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Amd zen3 is so delicious! 300 series old motherboard compatibility limit cracked

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AMD recently released the Ruilong 5000 series processor, with the support of the Zen3 architecture and 7 nm process, the performance efficiency has been amazing, DIY players have shouted

However, there is a problem. According to the official news released by AMD, the new generation zen3 processor is only compatible with 400 and 500 Series motherboards, and the old 300 series motherboards such as B350 and x370 are not officially compatible.


The Zen 3 processor is officially not compatible with 300 series motherboards

This message, let some old users feel disappointed, after all, from Zen to Zen3, from 300 to 500 series motherboard, in fact AMD did not replace the AM4 physical interface of the motherboard.

Since the socket has not changed, many friends expect that the 300 series motherboard can be compatible with the zen3 processor. Now amd does not provide support for compatible zen3 on 300 series motherboards. This is mainly a BIOS level problem. Is there any other way to achieve compatibility? Will the third-party manufacturer provide the corresponding compatible BIOS? Let's talk about it today.

Does the 300 system motherboard really not compatible with Zen3 processors?

The physical slot of the 300-series motherboard is compatible with the Zen3 processor, as mentioned earlier, but BIOS limitations hinder compatibility. This was initially a guess, and recently players have confirmed this.

Under the name of a ID in the Overclock forum

The brko player also said that it was totally wrong to say that the old motherboard was out of date. In a few days, he would release more powerful evidence such as CPU-Z screenshot authentication.


Overclock forum player revelations, you can modify BIOS to achieve compatibility (see the original post)

In addition, domestic forums

You know, AMD officials even claim that A320 motherboard is not compatible with Zen2 processors, but now it can be compatible with Zen3 by updating and modifying.



The screen shot released on the chipell forum shows that the A320 successfully lights up zen3

Visible, from the technical point of view ,300-series motherboard through modification BIOS compatible Zen3 processor, is feasible.

How can a 300-series motherboard be compatible with Zen3?

In short, the key to the compatibility of the old motherboard of the 300 series with zen3 is the BIOS. At present, the compatible instances leaked out on the Internet are not publicly released or implemented by the BIOS modified by players themselves.

The 300-series motherboard in your hands can not be compatible with Zen3 through AMD update AGESA, but will the motherboard manufacturer provide the corresponding BIOS update? In my opinion, this depends on the following points.

Generally, 300 series motherboards are only equipped with ROM with 16m capacity. If BIOS adds support for zen3 processor, Rom capacity will be limited, and some old processor support may have to be abandoned.

This was the case when zen2 was released. In this way, the new zen3 support means that the experience of users using the old processor will be affected. Although users can choose not to upgrade, is it necessary for manufacturers to take this risk? It is questionable.


At the same time, when the new BIOS of a b450 motherboard supports zen2, it has to give up the compatibility of some old CPU because of its capacity

Compared with the latest 500 Series motherboards, the power supply design of 300 series motherboards is generally weak. If the motherboard manufacturers evaluate that the 300 series motherboards can not support the energy consumption of zen3, or the stability is questionable, it may not be necessary to take the risk to develop a new compatible BIOS.

DIY players generally have a strong sense of rights, so the main board manufacturers between the competition is also very fierce. When a motherboard factory launches compatible Zen3 BIOS, other motherboard manufacturers will have to follow up in order to maintain a reputation among DIY players.

Of course, the most important thing is the official attitude of AMD. Once the motherboard manufacturer also introduced BIOS to support PCIe 4.0 on the old 300 / 400 series motherboards, but under the pressure of AMD, this support had to be cancelled.

Will AMD turn a blind eye to the BIOS? of the 300-series board compatible Zen3 from the main board manufacturer Or will you guard against it? We'll see.


Generally speaking, the 300 series motherboard compatible Zen3 processor, is possible; but can finally achieve compatibility through a more official way, but also have to consider a lot of factors, I hope the 300 series motherboard can continue to shine and heat it!



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