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Rejected 996 and dismissed? Shentong express: dismissal only after disqualification in probation period

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According to the news, Xiaojiang said: under normal circumstances, they can get off work at 6 o'clock, and they are not allowed to leave even after the work is finished. Because they refuse to work overtime meaninglessly, they were told on September 9, 2020 that they were dismissed because they failed to pass the probation period.

In response to this incident, Shentong express Co., Ltd. (Shentong express, 002468) responded to the surging news( www.thepaper.cn )In response, the company said: the working hours of the company are 9:6 a.m. and the weekend temporary overtime working days can be taken off, and there is no compulsory 996; the real reason for Xiaojiang's dismissal is that the probation work results are not up to the standard; before the formal dismissal, Xiaojiang's supervisor and HR personnel are not qualified He once set the probation period target together with him, and gave him half a month. After finding no improvement, he terminated the labor contract on September 28, 2020.

The following is the original response of Shentong:

Mr. Jiang is an employee recruited by our company in July 2020. He was employed on July 2, 2020. Due to the large gap between the probation period and the company's requirements and expectations, he signed the rectification target after many times of communication. After half a month of rectification time without any improvement, our company terminated the labor contract with him.

Jiang has 88 working days, with an average off-duty time of 18:40 and an average working hours of 9.97 hours (including 1.5 lunch hours at noon).拒绝

Mr. Jiang's attendance schedule for September 2020

Our working hours are 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, if we work overtime temporarily, we can take compensatory leave. There is no forced overtime. We strive to protect every employee and always strive to create a good environment for them. We cherish the growth of each team and classmate. The reason for terminating the labor contract with Jiang is the work attitude and work result, not the compulsory 996.

His supervisor and HR related comments have nothing to do with Jiang's termination of the labor contract. We do not agree with the relevant views and will make corresponding rectification in the future. We believe that young people love and burn as they want. Love and work do not conflict, and love is also the driving force of work.

We respect the ruling of the labor and personnel dispute arbitration commission of Qingpu District of Shanghai Municipality on this matter. As there is a dispute in fact, our company has appealed. No matter what the result is, we will abide by the final ruling.

We believe that working together must be a kind of predestination. No matter what disputes, we should not let this predestination lose its color. In the future, we will move forward. I also wish Mr. Jiang to focus on growth and create wonderful things in his new work.

Thank you for your concern!

Shentong express Co., Ltd

January 7, 2021

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This year's student refused 996 and was dismissed by Shentong express: This is for you

Recently, 996 and 007 have become hot topics again. Today, this year's student refused to be dismissed by Shentong express, which attracted netizens' attention. Related topics immediately appeared on Weibo hot search.


According to domestic media reports, on January 6, Xiaojiang, a Shanghai guy, revealed that he was a graduating student in 2020 and joined Shentong express on July 2, 2020. On September 7, the deputy director of Shentong express talked to his subordinates and said that the Department asked to leave work after 9 o'clock, which is responsible for you. He also said that he should not fall in love at this age.

Xiaojiang refused to work overtime until 9 o'clock, and was told on September 9, 2020 that he was dismissed because he failed to pass the probation period.

Xiaojiang submitted an application to the Arbitration Commission of Qingpu District. The Arbitration Commission ruled that Shentong express had illegally terminated the labor contract and decided to pay compensation in accordance with the law. Shentong express appealed against this and applied to the Central People's court for cancellation of the award.


In fact, in recent years, various localities have launched a number of policies to protect the rights and interests of workers. Last October In June, Shenzhen issued the health regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, which proposed the implementation of compulsory leave system to better protect the physical and mental health of workers. Recently, Shenyang also issued the guiding opinions on properly handling problems related to epidemic labor relations, which proposed that enterprises should not require workers to make up for their work on the ground that they are limited by the government's emergency measures or stop production and other relevant regulations If workers are arranged to work overtime according to law, they shall be paid overtime wages. The notice of novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control system issued during the new year and Spring Festival in 2021 issued by the comprehensive defense and control mechanism group of the State Council also clearly encourages employees to take a vacation in their work, and proposes overtime pay and compensation for workers who work overtime during the Spring Festival.

Under the dual pressure of economic downturn and epidemic prevention and control, the development of enterprises is facing unprecedented challenges. Local governments should, while strengthening guidance, actively release incentive policies, appropriately reduce taxes, rent, etc., so as to help enterprises return to work and production to the right track to better achieve long-term, orderly and high-quality development.

Mechanical completion of KPI, tired to irregular menstruation, retired to second tier cities, they still can not escape 996


writingYang Zhouyi, Fang Xing, Li Jingjing

editJinza Chuming


Xiaoli, 24, Chengdu

Online education product manager

I graduated from the Journalism Department of Sichuan University. When I was looking for a job, my original idea was not to go to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, because those places were too tired, and I didn't want to work in the financial reporting group recommended by the counselors. I heard that I had to work overtime and drink with clients, so I came to the online education company that I had practiced in before.

