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Visiting the "battlefield" of group buying in Changsha Community

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On the 2km street of Bayi Road in Changsha, you can see a lot of self-help points when you open the small program of any group buying enterprise.No matter convenience stores, print shops, flower shops, hotels, even restaurants and barber shops, their owners are all under the command of meituan, Didi, pinduoduo, xingshengyou and other enterprises. These shopkeepers are also heads of multiple platforms, responsible for distributing platform products to users.

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Zhang Jun of Sina Technology

Changsha is the base for the prosperity of community group buying. Under the influence of community group buying, Internet giants have entered the market one after another, and set off a vigorous offensive and defensive war in Changsha and other places.

But different from the captains, the vegetable vendors in Changsha are lost. In the course of sina technology's visit to the vegetable market, many stall owners said that the commodity prices of the community group buying platform are too low. Affected by the subsidy war, the passenger flow of the vegetable market has decreased significantly, and business is getting worse day by day.

Every day, the number of orders and commission of each team leader is not very limited. In particular, convenience stores, fruit shops and other shopkeepers who are directly related to the group buying category in the community find that although becoming the team leader can indeed bring a certain amount of passenger flow to their stores and increase sales, due to the lower commodity prices of the group buying platform in the community, their own similar products can not be sold at all.

Community group buying was originally founded by Xingsheng youyou in order to revitalize the development of its convenience stores. However, with the crazy subsidies of giants, community group buying is eating back at these convenience store owners and even vegetable vendors. Recently, the General Administration of market supervision has pointed out the prominent problems such as low price dumping and employment squeeze caused by the current community group buying, and formulated nine regulations such as no low price dumping and unfair competition.

The development of community group buying is ushering in a delicate turning point.

Why are the giants fighting

When it comes to community group buying, we have to mention that it is regarded as the originator of community group buying. The company was founded in 2014, and in 2016 created a new model of community group buying.

In fact, the birth of Xingsheng youyou is closely related to Furong Xingsheng, the largest chain convenience store in Hunan Province. Yue Lihua, its founder, organized a large number of local mom and pop stores to provide brand blessing and supply chain services. But with the rise of e-commerce shopping, the business of these convenience stores has also been impacted.

The early embryonic form of community group buying is that the owners of Furong Xingsheng collect users' demand for vegetables through operating wechat group, purchase them through Xingsheng optimization, distribute them to stores, and then pick them up by users. In this way, Furong prosperous owners can get extra commission and increase their income at the same time of convenience store business.

During the epidemic, the first mock exam was a case of fire. According to a person familiar with the matter, the annual Gmv of Xingsheng optimization will reach 10 billion yuan in 2019, and the platform Gmv is expected to reach 40 billion yuan in 2020. Although with ALIJD.COMThe trillions of Gmv of the three e-commerce giants, pinduoduo, can't compete with each other, but their fast-growing business model has begun to attract the attention of the giants. This year, many Internet companies began to go to Changsha, Wuhan and other cities with a large number of orders.

In June this year, Didi launched orange heart optimization, with Chen Ting, senior vice president of Didi, as the CEO; in July, meituan announced that it would set up the optimization division, which was in the charge of Chen Liang, senior vice president of meituan and a member of S-Team; in August, pinduoduo began to experiment and buy more vegetables; subsequently, Alibaba and Jingdong, the two major e-commerce giants, joined the bureau one after another.

An internal employee of Xingsheng youyou told Sina technology that although the outside world calls Xingsheng youyou a community group buying enterprise, its internal positioning has always been community e-commerce. This may also be the reason why the three e-commerce giants are nervous. According to the current development speed, Xingsheng youyou may compete positively with Taobao, Jingdong and pinduoduo in more categories in the future.

Similar stories have been staged on Taobao and Jingdong. Pinduoduo once rose rapidly by relying on the concept of social e-commerce, so that Alibaba and Jingdong had to launch the special Taobao version and Jingxi version of benchmarking business.

There's not enough of them

Although the giants have different purposes, they all adopted the mode of direct replication of Xingsheng optimization in the early days: small programs can place orders before 23 o'clock every day, and the platform will deliver them to the stores after 16 o'clock the next day through unified procurement and sorting, and users can go to the stores to pick them up.

