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Mac beauty kills win10? Five kinds of artifact make win10 incarnate MacOS

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Do you envy the uniformity of the MAC interface next door? Here are five magic tools that will transform your win10 into MacOS.


Win10 or macOS

1. My Dock

Download address: https://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/p/my-dock/9n156vjrft53

The dock bar is definitely the biggest attraction of the MAC system. Not only is it convenient, but also its unique appearance attracts many people all the time. My dock is a small tool that highly imitates the MAC dock. In short, it can imitate two major functions. One is the dock bar at the bottom and the other is the window dynamic effect.


Lifelike and boring dock column

Of course, it's just icons. The real function is still undertaken by the relevant modules in win10.


Various animations

Dynamic effects benchmarking Mac, including minimization, restore, and program startup. The whole process is not stuck, just as smooth and smooth as a real Mac. And this dynamic effect is not limited to documents, as long as it is a window, whether the program or the system, when performing the above operations, you can see the appearance of animation.

2. My Finder

Download address: https://www.mydockfinder.com/

If my dock solves the taskbar problem, my finder deals with the menu bar at the top of the Mac. Mac top bar is similar to the win10 taskbar, but it can be automatically changed according to the currently opened program.

For example, when you start word software, the top bar will show some menu items related to word, and when you open Photoshop, it will become the relevant commands in PS.


Simulate MAC top menu bar

The top right corner of the top bar is the system parameter display area, similar to win10 system tray. As like as two peas, you can see a lot of elements similar to Mac, such as date, time, memory, CPU occupancy rate, and even the same notice notification and volume indicator bar as Mac.


3. WinDynamicDesktop

Download address: https://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/p/windynamicdesktop/9nm8n7dq3z5f

Like the Mac, windynamicdesktop doesn't simply switch wallpapers automatically according to the time, but changes according to the season of the user's location, combined with the time. In short, it is dark there, and the computer desktop will be dark!


Wallpaper that changes automatically over time

4. MacType

Download address: https://www.mactype.net/

From the name of the software, I believe you have guessed what it does. As we all know, font rendering in windows has always been a big problem, especially on high-resolution screens like 2k and 4K, which is totally different from font rendering on Mac. Mactype is a small software that can imitate the style of MAC font rendering on windows.


Open mactype before and after comparison (click to see larger picture)

The software is easy to use and can be installed directly. Considering the device differences among different users, several configuration files are provided. By default, it's OK to keep the status quo, if it doesn't have a special effect. The actual effect is shown in the above figure.

5. Listary

Download address: https://www.listary.com

You can search any program or document you want through the input box, even if you only remember a few words.


Listary comparable to spotlight

In addition to the search function, listary also supports simple mathematical operations and double-click in the blank space of the window to bring up the shortcut menu. Compared with spotlight, listary is as good as spotlight in appearance and function.

Write it at the end

The above is to recommend a few small software, although the process may be slightly cumbersome, but after the completion of the effect, is absolutely worth your toss!




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