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What kind of iPhone 12 can you buy for 39 yuan?

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As we all know, apple canceled the iPhone 12 series's inbox charger this year in the name of environmental protection, and only one usb-c to lightnig fast charging cable was given to users with the phone.

Not only that, but all the older iPhones on Apple's official website have adopted this strategy.


There is no denying that Apple's strategy does have an immediate effect on controlling the number of idle chargers in the hands of users, and to some extent realizes its long-cherished desire for environmental protection.

But it also means that iPhone buyers will have to use a usb-c charger to power up the phone.


According to the latest statistics,At present, Apple has 14 mobile phones that support USB PD fast charging, of which 7 models on the official website are no longer giving away chargers. Users either use the old charger or place an order to buy it.

However, the price of Apple's official 20W charger is 149 yuan. In fact, many third-party chargers are cheap and durable, which are worth choosing.


iPhone 12 series uses 20 W USB-C power adapters to charge 50% of the power in 30 minutes, according to Apple's website.


The apple 20W charger is used to charge the iPhone 12 Pro max, which is the strongest model of apple. The power is 8.90v 2.17a 19.31w. At this time, it is in the fast charging state of PD, and the power reaches 20W level.


iPhone 12 series of four models use Apple 20 W PD charger full charge curve as above, using Apple 20 charger in half an hour to easily charge about 60% of the electricity, and even with trickle charge, full of mobile phones is about 1 hour 40 minutes, compared to


Many friends are also asking us what are Apple's official 20W chargers that are too expensive, cheap and easy to use? Following the small principle of buying new digital products instead of old ones, we collected 20W PD chargers on the market for you to choose from. Considering that the market competition has become white hot, we set the price of the selection near 39 yuan (the fluctuation is no more than 10 yuan). Let's take a look at the products!

Q & A

1. The iPhone 12 series doesn't come with a charger, does it have a big impact on us?

A: according to the situation, if you can't do without a 20W charger, if you can't use the 20W charger, it's natural to spend more money to buy it; if you don't care, you should still have an old charger at home, which can be used together. If you don't have a 20W charger, you have to buy it again. If you can't do without and don't want to buy a charger, it's recommended to buy a homepod mini, because it will give you a charger. Generally speaking, for consumers, cancelling the charger is a bit awkward, but you have to buy it. However, for the industrial chain, there is a big cake of 20W PD charger, and all the food is happy.

2. Can I charge my other mobile phones with 20W PD fast charging?

A: it's not just mobile phones. As long as your device is compatible with the PD fast charging protocol, it's probably rechargeable. For example, switch and power bank compatible with PD protocol input can be used in theory.

3. Is there a big difference between 20W and 18W PD?

A: according to a series of iPhone 12 compatibility tests we conducted, overall, the gap is there, but relatively small. But for consumers who buy new machines, if you want to buy, naturally buy a new 20 W PD charger.

4. Is the charger purchased for 39 yuan safe?

A: at present, China has set strict standards for the sale of products from all walks of life. If we want to sell offline stores or online shopping malls, we must accept supervision and inspection. Generally speaking, the price of the product is proportional to the quality, but the product has a bottom line, no need to worry about safety.


Reference silicon charger (CCCJGCC W) reference price :$49($39)


Beisi 20W super silicon charger is available in black, white and navy blue, corresponding to the classic black and white color of Apple iPhone 12 and the new navy color.


Charger side also printed

Super silicon is a new type of silicon-based material, which has great advantages in density, thermal conductivity and efficiency conversion. With super silicon black technology, the charger can achieve smaller volume, faster charging, and still be safe and stable under high temperature conditions. Moreover, super silicon has the characteristics of very low driving loss and switching loss, especially at higher frequency of 400kHz, the efficiency is still consistent with that of Gan power devices, and the efficiency is very high, which can meet the requirements of high energy efficiency.


