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PC will change! Is apple M1 killing arm the future?

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The only difference is that everything is different.

The slogan comes from apple, which used to promote the iPhone 6S.

Now, it can also describe Apple's three latest Mac devices ,13 inches MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini, respectively

Compared with the previous works, they have little change in appearance.


The three new Mac, however, have revolutionized by the M1 chip

Bottom line: Apple M1 doesn't talk about Wude.

M1 single core runs better than all Intel Macs, and multi-core is also excellent

Let's start with a basic conclusion:

In all MAC devices, M1 chip is absolutely crushed by single core, and multi-core performance is not as good as Intel.

Looking at the latest run points given by the Geekbench, of all the Mac devices, the three carrying M1 have taken the top three of the single-core rankings, but the multi-core run points are still Mac Pro (Late2019, with Intel Xeon series) in the top.



From this, we can also understand why M1 doesn't appear on Mac Pro and other models.

It is worth mentioning that Matthew panzarino, the author of techcrunch, compiled the open source code of safari browser engine WebKit on several Macs. The results show that the M1 based model completes the task faster than the Intel based model.

Specifically,M1 MacBook Pro compilation took 20 minutes and 43 seconds, while the Intel -based 13 inches MacBook Pro 46 minutes and 10 seconds

The contrast is staggering.

Look at apple M1 chip and AMD

The Mac Mini, run with M1 chip is 1522, second only to AMD Ryzen 5950X and Intel Core 1165G7(28W) in the single-threaded test, and the gap with them is not big.


The Mac Mini run with M1 chip was divided into 7833 in CineBench multithread test, ranking third, second only to AMD Ryzen 4900HS (35W) and AMD Ryzen 4800U (15W).

What is worth mentioning is that the fourth place is the performance of the M1 chip in (Rosetta2) compatible mode, with 5257 points.


On the whole, on the performance level, the M1 chip realizes the advantages of Intel and AMD compaction in the single-core performance, and the multi-core level is also outstanding

To some extent,M1 chip fundamentally refreshes people's understanding of ARM chip, which can be Intel in computer performance

Smooth running, can support Intel applications, life invincible

Previously, apple made a lot of hype about M1 at the press conference, which was basically advertising.

This time, we don't look at the ads, we just look at the curative effect. With the actual evaluation of three new Mac products and M1 by the verge and other media, we can see the actual performance of this M1 chip with 5nm process technology.

first,On the basis of the latest release of the macOS Big Sur system, the M1 version MacBook Air/Pro whether it is boot, or open Safari browser, office three-piece set (Keynote、Pages、Numbers), is a bit open, very smooth.

According to the verge's evaluation of the new MacBook Air, it never gets stuck when it opens multiple applications at the same time, and even runs Adobe Premiere.

Some netizens use M1 macbook pro and IMAC Pro equipped with i7 processor to edit video, and found that the former is faster than the latter.

Moreover, in terms of the frame rate at which dota2 runs, M1 is 110 FPS, while Intel i7 iris plus is only 23 FPS.


It should be noted that due to the compatibility of applications, MacOS Big Sur has built-in Rosetta 2 tool to realize compatibility with previous Intel based applications. This will also cause some loss to the running speed of the application.

What's worth mentioning is that users also need to download Rosetta 2. when opening Intel applications


The new MacBook Air tests video export via Adobe Premiere software, resulting in a MacBook Air victory over laptops with integrated graphics cards

What really matters, though, is that the Adobe Premiere isn't Adobe specifically designed for M1 chips, but runs through apple's Rosetta 2, which in theory will have a certain impact on its performance in the M1

In response, the verge said:

Now if you have MacBook Air,, I believe this new MacBook will do better in all aspects. I think it beats running Windows Intel-based superbooks, including the latest chips.

So, in addition to the actual operation effect, M1 version of the Mac performance?

Apple claims the new model has 50% more life span than MacBook Air previous generation under the same battery size

MacBook Pro,The Verge measurements show that after 10 hours of easy life, MacBook Pro still need eight hours to run out of the battery (using the Chrome to turn on videos)

As you can see, the endurance of the new MacBook Pro is indeed against the weather.

Office / PS / Chrome all support M1 natively, and IOS app can run

For M1 Mac, the biggest problem is software ecology.

In fact, when MacOS Big Sur was officially released, Apple had already adapted a lot of applications for M1 chip, mainly Apple's own software (Final Cut Pro x, office three piece set, Safari), etc., which had been deeply adapted, and its running performance was also good.

Second, as noted above, apple has built a Rosetta 2, in its macOS Big Sur to translate (Translation) Intel processor instructions for applications previously developed by developers specifically for chip-based applications, allowing the latter to function properly on the M1


Nevertheless, M1 still performs well.

The operating system that runs on Qualcomm processing, according to The Verge, is slower, more Bug, and more complex

Of course, more importantly,Under the strong appeal of apple, many large software companies have already launched applications specially developed for M1 chip.

On November 17th, for example, Adobe launched the latest Photoshop Beta version, which was created specifically for Mac ARM .(Agencies


Google also released the latest Chrome 87 browser, which includes an optimized version for Apple Silicon, running natively on apple's new Mac based on Arm processors.

Of course, Microsoft launched its Office 2019 generic version of the Apple Silicon as early as November 12

At present, many large developers are developing MAC applications supporting M1 chip, and there will be more and more native applications supporting M1 in the future.

At present, on the Internet, there is a theme that is


In addition, netizens are concerned about whether IOS and ipados apps can run on Mac?

The answer is: part can. The common iOS App and iPadOS App that can run on the Mac are: QQ flying car, JingDong extreme speed version HD、 Alipay, Bilibili、Telegram、 hungry

Overall, the experience of iOS and iPadOS app running on M1 chips is not good, but you can order a takeout with iOS version of hunger on the Mac.


M1 chip, undoubtedly opened the future of Apple Mac.

Stronger performance, longer endurance, greater application ecology

To imagine, M1 is only a starting point, the future Mac( and the chips it carries) will only be more powerful.


Of course, M1 is significant for PC entire industry

But with M1, apple broke this rigid situation.

You can see that the introduction of M1 version of the Mac, to some extent, also predicted another technical trend

At that time, the year-long toothpaste Intel, is probably the mouse tail juice.


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