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When we blame pinduoduo, what are we blaming?

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(Chang Geng)

Source: Changgeng (ID: changgengxiaobao)


Many years ago, a public relations VP reported his work to the boss at the end of the year. Ppt wrote nearly 100 pages. When he spoke, he introduced to the senior management in detail how many media he sent and how many reports he wrote.

But within two minutes of the beginning, the boss interrupted the topic and asked a soul touching question: you said that there were so many media, but apart from these ppts, why didn't I see these reports in my circle of friends? Does the money we spend really work?

The public relations VP was speechless and soon left.

Chang Geng Jun once had a small gathering with the other party. After three rounds of wine, the other party told the above story.

Then, the marketing department can calculate the performance with the advertising effect and user conversion rate at the end of the year, and the sales department can directly calculate the performance with the sales data. Even for the product and R & D departments, the performance can be quantified, with the exception of public relations.

In corporate public relations, the good point is the royal guards, and the hard point is the East chamber.

On social media, authors who claim to be big V of public relations can take it for granted to write: public relations can't work overtime for a long time, because public relations is a mental work department. If you work overtime often, you will work with resentment. Unhappy mood will definitely restrain your thinking and make you stupid. This job requires a sensitive and energetic brain.

The other side of the coin is: most of the time, corporate public relations just convey the boss's idea. As a department that spends money, there is little public relations that can decide the boss's decision.

In the face of public relations crisis, it is not only the public relations department that can solve the problem, sometimes it is not even the public relations department that can decide how to deal with the crisis.

Once the decision is wrong, the boss can not be wrong, then only the public relations are wrong.

A department that can't quantify workload and spend money can only take boss's satisfaction as the only KPI. More overtime is usually the basic factor to make boss satisfied.


On the evening of January 3, the topic of sudden death of pinduoduo employees working overtime exploded on social media. Pinduoduo made the following reply on Zhihu's official account:

If you look at the people at the bottom, which one is not to exchange life for money? I always don't think it's a problem of capital, but a problem of society. This is an era of struggling with life. You can choose comfortable days, but you have to choose the consequences of comfort.

The reply brought a lot of criticism to pinduoduo.

On January 4, pinduoduo denied the authenticity of the comment. Later, Zhihu said that the pinduoduo account that made the above response was Zhihu registered user, and its true identity was correct. Pinduoduo once again responded that the response was an employee's personal behavior of the outsourcing company. Pinduoduo firmly opposed the employee's comments and apologized for the lax account control.

A day later, the Internet again on the rise of pinduoduo PR Sao operation query.

Some articles directly spell Duoduo with diss, such as "pinduoduo with problems in corporate values, there will be all kinds of problems", "excuse me, pinduoduo's public relations department, you are the monkey invited Toby", and others play the sympathy card, such as "the girl who defends the frontier for pinduoduo, falls in the winter night of - 20 ℃ in the early morning".

On the Internet, since the media V Kwai TSE or questioned many public relations and corporate values, or sympathy for the lost many employees and get the flow of articles, another Internet head company announced that it started the size week system from January 10th. The so-called big week and small week are working six days a week and five days next week. They work in turn and are counted as normal attendance, not overtime.

On December 9, 2020, a 47 year old employee of Shangtang technology suddenly died outside the company's gym. The employee joined Shangtang technology on February 18 this year as a business system development manager, and it was less than one year since he died.

No one discusses whether the words of pinduoduo outsourcing employees are right or wrong: This is not a capital problem, but a social problem. This problem is too complicated, there is no traffic.

It's not as easy to spell more than diss or show sympathy for the dead.

It's not that there's no need for empathy. In Chang Geng Jun's view, when writing about we media to earn traffic, it's just respect for a person not to give sympathy casually.

On January 5, Xinhua viewpoint wrote a comment with only a few hundred words, entitled: "abnormal overtime must be resolutely curbed.". In my opinion, this is the most warm comment.


In 2018, Li chuanshuai, known as the godfather of rural we media, hired a group of rural women to form a we media operator in a small village in northern Shandong.

They usually create a blockbuster: brush the latest drama, write some relatively simple entertainment content, and then put the article into an original article detection system developed by Li chuanshuai himself. If there is no duplication of content in the system and there is no violation of regulations, the article can enter the background of our media account and pass the 400 It's a network channel that can be transmitted to the wider network world.

In the era of new media, the Centennial tradition of editing and editing accumulated by traditional media has been subverted. Li chuanshuai demonstrated to the outside world that it is not necessary to have a professional background to be a new media. As long as you can operate a simple computer, organize and carry words, you can gallop around the world.

The fact is that the progress of science and technology has greatly accelerated the speed of information dissemination, but people who obtain information through the same channel begin to face cultural separation and increasingly serious binary opposition.

Cultural segmentation and the dualistic opposition bring about the fact that everything on the Internet ignores the complexity of affairs, and understands things in a simple and crude way. The price of housing is too high because the real estate business has created a huge bubble and the airport coffee is too expensive because the coffee shop owners are greedy and the Internet giants are working too much, naturally, because the owners have no morals.

If we simply understand the prevalence of overtime culture in Chinese Internet companies as the greed of business owners and capital, we can take a look at some information from Amazon, an American technology giant

200 years ago, Adam Smith emphasized the complexity of things: for example, the existence of poverty is not due to the lack of resources, the lack of strong desire to help the poor, the lack of high moral sentiment of economists, but the lack of effective social coordination.

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