The four selling points of the charger are

Quick charging protocol: Apple2.4A、Samsung 5V/2A、QC2.0、QC3.0、QC4.0、AFC、FCP、DCP protocol, and USB PD3.0 fast charging agreement PDO:5V3A、9V2.22A、12V1.67A、15V1.33A、20V1A five sets of fixed voltage stalls and 3.3-5.9 V 3A and 3.3-11 V 2.2A two PPS stalls. III Wai: mm x 33.58mm 27.57

Editor's comment: in a word, this charger is small and powerful, and is specially made for the iPhone 12 series. Of course, it is fully compatible with the old iPhone fast charging, and even can take care of Android models that support multiple fast charging such as PD.

Joy room

The reference price of 20 W PD charger (HKL-USB66S) is $49(regular activities, such as PLUS member 45.6 yuan)


The appearance of the 20W white charger is simple, and there is no pure logo line on the surface.


Up to 20W PD charging for iPhone 12


Chargers also support Apple's all-around fast charging, and some Android models can also be used.

Quick charging protocol: Apple 2.4A、Samsung 5V/2A、DCP protocol, as well as QC2.0/3.0、AFC、FCP、SCP、MTK PE 2.0 and PD3.0 multiple fast charging protocols. PDO:5V3A、9V2.22A、12V1.67A III: mm 45.2

Editor's comments: the products of Ji Le Tang always show originality, balance practicality and beauty, and are always good. The appearance and performance of this 20W PD charger are up to standard. It's really good.

J. Zao Jingdong jingzao

Reference price of Beijing made 20W PD charger (tc-055): 39 yuan (frequent activities, such as flash purchase price of 34.90 yuan)


Beijing 20 W PD charger is also a mainstream product, classic appearance, feel round, front printed


One of the main selling points of this product is the addition of smart chips, which can effectively cool down the temperature. Friends who have bought can talk about it in the comment area.


Built for the iPhone 12, the ubs-c interface is naturally needless to say.

Quick Charge Agreement: PD3.0PDO:5V3A、9V2.22A、12V1.67A 3 Wai :42.5 mm

Editor's comment: the products made in Beijing are always good. I believe this 20W PD charger will perform well at the same price!

Mcdodo mcdodo

Reference price of maiduo 20W PD charger (ch-831): 49.9 yuan (reservation price)


Maiduoduo 20W PD charger adopts bright shell, which is rounder and more compact, suitable for light users.


The charger is compatible with PD fast charging protocol and supports up to 20 W fast charging, which is suitable for the use of fragment time. Small size also makes it more portable, or long or short journeys are practical.


Madoff nicknamed the charge

Fast charging protocol: pd3.0pdo: 5v3a 9v2.22a 12V 1.67a volume: 50.7cm? Power density: 0.4w/cm? Weight: 35g

Edit comment: intelligent small sugar, small size, high face value, performance, worthy of recommendation.

Mi millet

Xiaomi 20 W PD Charger (AD201) Reference Price :$39


Xiaomi 20 W PD charger modeling classic, simple and elegant. A fixed pin is provided at the input, and the USB-C port is located at the center of the top surface, everything


The charger supports multiple protocols, and the maximum 20W PD fast charging can meet the charging requirements of iPhone 12 series, iPhone 11 series and other mobile phones, with high cost performance. If the Android model is not a private high-power fast charging device, this charger is completely enough.


Many of Xiaomi's products have some appearance

Quick charging Agreement: Samsung 5V/2A、DCP、QC2.0/3.0、AFC、FCP、PD3.0PDO:5V3A 9V2.22A 12V 1.67A three Wai :43.01 mm

Editor's comments: as we all know, mobile phone manufacturers have stronger supply chain capabilities, so not only do mobile phones well, all kinds of accessories play very smoothly. And millet is one of the best, get

ORICO oreco

Reference price of ORICO 20W PD charger (ORICO pd20-1c): 39 yuan (regular activities)


The appearance and volume of W PD 20 are similar to Apple's official 20 W PD charger style, with more ORICO logo. on the side As a whole is also bright surface, USB-C interface in the middle.


