force of the Chinese market is strong enough.

In contrast to the vigorous development of wechat, QQ has long been the yellow flower of yesterday. According to Tencent's financial report, the number of active accounts of QQ smart terminals was 617.4 million, a decrease of 5.5% year-on-year, reaching a record low this year. Wechat increased by 5% year on year and QQ decreased by 5% year on yearAnd there's only one truth, maybe QQ users are becoming WeChat users

In fact, there is a certain basis for this, because people generally recognize that children prefer to use QQ. Although there is no obvious data to support such a view, it seems that it is. Wechat increased by 5% year-on-year, and QQ decreased by 5% year-on-year, which seems to tell us that young people have to use wechat when they leave school and enter society.

So for you, why don't you use WeChat QQ,?

What was your QQ avatar?

I think about the difference between them as communication softwareThe fundamental difference between QQ and wechat is whether they are online in real time。 QQ is a product of PC Internet. You don't know whether the person you need to communicate with is in front of the computer or is using QQ, unless his QQ avatar is lit up, which means he is online at this moment.

So people still habitually ask, "are you there?" Maybe it's the habit left from the QQ era, because later QQ launched the stealth function, so that users can pretend to be offline. So did you see that in QQ, the social software, whether it is online or offline is an extremely critical link, and this difference is the biggest difference with wechat.

Official redrawing of classic avatars in qq20 anniversary

So with wechat, real-time communication on forever online will become very efficient, but it will also make people have nowhere to hide. Maybe you will find an excuse to silence and run out of electricity, but people will @ you, and even choose to "pat" you. Unless you remove the other person completely black, or your other person's head is always floating a number to remind you all the time.

Perhaps for modern people, QQ brings us memories, while wechat brings us escape. Once a group of people a chat is a day's QQ group, used to play not greasy QQ farm, once reluctant to eat breakfast also to fill the drill, once let a lot of people enjoy the different QQ dress up, and the QQ space that has been covered with dust

These are the youth that a generation can never return to. At this moment, wechat rings, and I have to face the reality that I can't escape. Looking at the students who have been dust laden for many years, it seems to me that QQ is just for chatting, while wechat is for life. So you in front of the screen, and why not use QQ, can you tell your story?

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