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How is iPhone 12 fast charging

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In October 2020, Apple launched the iPhone 12 series, which uses a new vertical frame design and a more powerful processor to greatly improve the performance of the imaging system. In terms of charging, the wired system is upgraded to 20W PD fast charging, and the wireless system is equipped with a new 15W MagSafe magnetic suction wireless fast charging system.


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Recently, chargehead.com has launched a large number of iPhone 12 series test articles. In order to avoid reading difficulties caused by the huge amount of credit, class representatives summarized the concentrated version of the homework, so that everyone can understand how the iPhone 12 fast charging is.

At the launch of iPhone 12, Apple announced that it would contribute to the environmental protection of the earth. All iPhones will no longer deliver chargers, halve the volume of the outer packing box, halve the transportation and storage costs, save the cost of chargers, and earn a good reputation. It is estimated that only apple can do this. All iPhone cables, regardless of high or low versions, are usb-c to lightning and must be used with a PD charger. For users who have upgraded their old models, if they only have a usb-a charger at home, you can't even charge the battery. If you don't send a charger, you can make users consciously pay for the charger. Only apple dares to do this.

Regardless of this, let's talk about the quick charging of iPhone 12. The representatives of the small-scale avatar class have sorted out the current useful information, and you will get 99 points after reading the exam.

1、 Composition of iPhone 12 wired fast charging system

1. Interface

In 2012, Apple launched the lightning interface and took the lead in using it on the iPhone 5. The integration of front and back blind charging data makes the lightning interface lead the industry. However, today, no matter the data transmission standard or the upper limit of power carrying capacity, lightning interface has been surpassed by usb-c interface in all aspects. Usb-c has become the best configuration of most digital products. However, apple does not intend to replace the iPhone interface. The iPhone 12 series still uses lightning interface, enjoying the huge profits brought by private ecosystem and patents.

2. Cable

The standard cable of the whole series of iPhone 12 is upgraded from usb-a to lightning to usb-c to lighting, which is commonly known as apple fast charging cable. It supports fast charging of PD, and the maximum power can reach 20W. The cable sheath material is TPE, 1 meter long, and the serial number is printed on the cable body. The contact of lightning terminal head is silver, the electroplating process is upgraded from gold plating to rhodium ruthenium (L ǎ O Li ǎ o), and the visual effect of gold finger is silver. The direct benefit is better electroplating effect, more effective prevention of sweat, liquid and other corrosion contact gold finger, more durable.

The other end of the data cable is a usb-c connector. Use a macro lens to photograph the inside of the usb-c connector. There are 7 pins in each and 14 pins in total. The data rate is USB2.0 transmission standard.

The charging head of the whole iPhone 12 is cancelled, and the usb-c to lightning fast charging cable is used for the data cable, which is no longer compatible with the previous usb-a charger. Users need to use the charger with usb-c physical interface to charge normally.

3. Charger

The iPhone 12 series supports PD fast charging, and the attached charging cable is also usb-c to lightning fast charging cable. It should be noted that if a friend uses the former usb-a charging head (such as the right side), it cannot be used with the attached charging cable to charge the new iPhone. In the figure, the PD fast charging head based on usb-c output on the left side of the figure can be used, and it needs to support USB PD fast charging standard to trigger PD fast charging.

Here comes the class representative. I can understand how to charge the iPhone 12 quickly2、 How fast is the iPhone 12 fast charging?

Compared with the previous generations, the power of the iPhone 12 fast charging system has increased from 18W to 20W. The original apple 18W charger is used to charge the iPhone 12 pro with the power of 9.07v 1.91a 17.38w. It can be seen that the iPhone 12 can be downward compatible with 18W fast charging.

fromiPadPro stole the best matching Apple 20W charger, charging the iPhone 12 pro with a power of 8.91v 2.18a 19.51w, successfully shaking hands, 20W PD quickly charging to full speed.

In order to test the maximum power of the iPhone 12, we use Apple 30W charger to charge the iPhone 12 pro with the power of 8.90v 2.49a 22.19w. It can be found that the peak power of the iPhone 12 Pro can exceed 20W. What is the difference between the charging speed of different powers? In order to make a more intuitive comparison, Xiaobian tested Apple 5W usb-a charger, apple 12W usb-a charger, apple 18W usb-c charger, apple 20W usb-c charger and 65W usb-c charger. The data were drawn into the power percentage speed chart.