After the mode started to run, Didi, meituan, pinduoduo and other Internet enterprises began to copy to many cities across the country, especially to Changsha, the prosperous and preferred base camp.

The team leader is a key link in the end of distribution, and has also become the target of BD's competition. Many platforms have given the slogan of easily making money and earning more than 10000 yuan a month. One team leader said that in the early days, small and medium-sized platforms gave the team leader a commission of 5% of sales. Later, Internet companies began to increase the commission ratio significantly. Didi's orange heart optimization publicity could give 10%, while meituan optimization directly said that it would give 10-15%.

In order to obtain Commission, BD also vigorously recruits team leaders, which leads to the phenomenon that the boss of a store is concurrently the team leader of multiple platforms. A company visited by Sina TechnologyBaishi

In order to increase the pick-up point as much as possible, all kinds of stores can be the expansion objects of BD. Xiaoyu is the owner of a fresh flower shop. Although it is not related to vegetables and fruits, it has also been expanded by didi and meituan's BD as a pick-up point.

She told sina science and technology that Internet companies often pay 0.01 yuan to buy fruits and vegetables for new users at all costs. In the stage of fierce competition, users can apply for a refund immediately if the fruit they buy is defective, even if the fruit doesn't need to be refunded.

However, with more and more pick-up points, the stores in the whole street have become pick-up points, resulting in very scattered orders on the platform and very few orders in their own stores every day. "The average monthly commission is only 40 yuan," she complained. "There are too few external orders. Later, I also placed orders on them. Things are really cheap. I don't go to the supermarket. Now the Commission is basically bought by myself. "

Wang Cheng runs a small restaurant. Recently, BD of didi orange heart has found him, and the restaurant has become the pick-up point of orange heart. "In fact, I don't really want to be the team leader, because I still have to run the main business of restaurants," said Wang Cheng. However, BD of orange heart told him that the team leader doesn't need to take care of too much, even if the goods are lost.

"The income is paid by the order, and the reward policy has also been told to me, but I didn't pay much attention to it. They helped me with the app. Anyway, even if they don't have a list, they don't have to pay me, and they don't suffer. " Wang Cheng said that several restaurants next to him were also pulled to become self-help points.

This mode of only pursuing the number of commanders also began to show its disadvantages. One is that the orders of the team leaders are scattered, which leads to the low income of each team leader and makes it difficult to maintain the loyalty to the platform; the other is that some Internet platforms overemphasize the pick-up point and the scale of orders, and neglect the construction of warehousing and logistics capabilities, which leads to the lack of performance capabilities.

For example, during this year's double 11, a number of Internet enterprises carried out low-cost promotion, and the order volume of the day also reached a new high. But can be heard without end make complaints about the speed of distribution and the quality of goods.

A user Tucao said he had encountered the timing of delivery on the US mission. He told the driver that he had not delivered the goods on his own, and that he had bought the moldy fruit on the orange heart. But after finding the regiment leader, the regiment commander even said he did not know how to make complaints about it.

The vegetable vendor's husband and wife shop complained

While the group buying enterprises in the community publicize that the number of orders has reached new highs, another group of people are swallowing the bitter fruit. Ye Guofu, founder and CEO of mingchuang Youpin, recently said that if community group buying works for another year or two, supermarkets with an area of more than 500 square meters will not work.

Sina technology has visited many vegetable markets in Changsha, and the business of the vendors is dismal. In today's star market vegetable market, it's already noon, and only one customer comes to the vegetable stall to choose vegetables. The boss of the aquatic products and meat stall has almost nothing to do, so he just sleeps in front of the stall.

In the dawning farmer's market, which is a little larger, there are also few tourists. A woman stall owner in her late 60s said that even when it's time for residents to get off work, there are few guests. "A lot of people buy vegetables online. It's very cheap. Some young people buy their own family's food, and there are fewer and fewer old people coming to the market. " She said that restaurants will not buy from themselves, but will go to a larger wholesale market with a cheaper purchase price.

"It costs more than 1000 yuan a month. It's more expensive to rent a shop. I can't make any money after a month. I'm old and can't do anything else. I have to do it first. " She said helplessly.

In fact, it is not only the vegetable vendors who are affected by the group buying subsidy war in the community. Some convenience stores, even the convenience stores that have become the self promotion points of the group buying platform in the community, are also affected.

