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The girl who wants to go to Netease cloud falls into pinduoduo

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Wen / San Biao Mao

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Instead of talking about oolong and throwing pot, we focus on a lost young life.

I remember many years ago, at this age, when I received the news of my friend's death, I felt that silence is not, lamentation is not, the world is missing a corner, and finally I realized that death is not a distant thing.

Empathy is very simple. If you only think of her as a friend you have met once, you will be sad. How can you calculate the time difference between Urumqi and the mainland? How can we analyze the gains and losses of pinduoduo PR?

When there is empathy, pinduoduo will not use a series of tricks.

When you think about the death of you's chairman Lynch, the company's announcement is also very impersonal.

A screw, a leader, whose life is neither high nor low, is moving, but the organization behind them tries to convey to the public that everything is in order, and the emotions of all parties are stable.

They are like a machine that never makes mistakes.


To make matters worse, too many people are justifying death.

In the face of fear, people subconsciously delimit a safe area for themselves.

They are both migrant workers, but they strive to be outsiders.

The reason for this is that this job is bright enough to win over many young talents, and it is worthy of more excellent young talents.

The best people have the brightest job, and the job has a natural immunity from blame. You can't even reach it, and you're a chicken.


Zhang Xinfei is certainly an excellent young man.

For Zhang Xinfei, if her hobbies and career fit perfectly, her future may be very different.

Unfortunately, there is no hypothesis in life.

So she went to Shanghai. Among the Douban groups she joined, six were related to renting houses, just like those young hupiao.

She read "I understand your knowledge anxiety" by Luo Zhenyu, and "Huashan talks about Sun Tzu's art of war" by Luo Zhenyu,

She voted in favor of one of the few in Zhihu to boast about Huang Zheng's background.


The world doesn't hold it in song.

In October 2020, Huang Zheng issued a mobilization order for community group buying, which was a very inflammatory internal speech.

Like the great history, the fate of the little people always fluctuates with the movement.

From October to November, what kind of suffering did she have in order to finally persuade herself to go to the frontier and do the hardest work of reclaiming wasteland.


More than one o'clock in the morning, in the cold streets of Urumqi, Zhang Xinfei left work. Before she died, she shared her annual list of Netease cloud music.

The music she heard the most last year was "breeze" by Matsuda Guangyou, which was used by severe insomnia patients to sleep with.

For Zhang Xi Fei, no good night, no insomnia.


A tragedy, people actually found a strange resonance.

I won't tell you, don't 996, don't try so hard.

Because what I said is not binding, let alone sincere. Most importantly, it is not related by blood.

They care about whether I am tired or not.

Fortunately, I have a job where I can't get money even if I'm tired. Because, the inspiration this kind of thing, opens the eye 24 hours also not necessarily to be able to have.

Pinduoduo is Zhang Xinfei's work unit. It's a big enterprise that ordinary people can't enter. Parents must be proud and classmates must be envious.

Zhang Xinfei should not pour the bitter water of work on his family, classmates and friends.

People outside the besieged city want to come in, but people inside the besieged city know that besieged cities are everywhere, trapped and envied.

A few days ago, Wang Sicong had a birthday party again. It's beautiful.

When I think of Zhang Xi Fei again, I have one mind: I save more money, which can let my children say that I am so tired and want to have a rest.

I think of a more serious thing: the post that can make people die suddenly can only be touched by the best people. More mediocre people realize that what they get in exchange for life is also a visible material. Instead, they will adjust themselves.

I don't seem to know how to define happiness. Most people's fate is dominated, and secretly marked the price.

I'm not against struggle, but in our society, the paradigm of struggle is too single.

In a word, please be kind.

Question: what do you think of your work and how do you adjust yourself?

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