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IPhone 12 screen green! Will the large screen OLED be green? Understand in a minute

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Every year, new phones released by brands are a little smalle

But as far as the new phones released this iPhone are concerned, the problem seems to be a bit much. iPhone released four new products this year, huge

Similarly, 1% of users failed because of the large base,The response of the new iPhone is much bigger than that of ordinary brands, and every item is hot search.


This isn't because earlie

The author is in the micro blogSearch

Many bloggers have found


A lot of people who buy iPhone12 also complain about their products on social platforms, and many consumers expect

Of course, there are also netizens to mobile phone green screen problem turned into a detective

At present, on the iPhone12 screen green problem, Apple responded: may be a system problem, is under investigation!

Why did Apple sayThe software solution to the green screen of mobile phone products may be to reduce the green output for such models in the display driver color configuration table.

For some brightness values to reduce the green output, by the way to reduce the gamma value, this is the simplest and most economical way to kill through the software level

It can not fundamentally solve the problem of insufficient gamut of green screen and the problem of visual fatigue of viewing panel.

In the minds of netizens, Apple's after-sales service is the best among all mobile phone manufacturers. I don't know what Apple will do this time.

Consumers buy products more to experience its new features. iPhone phones have always been


First of all, let's take a look at the green screen. Samsung is known to be a major supplier of iPhone screens.

Apple has used Samsung AMOLED screens since the iPhone X.

Due to the large supply of iPhones, Samsung has specially opened a new production line for apple. Although the cost is high, it is monopolized by apple. At least in the screen, the iPhone? X has not exposed the problem of green screen.

What's more, the panel of iPhone x is rich in color, especially in wide gray,Especially on at low brightness


However, due to the exorbitant price of Samsung OLED screen, apple wants to find a competitor for Samsung to reduce the price of Samsung screen by bidding with each other, which is also the normal operation of the mobile phone industry.

This time, Apple released four new mobile phones. Due to the large camp, apple chose two OLED panel manufacturers, Samsung and LG respectively.

Both LG and Samsung are large LCD panels in Korea, but the research direction is very different. Samsung, for example, is good at small size AMOLED panels and makes the technology better in the industry; LG is good at making large sizes and developing POLED screens.

Because of the different arrangement of pixels,The manufacturing process is different, the AMOLED screen has been popularized, but the POLED production.

Samsung's role in small-sized OLED panels has been booming, and LG has also gained some say in the field of large-size OLED panels. Although the excellent fields are different, they have a high reputation in the global panel industry.

Second, from the current point of view, many industry people guess the reason why the iPhone 12 green screen is not Samsung screen, but LG OLED screen.

The author consulted relevant industry insiders and learned that,If OLED panel adopts Japanese luminous material, most mobile phones will not have green screen.

LG are likely to use cheap E series materials to produce OLED panels, and probably e3 materials that cause the screen to flip.


Finally, the LG OLED panel that netizens care about will have a green screen when applied to the TV.

According to the relevant information, the pixel life of OLED panel is different, the blue life is short, the red life is general, and the green is the longest.

Green screen mostly appears on OLED screen, especially curved OLED screen. In the case of optical refraction, the edge of curved screen will appear some color gradient, which is a normal phenomenon.

Like mobile phone products, if there is a large area of green, it is a quality problem. Because of the size of OLED TV, people can not watch so carefully, so there is no user feedback

Earlier,LG's OLED panel business has been in the red for a variety of reasons.

It is difficult for OLED panel to survive, which leads to high cost. However, the cost of LCD panel decreases rapidly after China's panel enterprises join, which limits the popularity of OLED TV.

Through the vigorous promotion of LG, Sony, Skyworth and other brands, today, the high-end technology image of OLED is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and even Xiaomi has begun to lay out OLED TV, so as to enhance the overall brand image of Xiaomi TV and impact the medium and high-end market.

While OLED large-size panel technology is gradually maturing,The price of OLED TV has also been adjusted, and OLED TV shows a rapid growth in the whole market.

Although the large-scale OLED panel technology in LG's view,Many difficulties have been overcome and the technology has become more and more mature. LG has also established 8.5 generation OLED panel line in Guangzhou, China, and officially put into production.

But there's one problem that occasionally


Due to the different decay life of red, green and blue materials, OLED panel is easy to burn.

However, the service life of small size display screen such as mobile phone is generally about 2 years, and the service life of TV is often as long as 8-10 years, so OLED TV may burn screen in the future.

Today, the iPhone 12 panel has a green screen problem. If it is really the LG panel problem, it must be a new blow to it.

In the future, whether it can supply apple with small and medium-sized OLED panels is questionable.

This shows that LG still has a big gap with Samsung in the technology of small and medium-sized OLED panel. In the current fierce competition in the mobile phone market, mobile phone enterprises are more reluctant to bear this risk. In terms of OLED, there are also concerns about the size of TVs.

For instance, besides Samsung and Telstar, there are also companies in China such as Samsung and Telstar.

China's OLED panel enterprises may still have a certain technical gap with Korean brands, but after the domestic OLED panel production line is put into operation, with the continuous maturity of technology, China's OLED panel will also have the strength to compete with Korean enterprises.

In the future, China's mobile phone and television industries have the opportunity to adopt domestic OLED screens. Will domestic OLED panels become the mainstream of the market? In the author's view, there must be, it's just a matter of time.



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