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Ren Zhengfei's latest speech: Huawei is a power limited company, and can't govern enterprises with slogans

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Author: Ren Zhengfei, kazam

Source: blue blood research (lanxueyanjiu)

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On the last day of 2020, Huawei made public Ren Zhengfei's speech at the enterprise business and cloud business report meeting on November 4. This speech was sent by e-mail No. [2020] 146, and the signer is Ren Zhengfei. I also added a note by the way. I don't know who wrote it. It should be Ren Zhengfei's pen based on self mockery.

Don't try to understand Huawei cloud through this speech, because Huawei doesn't understand it. Or to understand Ren Zhengfei's management thought, so read several times.

If you can't do something, don't always toss about the organization. Don't think that it will work as soon as you toss about. Whether an organization can be unified or not depends on winning battles.

The chief executive should not interfere in technical decision-making. The technical architecture at the lowest level needs experts. Don't change people all the time.

Ecology! Ecology, or ecology! We should pay attention to the construction of application ecology and build a big ecology like Amazon. Without application, Huawei cloud may die.

When this speech came out, there was a flood of community comments.


Ren Zhengfei's speech at the enterprise business and cloud business report meeting

November 4, 2020

1、 Correctly understand and position cloud first. Internally, we give priority to cloud based IT platform services for our customers. Externally, our customers urgently give priority to Huawei cloud services.

When we talk about giving priority to cloud, we are not talking about Huawei giving priority to cloud in all fields, but only in it The following points should be given priority in the field: 1. Huawei cloud should be given priority when customers need computing power and distributed storage (excluding enterprise storage); that is, when customers need servers, distributed storage, virtualization and private cloud, cloud service should be given priority; 2. Business model of cloud service should be given priority in hybrid cloud; 3. The base of industry solution should be China cloud Cloud first.

It has become a trend for governments and enterprises to go to the cloud, especially for small and medium-sized enterprise applications, non sensitive data applications of large enterprises, and new innovative application scenarios of government and enterprises, which will be more and more carried on the public cloud; on the other hand, the core data and core business of many government enterprises still need to be carried on the self built data center or exclusive cloud. Self built data center will also move from simple virtualization to Cloud Architecture, which is generally maintained by customers themselves. These customers also require to enjoy the high-level service capabilities of public cloud, which requires our Huawei cloud hybrid cloud solution. In essence, exclusive cloud is still a public cloud, which is built for specific customers. Amazon has built govcloud government cloud, which only serves the U.S. government and is maintained by Amazon. Therefore, public cloud, exclusive cloud, hybrid cloud and even non Huawei private cloud will coexist for a long time to meet the different needs of customers. Therefore, the final structure of Huawei cloud solution is: a set of technical architecture, supporting public cloud, exclusive cloud, hybrid cloud and other business forms; two transaction modes, one is the hybrid cloud sold to customers, whose property rights belong to customers and maintained by customers themselves; the other is the public cloud (including exclusive cloud) whose property rights belong to Huawei, maintained by Huawei and subscribed by customers to cloud services; three deployment modes, Firstly, it is deployed in the customer data center and operated separately from the public cloud; secondly, it is deployed in the data center built by Huawei and operated by Huawei; thirdly, it is deployed in the customer data center and operated by Huawei as an extension of the public cloud.

The internal unified organization is led by winning a battle, and in the process of winning a battle, it constantly combines teams.

Huawei cloud is not the leading edge of our traditional hardware equipment, developing and selling products, but the change of Huawei's customer-oriented business model, that is, from selling products to selling cloud services. We must build the ability to sell cloud services and the ability to support the operation and maintenance of cloud services for customers. While learning from Amazon and Microsoft, we should also make our 30-year network accumulation a unique advantage in the cloud service market, create more space and build differentiated features.

2、 We need to study which elements make up the leading huaweiyun, and which core particles make up the competitiveness.

The technical structure should be sustainable, the iteration of expert team decision-making system should be scientific and stable, and the chief executive should not interfere in technical decision-making. Software architecture is not achieved overnight. It is the development of continuous optimization. Our company's software is good, but in order to enter the field of direct competition and surpass competitors, it needs continuous reform. Over the past decade, our hybrid cloud technology architecture has gone through several iterations, resulting in a waste of time.

The lowest level of technical architecture is the core, which needs experts. The openness, scalability, stability, persistence, security and efficiency of the underlying architecture determine the development potential and R & D efficiency of the follow-up software. The team of senior experts, with fewer people and more knowledge, is conducive to calm thinking. They should have a long-term and stable responsibility and should not be replaced hastily.

After years of efforts, Huawei cloud has launched more than 200 services, developed more than 1.5 million developers and nearly 20000 partners, and has begun to take shape, with the foundation for further development. What we are discussing now is how to seize the opportunity of digitalization of government and enterprise, to achieve better development on both the Internet and government and enterprise tracks, and to reach the world's leading position.

4、 Huawei cloud is not only a product provider, but also an operation platform for our company. Quality and agile operation and maintenance ability are the key elements.

5、 We go all out to pay attention to the construction of application ecology and build a big ecology like Amazon. Without applications, Huawei cloud might die.

Mobile Internet application, enterprise application, government application, coal mine application, airport application, Ping'an application, GTS application and company internal IT application are all opportunities for our ecological development. The good development of terminal cloud has set an example for us, and the brothers of Nanfang Institute have reappeared their heroism. At present, the management of the calling interface of ecological partners is a prominent problem, and it is also the core bottleneck of the development of ecological business. We must establish a good structure, simplify the internal consumption, we must achieve agile quality service. We insist on creating value for customers and serving customers agilely. Make good use of the typical needs of Huawei's internal it, terminal cloud and GTS cloud, serve internal customers well, and cultivate a group of teams, which can understand the cloud needs of government and enterprises. Now the experience of internal customers needs to be strengthened. Don't waste the value of demand.

More importantly, our IT architecture is built around the organizational structure, that is to say, as the organization becomes fragmented, it becomes fragmented. At present, the operational processes of multiple BGS are different. Of course, the IT systems are also different. Even the sales management is not available.

7、 Enterprise business should focus on strategic priorities, continue to do subtraction, and insist on doing something and not doing something.

First, if an enterprise wants to shrink its business front, it must do something and not do something. It cannot do everything. If we do not increase and expand the combat areas of the four industries previously identified, and break up the strategy, we will have no combat effectiveness. becauseWe are a company with limited strength. We must do a good job in the project we want to do。 We should grasp one point, and gradually move towards becoming thicker, longer and stronger. Only when you grasp what you can do, put your forces on it and do a solid job, can you really find a better plan than others.

We should do what we can and not do everything all over the world. We should do other people's work crudely and not well. In the end, we will have no combat effectiveness and competitiveness.

Third, in the follow-up report, we will first discuss how to reduce the combat area, and second, discuss the combat model.

Submitted to: members of the board of directors and the board of supervisors

To: all staff

December 30, 2002

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