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Many provinces and cities in China began to use the new crown vaccine, and the cost has been determined

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As for the price of the new coronal vaccine, Professor Liang Zongan, director of respiratory and Critical Medicine Department of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, revealed that:The novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine in Sichuan is in line with the price of Zhejiang, and the price is 200 yuan / branch.Under the guidance of Sichuan health and Health Commission, the column of "one week's medical lectures on safety" is produced by West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Sichuan Center for Disease Control and prevention, and Sichuan health education center. It provides medical science popularization and rumor refutation services for the public in a young and personalized way. In the 21st issue of today's program,Professor Liang Zongan, director of respiratory and critical care medicine, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, will talk about the new coronal vaccine.


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When can Sichuan get new coronal vaccine?

Liang Zongan: people have been vaccinated in November

On July 22 this year, under the premise of legal compliance, scientific safety, informed consent and voluntary vaccination, China officially launched the emergency use of the new crown vaccine to vaccinate people with high exposure risk. A few days ago, Jiaxing, Yiwu and other places in Zhejiang Province have opened emergency vaccination appointment for new crown vaccine.

Liang Zongan pointed out that by the end of this year, China's annual production capacity of the new crown vaccine is expected to reach 610 million doses. "With the increase of the production of new coronal vaccine, there will be more regions in the country who will carry out the appointment and vaccination of the new crown vaccine."

Liang Zongan revealed that,On October 20, the Department of respiratory and critical care medicine of West China Hospital of Sichuan University received the vaccination notice of the new crown vaccine, and the medical staff voluntarily signed up for vaccinationHe completed the novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine in the afternoon of November 11th.

At the same time,Sichuan Province has started the procurement of new crown vaccine, and it is expected that more people will be vaccinated urgently.

A video capture of Professor Liang Zongan's video

How much is the novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine priced in Sichuan?

Liang Zongan: 200 yuan / piece

According to the network platform of vaccination appointment registration opened to the public in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province,Vaccination is divided into two doses, the price is 200 yuan / bottle (bottle), and the vaccination service fee is 28 yuan per dose.

For the price of the new crown vaccine, Liang Zongan believes that the vaccine is a public health product, and the pricing must not be based on the supply and demand, but on the cost price. "It can't be said that the price of vaccine is high if there is less, and the price will be lower if there are more vaccines. The pricing of new crown vaccine should be based on the actual production cost price."

Liang Zongan revealed: "as far as I know,The novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine in Sichuan is in line with the price of Zhejiang."

How long can the new crown vaccine be administered?

Liang Zongan: expect one to three years

Liang Zongan said that novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine is still not available according to the current reports. "But from the available data, the duration of the new crown vaccine will last longer." He explained that since novel coronavirus pneumonia has occurred, many scientists have done research, and most scientists believe thatThe immune time of new crown vaccine is longerIn addition, from the existing vaccine research, it is found that the antibody titer of some people after using the vaccine is continuous, rather than declining with the passage of time.

"We expect the new crown vaccine to be effective for one to three years.”Liang said that only in this way can the new coronavirus be disconnected from the human transmission chain. Therefore, we hope that the new coronavirus vaccine can continue to play a role.

Is there any adverse reaction of new crown vaccine?

Liang Zongan: you can rest assured

It is reported that at present, 13 new coronal vaccines have entered clinical trials, and 4 of them have entered phase III clinical trials. So far,A total of about 60000 subjects were accepted, and no serious adverse reactions were reported. There were some general adverse reactions, which were within the normal range after vaccination.

Liang said that any vaccine may produce adverse reactions, but these adverse reactions are limited and generally divided into the following two types:

Second, local reaction occurred at the inoculation site.Because the special substances in the vaccine, such as protein, may cause adverse reactions such as pain, swelling, and even low fever in the vaccination site, but these are within the safe range.

"The probability of allergy after vaccination is very, very lowBut if it happens, we must go to the hospital in time. In addition, the local reaction of the vaccination site, most of them have nothing to do with it. It will be fine in a day or two. " Liang said that from this perspective, the public can rest assured about the vaccination of the new crown vaccine.

"If I had a chance to get a new crown vaccine, I would definitely go!" Why is there such a foundation for vaccination? Liang Zongan explained that "the production process of vaccines is very safe and complete. People who understand vaccines will not fail to vaccinate. On the contrary, they are afraid of vaccination, and they are afraid of adverse reactions or ineffectiveness. That may be because they don't know much about vaccines."

Video screenshot of "one week doctor talks about an you"

Who can use the new coronal vaccine urgently in Sichuan?

Liang Zongan: high risk people should be given priority

At present, the third phase clinical trial of the new crown vaccine is still in progress, and the second phase clinical trial has shown that the vaccine is basically safe.According to relevant laws and regulations, the emergency use of new coronavirus vaccine is limited to the specific population with high exposure risk and unable to use effective protective measures.

At present, the emergency vaccination of new crown vaccine is carried out,"Only high-risk people are recommended," says Liang, adding that the general population does not have to be vaccinated.

High risk population mainly refers to the front-line medical and epidemic prevention personnel, such asNovel coronavirus pneumonia is treated in designated hospitals, medical staff in fever clinics, staff at border and port areas, and staff members in high-risk areas or countries for work reasons and staff who ensure basic operation of the city.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine is the most high-risk group, and the priority of the new crown vaccine is mainly for high-risk groups.

Can you get a new coronal vaccine with influenza vaccine?

Liang Zongan: of course

Liang said he gets the flu vaccine every year and completed it on October 20 this year. "Autumn and winter are the season of high incidence of influenza. This year, novel coronavirus pneumonia is coming to the flu, and many people will be vaccinated against influenza.

Can I get a new flu vaccine? Liang Zongan gave a very positive reply, "of course! There is no contradiction between the two vaccines, because they work in different ways, and they can be vaccinated at the same time

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