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Model y plummets 160000, how can Chinese cars survive? Response from President of new car making force

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Recently, the hot spot in the domestic automobile circle continues to be ignited by the domestic Tesla Model y, because the sudden arrival of model y has disrupted some consumers' car purchase plans.

On New Year's day, Tesla's China official website launched a domestic version of model y, which is a long-term dual motor full drive version and a performance high-performance version.

The price of the two cars is 339900 yuan and 369900 yuan.Compared with the previous pre-sale price of imported model y on the official website, the price was reduced by 148100 yuan and 165100 yuan respectively.

In fact, this is the first time Tesla has disclosed the price of the domestic model y, which is not a real price reduction. However, compared with the imported model y pre sold on Tesla's official website, the price has indeed dropped by more than 100000 yuan.


Yu Liguo said that yesterday, the whole network was discussing the price reduction of model y by more than 100000 yuan,Many relatives and friends are very worried about me. If they drop more than 100000 yuan, can you still live?Therefore, I would like to express my views here.

Tesla Model y should be treated rationally. All domestic intelligent electric vehicles should thank Tesla.His own view is the same as that of Li Bin, an opponent and a teammate.

When it comes to Tesla models, model y and model 3 are about the same size. Users say that the interior upholstery of model y is simple, and it can sell for 30000 or 400000 yuan. Do you think it's expensive or cheap?

I think it's expensive. In addition, Tesla continues to cut prices to cut leeks, but this is Tesla's pricing strategy, not qualified to comment.

However, Tesla's public relations are really good,

Therefore, as an adult, we should see clearly the essence of things. If the price of a car is reduced by more than 100000 yuan and it can still buy more than 400000 yuan, it means that the previous pricing is much and nothing.Adults should polish their eyes in order to find out who really loves you and who is the scum man in the world.


The following is the full text of Yu's views on founding the country:

Yesterday, the whole network was discussing the price reduction of model y by more than 100000 yuan. Many relatives and friends were very worried about me. Can you still live if others reduce the price by more than 100000 yuan? Today, some friends are asking. I think it's necessary to express my views to my users. Of course, it's just a family statement, for your reference only.

Rational view of model y price reduction

First of all, those of us who make smart electric vehicles should thank Tesla. We have a consensus on this point. Tesla is the creator of this species, and we are not enemies to each other. Our common enemy is actually non smart cars. That's why Li Bin said that we are both opponents and teammates. I think this sentence represents our common mentality.

How do I view the price reduction of model y? First of all, I am an adult. I want to see the nature of things, not the lively PR draft, or the relationship between the product and the price.

Let's choose any configuration, four-wheel drive, long-range, and buy the FSD function of automatic driving. If we don't choose any other configuration, it's basically 400000.

How big is this car? It's a small car just like Model3. How is the decoration? What's nice is simple. What's not nice is simple. The users call it simple. With a simple car like this, the price of 400000, do you think it's expensive or cheap.

Maybe everyone has their own opinion. I think it's too expensive. Leeks can cut n crops. Of course, I'm not qualified to comment on people's pricing strategies.

However, I really admire the level of public relations. A car like this has dropped by more than 100000 yuan and sold for 400000 yuan. It seems that everyone thinks it's very cheap.


I can't help but think of a joke, saying that a leader has a gloomy face every day. He either beats or scolds his subordinates. Suddenly one day, he smiles at the employees, and the hearts of the employees are shining. It's good to praise the leaders all day;

There is also a kind of leader who is very nice to employees every day. He is cultivated and does not swear. Suddenly, he is strict with employees one day. On this day, the majority of employees scold in their hearts. Today, the leader is insane. He must be scolded by his wife at home. Today, he is just like a mad dog.

Do you want the former or the latter? I am an adult. After seeing the essence of things, I will choose the latter.

It's still more than 400000 after a drop of more than 100000, which means that the previous pricing is much more than that. We are all adults. We should polish our eyes to find out who really loves you and who is the scum man in the world.

Build a good car

Tesla is a company that I study and ponder every day. When I first started this career, I really felt that there were several things in Tesla that I could not reach or achieve in the short term.

For example, he is a foreign company. Although our national self-confidence has been greatly improved over the years, and our national quality level is getting higher and higher, in an open market, we still can't rule out that there are still a large number of people who call selinka in the office building and call Cuihua at home.

Second, musk himself is not a human being on earth. You can see that people's first principles thinking, public relations ability, the number of fans and the spitting of fans can drown me.

They may have earned more than us in a lifetime. It's really amazing. I'm really convinced. Third, the experience of low-cost automatic driving assistance system. At least today, among these low-cost solutions, Tesla is the best today. So for a long time in the beginning, I was also very depressed.

But we can't just watch people eat meat. We have to see how they are beaten. If we beat them, we will become great.

With the deepening of our work, the improvement of our cognitive level, the growth of our team and the expansion of our partners, I feel that we have enough confidence today. We are not bad. It is just around the corner to surpass the roof of the world.

First of all, on the three electricity, I think we are not bad at all. We are absolutely world-class. Who says that our Chinese enterprises are bad, they just don't understand the industry.


Second, quality. I feel that arcfox has the absolute say in this matter. It inherits Magna's 110 year manufacturing standard. Some craftsman spirit needs time to be honed. Our PPV cars in the design process are better than some brand commercial cars.

Third, automatic driving, software defined car. In the low-cost solution, Tesla is really good, very fun, and the experience is also good, but fun is fun, safety is safety, and life is only once.

At present, the Tesla plan is not a big problem for auxiliary driving, but at the last level, it is too difficult to rely on the camera. Although technically controversial, from my point of view, there is no laser radar, but it calls him L3 automatic driving system.

We have to get on the lidar. We can't just rely on the camera, just like everyone of us can't completely believe the eyes in our perception of the world. So we decided with Huawei that we directly got on three 96 line lidars. In the next era, we are waiting for him and competing with him. This product will be available to users next year.

Therefore, I feel that today's Chinese enterprises are not the same as before. This generation of enterprises have more solid technical foundation and entrepreneurs are more confident. Huawei did not lose to apple, Taobao did not lose to Amazon, and I firmly believe that China's smart cars will not lose to Tesla.

Recently, I have spent a long time discussing the ring network architecture of our car in 2023. Last week, I spent a day discussing this issue. I am very excited that this technology will change the development pattern of our whole automobile industry.

At that time, we will be able to open some of our systems and development tools to developers, just like the ecosystems of apple and Hongmeng. That is a really great ecosystem. China is in the lead in this matter.

I've seen a TV play called Dajiang Dahe before. It's about 40 years of reform and opening up. Recently, Dajiang Dahe 2 is on air, and I don't have time to watch it recently.

But I like to watch Dahe 1 very much. I think my parents are so lucky to catch up with such a magnificent era of reform and opening up.

Today, I feel very lucky. In the era of intelligent electric vehicles, there is a feeling that a hundred schools of thought are in full swing. You are accompanied by either musk, Li Bin or Huawei. I feel that if you don't do something in this era, you will fail to live up to the love of this era.

The above are just some of my personal ideas, just on behalf of my personal views, wrong place, please criticize.



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