The 20W fast charging supports half an hour to charge about 60% of the power for the iPhone 12 series. The old iPhone also supports 18W fast charging.


In addition to the iPhone, the charger also compatible with a variety of Android private protocols, more suitable for dual party.

Quick Charge Agreement: Apple2.4A、QC2.0/3.0、AFC、FCP、PD2.0、PD3.0PDO:5V3A 9V2.22A 12V 1.67A 3:42 mm

Editor's comment: oreco 20W is the most similar product in appearance and apple 20W introduced in this article, and its texture is also very similar. Moreover, with some private agreements, it should be good to use.

PISEN Pinsheng

PISEN product win 20 W PD charger (TS-C135) reference price :39 yuan (often do activities, such as flash purchase price of 35 yuan)


PISEN20W PD charger value is not low, the appearance is long style, belong to the family style, bright surface material is more attractive. Front print


The charger is mainly white, which is versatile. Besides being compatible with the full range of iPhones, it is also very friendly to some Android devices.


Because of the small size, it is also very convenient to carry out.

Quick charging Agreement: Samsung 5V/2A、DCP、QC2.0/3.0、AFC、FCP、PD3.0PDO:5V3A 9V2.22A 12V 1.5A 3:64 mm

Editor's Note: In the digital circle, Pin Sheng is also


Reference price of remax20w PD charger (rp-u68): 49 yuan (a 10 billion yuan subsidy price of a self operated flagship store in an online shopping mall dropped by 30, as long as 39, buy one get one get one free data line)


REMAX is a brand of Hong Kong Ruifeng industrial group, specializing in the development of digital peripheral accessories. Remax20w PD charger is small and exquisite, and its volume is much smaller than that of conventional 20W charger.


In the hand, exquisite, you can think of portability is very strong.


As a sharp weapon specially made for iPhone 12, the charger can support up to 20W and charge 60% of the power for iPhone 12 within half an hour, which can be used in emergency or in common use.

Quick charging Agreement: Apple2.4A、Samsung 5V/2A、DCP、QC2.0/3.0、AFC、FCP、PD2.0PDO:5V3A 9V2.22A 12V 1.67A three Wai :33.79 mm

Editor's comments: many friends like compact chargers, but most of them are more expensive. Remax20w PD charger has both volume and price, and its appearance is not low, which is worthy of our favor.

Sharp flash

Sharp flash 20W PD charger (fc87c) reference price: 39 yuan


The appearance of the SHARGE flash 20 W PD charger does not adopt the unique angular hard ID style of the flash pole, but is changed to the design of the round edge face plate, the black surface matte treatment, and the two feet fixed pin.


Front print


Export top center with a USB-C port, black rubber core. And there's a circle of signs around C mouth, and

Quick charging protocol: Samsung 5V/2A、DCP、QC2.0/3.0、QC2.0、AFC、FCP、PE2.0、PD3.0PDO:5V3A、9V2.22A and 12 V1.66A three sets of fixed voltage gear, as well as 3.3-5.9 V/3A and 3.3-11 V/2A two sets of voltage gear. III Wai: mm 45.7

Editor's comment: This is a work that flash pole makes changes in the face of the market. Considering the price of 39 yuan, it is understandable to make a compromise on the appearance. The compatibility is also good. In addition to the good support for the iPhone 12, many Android models can also get a good fast charging experience, which can be considered by both parties.


Stiger 20W PD charger (st-pd29w) reference price: 49 yuan


The steek 20W charger has launched two colors, black and white, which are the classic versatile colors of digital products. The whole is square, and the edges and corners are rounded. You can imagine that it feels good. Folding pins are used to store the pins into the shell when users go out, which is convenient to carry, and can also prevent scratching other digital products.


The interface surface is a single USB-C output configuration, a circular prompt lamp and a USB-C port are circled in the same area. A dividing line divides the charger from the middle and has a beauty of balance.


