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Online game rolling advantage! Ruilong 75800x / Ruilong 55600x evaluation: now it's AMD's turn to abuse the opponent

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Online game rolling advantage! Ruilong 75800x / Ruilong 55600x evaluation: now it's AMD's turn to abuse the opponent

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I. Introduction :15 years of reincarnation Zen3 eventually become the strongest game processo

AMD's last brilliant product should be Athlon 64FX-57.2005 for gamers Then, Intel was obsessed with hitting the 4 GHz frequency barrier, but

How many more remember this once King (Athlon 64 fx-57)


And in 2006, Intel took out

After that, AMD built


In 2017, amd came back with Zen architecture and sharp dragon processor. With strong performance, enough cores and ultra-high performance price ratio, amd began to put pressure on its rivals bit by bit, and made players buy cheaper and more powerful Intel processors. However, in terms of game performance, the Reebok has always been a little bit worse.

On November 5,2020, a new generation of Zen3 architecture processors IPC lifted by 19% again. According to data from our first review, in online games, Reelon 9 5900X/5900X show the advantage of compaction, in the 3 A of the major works are not inferior to the i9-10900K.

After 15 years, the sharp dragon 9 5900x / 5900x has finally regained the position of the strongest game processor from i9-10900k.

Today, we bring you the evaluation of the 7 5800 X and 5 5600 X of the sharp dragon.


If the light looks from the parameters, The new generation of Ruilong 5000 series processors and Ruilong 3000 do not seem to be much different. For example, Ruilong 7 5800X and Ruilong 7 3800X are all 8 core 16 threads, 7 nm Process ,32 MB Level 3 Cache, 105W TDP, Only the maximum acceleration rose from GHz 4.5 to GHz.4.7

In fact, amd shocked us once again. Compared with zen2, the improvement of zen3 is not as simple as we can see in parameters!

1. CPU frequency

Zen3 processors can easily reach or even exceed the nominal acceleration frequency. Rui Long 9 The acceleration frequency of 5950X is 4.9 GHz, but it is easy to keep 5.05 GHz or higher in actual operation. And the last generation 3950X, although the acceleration frequency is 4.7 GHz, but most of the time can only run GHz.4.5

In addition to the acceleration frequency, the full core frequency of zen3 is also quite amazing. The four sharp dragon 5000 series processors that have been released can reach the full core frequency of 4.6ghz under high load, while the sharp dragon 93900x can only reach 4.1ghz.

2. Level 3 cache

The single CCX of the Zen3 architecture has 8 cores and 32 MB level 3 cache, and the single CCX design allows each core to access all 32 level 3 cache.

In contrast, although a single CCD is a 32m L3 cache with eight cores, it is divided into two CCX. A single CCX has four core 16MB caches. The L3 cache between different CCX cannot be shared, that is, each core can only call 16MB L3 cache at most.

That is to say, each core of zen3 processor can utilize twice the tertiary cache capacity of zen2.

3. memory frequency and latency

Amd has made it clear that zen3 processor can perfectly support 4000MHz memory, and motherboard manufacturers are actively optimizing the new version of BIOS.


On the basis of our first data, the memory delay of the Zen3 processor is 10% lower than that of the Zen2 when the North Bridge frequency remains 1:1.

The best memory frequency of zen2 processor is 3600MHz at the beginning of its release, and it can be stabilized to 3800mhz after BIOS improvement.

The new generation of zen3 processor can reach the optimal frequency of 4000MHz (Beiqiao does not reduce the frequency) when it is released. After the new BIOS is optimized, it can even reach 4133mhz and 4200mhz.

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