As a result, this year, I still worked overtime every day until 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock, and 996 was the normal. My work is big and small weeks. I take one day off in small weeks and two days off in big weeks. In big weeks when I can have a rest, I will stay up late on Saturday night, play games and watch plays, and then sleep until Sunday afternoon, spend the last free time, and then start the next week.

There are many reasons for the second tier city's online education industry. On the one hand, it is affected by the epidemic. Online education has become a hot trend since the beginning of February last year. On the other hand, the Internet is gradually investing in online education. We can say that it is living in the bubble of capital.

Capital, epidemic, these factors drive us all faster and faster. For example, in the past, we would spend a long period of time elaborately polishing an education product, and slowly do a good job in a class. But now, we often need to quickly verify some assumptions about making a product in a very short period of time through a way similar to agile development, and then all the processes will force you to complete the product launch in a very short period of time, and the key is to quickly Make a thing quickly, go online, catch traffic and generate revenue.

After I was busy for a while, I felt sleepy for a long time. I felt dizzy in the company, and occasionally felt my heart beat faster. On New Year's day, I slept for three days to recover.

The night when I worked overtime was like this. That day, I worked until more than 12 o'clock. When I got home, I found that my house, which had no time to clean up, was made a mess by the cat. I wanted to turn on the floor sweeping robot to sweep the floor, but found that there was no charge, so I squatted on the floor and cried. I often say that there are three things in life: sleeping, eating and going to work.

But even so, in fact, I don't hate this job in my heart. On the contrary, I can still get a lot of sense of achievement from it.

For example, the Student Union told me that my English was not good before and I couldn't understand it in class, but after listening to the lessons I did, like getting through Ren and Du's pulse, I improved my score by 20 points. Although I make products, it is essentially related to education. We can analyze some points that the teacher may not even think about. We can understand where the students get stuck at a certain stage. I hope users can make a little change because of my products, achievements, life or future life. I think I am willing to do this.

So it's not that I can't accept overtime. What I hope is that after work or during overtime, I can have time to do what I really want to do at work, instead of completing KPI mechanically. For example, I often make some adjustments to the details of the product after work, to verify some of my little ideas, make a small change to a process, whether the experience is better, whether the data conversion is higher, and so on.

I don't know if I can stick to it for several years, maybe two or three years, or maybe it will collapse tomorrow. It's hard to say, but education is something I like, and I may continue to stick to it in the future.


Liu Wei, 29, Hefei

Community group buying promotion staff

When I left Beijing in 2019, I had no idea that my present job would be even more tiring than when I was in Beijing.

Now the popularity of community group buying is booming. My job is backed by a big internet factory. In a city like Hefei, my basic salary is 5000 yuan, which is not low. Besides, I have a 100 yuan commission to develop a team leader, which is also a considerable income.

From November to now, Hefei is mainly cloudy and rainy. Every day I work hard in the wind and rain. According to the assessment criteria, I basically don't make any money, and I have experienced 996 and pancake painting in big companies.

When we went into the store to sell our products, we were treated coldly by some shop owners, who thought we BD were boring. In the early stage, I just started to run, and there are many team leaders waiting for development, so I can still run a lot if I work hard and quickly every day. When I think about the salary, I think it's nothing to be tired. However, dozens of people in each district are doing it, and they are constantly recruiting new people every day. A few days later, they found that many businesses have joined in, which makes it more difficult to develop.

Sometimes when we take 20000 or 30000 steps a day, we may not be able to open up a few regiments. The leaders above are continuing to increase the number of them, asking us to open more, and stipulating that we should open 10-13 every day. The difficulty and pressure have increased again. Basically, I'm running without stopping, but the efficiency is not high. I go to remote places to try my luck, and I find that I've been exploited and run for nothing.

From 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., the meeting will be held until 6:00 p.m. if we don't finish the task, let's go on. There must be no pay for this part of overtime.

It's 12:00 at midnight, and it's not over yet. There's another big regional PK to see which district has better performance and rewards. It's so busy that it disbands at 1:00 in the morning the next day, returns home at more than 2:00, and has to gather in the office for a meeting at 8:00 in the morning.

As a BD, I have to help my chief to help and move the goods, see if there are any problems, and deal with them in time. In this way, I had to work as a coolie. During the interview, he said that the basic salary was 5000 and the performance was 4000. As a result, the performance was cut down later, and another assessment method was used to reduce the salary by half. As a result, the monthly salary was 6000 to 7000.