According to the trend of the bar chart, the 5W charger charges 18% in half an hour, 36% in one hour, and takes 3 hours and 25 minutes to fully charge. The 12W charger charges 44% in half an hour and 61% in one hour. It takes 2 hours and 13 minutes to fully charge the charger. Although compared with 5W, it is still very slow.

Then there is the data of fast charging group. The charging curves of 18W, 20W and 65W PD are almost the same or even overlapped. In terms of speed, the charging rate is about 60% in half an hour, 88% in one hour, and it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to fully charge. In terms of the industry level, Xiaobian admits that it has not reached the point of "speeding", but charging 60% in half an hour is still OK. If you plug in and do other things, you can recover most of the power after half an hour.

3、 What products can charge the iPhone 12

1. Charger

According to Apple's official website, the iPhone 12 series can use a 20W usb-c power adapter to quickly charge 50% of the battery in 30 minutes. There are also many netizens who send private messages in the background. We hope to test this. In order to solve these problems, the charging head network has carried out a series of iPhone 12 Pro charger compatibility evaluation, power from 18W to 100W, including almost all PD power stages in the market, interface from single port to multi port, brand also covers famous brands at home and abroad, the purpose is to facilitate you to choose adapter more leisurely.

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2. Mobile power supply

For the first time, the iPhone 12 series supports 5g high-speed communication, but it is followed by rapid power consumption. In terms of batteries, the battery capacity of the three models are respectively iphone12mini 2227mah, iphone12 / Pro 2815mah, and iphone12pro Max 3687mah. In the face of 5g high power consumption, the battery life of the three models is not enough. So it is an inevitable decision to take mobile power when you go out for a whole day.

The charging head network has tested that the power is between 18W and 100W, and almost all the popular models of power banks. The power banks supporting PD fast charging output above 18W can provide sufficient power demand for the iPhone 12. In terms of capacity, 10000 MAH power bank can be used for one day's outbound demand. It is recommended to use 20000 MAH or more mobile power supply at multiple PD output ports for multiple equipment or long-distance travel. If there is boarding demand, passengers with capacity less than 27800mah (100wh) can board the plane directly. If it is less than 100wh-160wh, go to the counter and fill in the form before boarding.

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3. Car charger

For drivers, the iPhone 12 is no longer as simple as a phone in the car. It is still a navigation device, or even a Carplay terminal, which requires a long time of high load operation. Therefore, the iPhone 12 also has the demand of fast charging in the car. At present, there are many kinds of car chargers that support iPhone 12 20W PD fast charging. Small partners can go to the charging head network to check the relevant evaluation.

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4. Outdoor power supply

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5. Patch panel

As a product with relatively slow iteration, the patch panel has come slowly in the transition of fast charging of PD. In 2020, some manufacturers have followed up the development of PD patch panel. Users do not need to insert PD charger into the plug-in board, which greatly reduces the use space of the plug-in board, and directly obtains the rapid charging of PD through the plug-in board. The iPhone 12 supports the USB PD fast charging standard, and the plug-in board that supports the fast charging of PD above 18W can also charge 50% of the power for the iPhone 12 within 30 minutes, so as to quickly recover the battery life.

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6. Type 86 PD socket

In 2020, usb-c charger has been fully popularized, iPhone 12 also supports USB PD fast charging, fast charging has entered people's daily life quietly. In addition to the usb-c charger, the plug-in boards equipped with usb-c have also begun to be sold in succession. As the source of power supply, the wall plug-in panel for home decoration has finally begun to be usb-c. PD fast charging panel is suitable for all occasions such as personal home, business place, company and so on. Especially for commercial places, PD fast charging panel can directly provide fast charging for consumers without borrowing / returning the charger, and it will not be lost. The use of home decoration can also improve the quality of home decoration atmosphere.

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Summary of charging head network

The iPhone 12 supports fast charging of 20W PD, with a maximum peak value of 22W. 60% of the power can be charged in 30 minutes, and the charging speed of 18W, 22W and 30W has no significant difference, and the battery life can be quickly restored in half an hour. Based on the universal USB PD fast charging standard, it is compatible with most PD output products on the market.

Well, I believe that after reading this lesson, I believe that all of you have a certain understanding of the fast charging of the iPhone 12 series. If you have any test you would like to see, please leave a message.

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