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The iPhone 12 Pro Max has the exclusive advantage. How strong is this moving sensor?

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The interpretation of imaging capabilities is the most impressive page in this year's iPhone 12 series launch.

We've seen lidar sensors on the iPad Pro before, so lidar technology doesn't make users more curious.

Most of our eyes are bigger than the one on the iPhone 12 Pro max,The amount of light is bette

Apple has introduced the technology of the professional digital SLR camera, that is, the sensor displacement optical image anti shake function. What are the advantages of this technology? What has changed the iPhone?


First of all, there are two common anti shake techniques for SLR cameras,One is the lens anti shake, the other is the body anti shake, which is the new sensor displacement anti shake on the iPhone 12 Pro max.


The anti shake of the body is to offset the vibration caused by hand shaking or machine by the movement of the sensor. For example, if your hand moves downward, the sensor will actively move upward to offset,So as to maintain the stability of the sensor and realize optical anti shake,For better imaging performance, this is the anti shake principle of the new iPhone 12 Pro Max sensor.


Sensor displacement type optical anti shake. Of course, the design of sensor anti shake is the first step. The processor and software algorithm also need to follow up synchronously. The sensor displacement type anti shake needs a lot of calculation in a short time,This is up to 5000 times per second.

But,Because Apple has the industry's exclusive software algorithm, plus the new machine carrying A14 chip, has a strong computing power(it supports shooting and editing 4K 60 frame Dolby view video), so it meets the preconditions of this technology.


The micro-cavity consists of a dual-ball suspension CMOS a magneto-dynamic framework for the entire camera module (lens CMOS sensor) vivo X50 may be asked

In fact, the principle of the two is the same, but the design direction is different. The micro pan tilt structure of vivo connects the lens group and the sensor as a whole,As the camera module moves together, the lens and the CMOS sensor remain intact

Apple, on the other hand, only the image sensor is moving.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max has become the most powerful camera phone in the history of apple. In short, thanks to the sensor displacement optical image anti shake function, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has become the most powerful camera phone in the history of apple.

Furthermore, more than Pro

Apple's largest image sensor to date is 47% larger than the iPhone 12 Pro

This time, iPhone 12Pro Max used a larger image sensor ,47% larger than iPhone 12Pro, and the ability to shoot dark light is obvious.

In addition, with the help of lidar technology, the automatic focusing speed in the dark light environment of the new machine is up to 6 times.



Apple's official sample is worth mentioning that the size of the main camera sensor has increased this time.

ButApple still chooses to keep the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera at 12 megapixelsMany people complain about it

Otherwise, Apple chose to increase the sensor area and keep 12 million pixels constant,In this way, the unit pixel size of the photo will be increased a lot. A larger unit pixel can make the imaging noise control better and ensure the image quality.

Through the iterative analysis of iPhone over the years, it is not difficult to find a rule, which is relatively conservative for the upgrade of iPhone technology.

If you don't take nine out of ten, you won't rashly follow up. New technologies should first ensure user experience and make users feel different.

This is in line with Apple's consistent tonality, this approach has advantages and disadvantages, here we do not describe, strong performance and extremely poor (fast charge) contradiction, I believe everyone has understood.




This time, we just need to believe what our eyes can see.

Write it at the end

The product strategy of this year's iPhone 12 series is different from that of previous years. The difference in image is greater. The iPhone 12 Pro Max not only has a larger sensor.

In addition, a new sensor displacement optical image anti shake function is added to make it the most powerful camera phone in Apple history.

It's not just sensor displacement type anti shake,Apple upgrades intelligent HDR 3 function and deep fusion technology synchronously based on the operation performance of a series of bionic chipsA14 bionic neural network engine can even analyze every pixel in the picture.

this year,The division of the four iPhone 12 series is more detailed, and apple intends to raise the image of maxTo meet the needs of professional video creators.

According to this law, the watershed of imaging technology is only the first step,In the future, the gap between pro and pro Max may continue to expand.

The popularization of industry technology is often led by technology giants. The huge annual shipment of Apple iPhone is enough to drive the rapid maturity of the technology in the upstream industry chain.

As for the extent to which each manufacturer can achieve, let's wait and see.



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