XinJiaYi is a local chain convenience store brand in Hunan. Under the price war of the community group buying platform, it has to put up posters of scanning code to get coupons in the store. Another Meiyijia convenience store directly piles up preferential products at the door to attract users to come to the store to buy. What's worse, Sina technology has also witnessed a supermarket fail to pay the rent of the warehouse, but it has to pay the price It was stopped by the neighborhood committee and moved out within a time limit.

The convenience shopkeepers who became the team leader also had mixed feelings.

Aunt Wang runs a food convenience store and is the head of Didi, meituan and Xingsheng. Although convenience stores are close to busy streets, there are few customers. She said frankly: "small shops are going to be killed by community group buying! "Then why do you want to be a team leader? Facing the inquiry of sina technology, she was helpless, "because there was no business offline. When users come to the store, the things in the store are more expensive than those on the line. At most, they can buy a bottle of water, but they can't bring much income. "

Baoma, an owner of Furong Xingsheng convenience store, told sina science and technology that after joining Furong Xingsheng, the purchase channel will be more guaranteed and the after-sales service will be very good. But because there are too many community group buying platforms, it's not easy to do offline stores, "they are going to be killed by online platforms. "She said.

At the same time, she is also the head of Didi, meituan, pinduoduo and shihuituan. However, she told Sina technology that due to the big price war, the unit price of goods is too low, and the monthly commission income is only 1000 yuan. In addition, there is no business on and off the line, so it is not enough to spend.

Boycott and regulation

However, he pointed out that with the entry of Internet giants, community group buying has changed its flavor and become a arena for giants to compete for users and traffic.

The price war has triggered a rebound in the upstream supply chain. A few days ago, Huahai Shunda grain and oil seasoning Co., Ltd., Weilong Trading Co., Ltd. and other enterprises issued the "notice on prohibiting the supply of goods to community group buying platforms". The notice pointed out that the company receivedcomplaintAs a result, the low price of Duoduo's group buying platform is far lower than that of the group buying platform. The notice requires that the price of the platform should not be lower than the retail price of the terminal, otherwise it will be regarded as low price, which will affect the bad situation and cancel the distribution right.

It's not just suppliers. In December 2020, the State Administration of market supervision and the Ministry of Commerce organized an administrative guidance meeting to standardize the order of community group buying,Alibaba,tencent, Jingdong, meituan, pinduoduo, didi and other 6 Internet platform enterprises participated. The meeting pointed out the prominent problems such as low price dumping and employment squeeze caused by the current community group buying, and required the Internet platform enterprises to strictly regulate the business behavior of community group buying, and strictly abide by the "nine Musts": no low price dumping, unfair competition and other behaviors.

Under supervision, the development of community group buying may usher in a new turning point.

It is believed that the market will be affected by the low price of investment promotion platform, and it will definitely be affected by the low price of investment promotion platform. However, in the long run, the business model determines that community group buying itself has lower performance cost. Even if there is no subsidy, its price will still maintain a certain advantage compared with traditional channels.

In fact, in addition to the number of orders and team leaders, Internet platforms need to shift their focus to warehousing and logistics next, so as to improve their performance ability and long-term competitiveness.

However, it is worth noting that after the administrative guidance meeting, there is no obvious cancellation of subsidies in all community group buying platforms, and there are still a large number of 0.01 yuan promotional activities and a large number of coupons.

Wenhan, founder of cailaobao, an online food mall, said in an interview with sina science and technology, "the business logic of the giant group buying in the community is right, because now the traffic is more and more expensive, and behind many community group buying are big traffic platforms. The giant wants to add a new traffic source and entrance. What they are afraid of is not to spend money, but to be abandoned by this era and to miss the opportunity. "

But he pointed out that fresh food is a very difficult bone to chew, and many enterprises have fallen. The reasons behind are: first, the purpose is not right at the beginning, trying to earn fast money and seek flow realization; second, the investment is not enough and the confidence is not firm. This industry is hard and complex, and it needs to be put into it wholeheartedly.

Under the gradual implementation of supervision, whether the future community group buying enterprises can develop in a more standardized format is still unknown. "Let the bullet fly for a while more," a community group buying practitioner said meaningfully.

(interviewees Xiaoyu and Wang Cheng are both pseudonyms)

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