In terms of compatibility, most devices can shake hands, especially the iPhone series, which can be said to be both good and stable.

Usb-c fast charging protocol: qc2.0, qc3.0, pd3.0pdo: 5V 3a, 9V 2.22a, 12V 1.67a, three circumference: 42.22mm * 42.07mm * 29.30mm, weight: about 54.1g. Editor's comment: stacker 20W charger inherits the family style. It's Square and smooth. It's outlined by lines. It's simple and beautiful. It's also very good to handle. It's worth mentioning that stacker is one of the early manufacturers of 20W charger, with advanced vision!

Ugreen green link

Reference price of ugreen20w PD charger (CD137): 39 yuan


UGREEN Green Union 20 W charger appearance classic, is a series of custom-made green charger, the main suit, with wire sales.


The charger is equipped with a usb-c interface. In addition to the pd3.0 protocol, it is more compatible with SCP and FCP fast charging protocols. It is also applicable to Android models. Therefore, this charger can also be purchased by shuangjidang.


The charger is also compatible with 18 W PD of fast charging, old iPhone users can also use.

Fast charging protocol: pd3.0, SCP, fcppdo: 5v3a 9v2.22a 12v1.67a volume: 41.93cm? Power density: 0.48w/cm? Weight: 54G

Edit comments: green Union 20 W charger value is not low, volume is OK, bright shell is more eye-catching, the overall feel is also more smooth, with the price, really fragrant!

Netease strictly selects intelligent manufacturing

Netease strictly selects 20W PD charger (nit-tac-01-20wc-wh) reference price: 39 yuan (pre purchase price)


Netease's strict selection of quality and workmanship has always been good, this 20W PD charger naturally continues the good gene, the propaganda interface is very exciting.


Besides the small appearance and the uniform style, the charger is not weak, not only compatible with the whole system iPhone, but also friendly to some Android models.


Because of its small size, it's very convenient to go out and carry, so it's necessary to travel at home.

Quick Charge Agreement: Apple 2.4A、Samsung 5V/2A、QC2.0/3.0、AFC、FCP、PD3.0PDO:5V3A 9V2.22A 12V1.67A 3:41 mm

Editor's comments: the products selected by Netease are just like its name. Although they are not used, they also think they are good products when they look at the pictures.

ZMI purple rice

Zmi20w PD charger (ha7160) reference price: 39 yuan


The charger is smooth and compact, classic shape, bright design, front with ZMI brand logo, the overall design is very concise.


White shell made of PC flame retardant material is adopted. The shell of input and output end is frosted. The arc surface transition between all sides of waist body is adopted. The input end is equipped with fixed national standard pin.


The usb-c port is located in the center of the top surface, so it has a good hand experience.

Quick charging Agreement: Samsung 5V/2A、DCP、QC2.0/3.0、AFC、FCP、PD3.0PDO:5V3A 9V2.22A 12V1.67A 3 Wai :42.9 mm

Editor's comments: as we all know, Zimi used to be Xiaomi's ecological chain enterprise, and how it has been acquired by Xiaomi, mainly responsible for Xiaomi's power products. After our disassembly, the two 20W PD chargers of Zimi and Xiaomi are basically the same, which can be regarded as a product.


At present, the competition in the 20 W PD charger market has become white-hot, it can be said that the brand with insufficient product strength has automatically withdrawn, and all that can be left behind have advantages. Such as purple rice, millet, Jingdong Jing, NetEase smart make such a big-name guarantee, Bessie's super silicon, McDowell and Stack's unique design, the powerful performance of the flash and Rui, the new ideas of the Hall of Music, Green Union and the accumulation of Pin Sheng for many years

Some products have their own characteristics. Some are equipped with foldable pins, which are mainly portable; some have good appearance and feel, while others are really cheap. All of them want to buy more.

These advantages are all weights pressed in the hearts of consumers, as for how to choose? Charger blooming, not for the best, only for the most suitable is the best choice.


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