This is also the pain of the second tier cities. There are not as many opportunities as in the first tier cities due to the sharp drop in wages. I am always worried about being laid off, and it will be difficult to find a job. In the second tier cities, it is a happy thing to find a 996 job in a big factory. From my communication with my friends around me, many jobs in Hefei are single break, while there are few double break jobs. It is also very common for our company to have big and small weeks.

People around me don't care much about overtime. What they care about is that they have worked in Banjia, but they don't have enough money. In the early stage, it was said that it would cost 100 yuan to open a group, but in the later stage, it would only cost 50 yuan, and the team leader should have a stable sales volume, otherwise BD would have no performance.

In the past two days, it has been very difficult for Hefei to open up new cities and start to go to the surrounding cities. But the BD that you want to go to may not be less than 45 days on business. You can't come back until the Spring Festival. You can't ask for leave in the middle of the trip without special circumstances.


Picture / visual China

996 phenomenon exists not only in the first tier cities, but also in the second tier cities and cities below the second tier. My girlfriend came back to Hefei from Shanghai and worked in an advertising company as a designer. Sometimes she worked overtime until 3 a.m. We all sigh that after retreating to the second tier, we still can't escape 996.

I am 29 years old and 30 years old. I am more worried about layoffs and midlife crisis than 996. I thought that if I was laid off by the community group buying platform, I would open a fast food restaurant with my friends and work for myself. No matter how long I work, I would be happy. I don't have to worry about being laid off all the time.

A Hua is 30 years old in a third tier city in Guangdong

civil servant

I am a civil servant in a third tier city who needs to work overtime frequently. I go to work at 8:30 a.m. every day. I don't know when I get off work. I can get off work at 6:00 a.m. or 3:40 a.m. in the evening. Because the documents of my daily work are classified, I may go back to work overtime at any time on weekends.

It may sound strange. Why are civil servants in third tier cities so tired? But in fact, this kind of overtime life is normal for us in recent years.

I work in Guangdong, which is a part of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan district. In recent years, Dawan district has gradually developed. Policies also drive the reform of urban construction and bring many new contents to urban governance. We ordinary civil servants also have a lot of big and small affairs.

Printing is actually a very tedious work, more than 100 pages of A4 paper, some materials have a long history, the format is uneven, thick and messy. So from 3:00 p.m., my leader personally led the team to command, how to classify the materials, how to compress the format, how to adjust the small font size, and finally completed the task, made a pamphlet with two volumes of 80 pages each, in triplicate.

At this time, it was already nine o'clock in the evening, and I used a yellow fluorescent pen to mark out the terms involved in the report one by one. It took me an hour. Even if it is marked, it may not be seen, but what if? Thinking of this, I have a high sense of responsibility.

In fact, most of our daily work is made up of these trivial things, and there is very little time for us to really create.

I graduated from 211 university and majored in Chinese language and literature. Before graduation, I had many like-minded friends. We often talked about philosophy, religion and architecture, and I often wrote some film reviews. At that time, after reading some of Zhu Guangqian's research, he simply wanted to do research in the direction of literature and art. Later, after two points in the postgraduate entrance examination, he went home to become a civil servant. In the past six years, I have been transferred once, from the past full of trivial work of pasting tickets, reimbursement and receiving and sending documents to the present busy department which can almost be called 996. In fact, this kind of busyness is my own initiative choice.


Even to some extent, I think overtime is the most lazy way for me to expand my life experience. Sometimes I don't resist working overtime, just because I don't think there are other meaningful things to do, I don't have other interests, and I don't like to make friends. Moreover, I can see that some of the written reports I have written will promote the improvement of some problems existing in this city. Although the specific things may not be big, I think this is still very good.

Now I am 30 years old, another problem is that I want to go higher, but I can't keep up with my physical strength. Because I am too anxious about my work, I have had irregular menstruation for a year. After work, I don't write film reviews as I used to, and I don't have the strength to read books. More often when I get home from work, I just sit in a daze. I have something in my heart that I want to stick to, but I'm still tired. People are in a tearing state.

Most of my colleagues are working overtime like me, gritting their teeth to fight for a better future. But it can be seen that even if they are all 996, there are two kinds of people. One will say that I am interested in the topic of regional economy recently, and the other will complain about neck pain today. Unfortunately, I may be the latter.

Zhou Cheng is 24 years old in a county of Daliangshan


I was born in 1997 in Daliangshan. I'm 24 years old. I've worked eight jobs. I've been an apprentice in a barber shop, a fruit seller and an assembly line worker. Every job is not easy. In order to stay with my family, I came back to the county from Chengdu, and now I am a courier.

This job is not easy either. I go out at 8 a.m. and leave work at 10 p.m. every day. I work seven days a week without holidays. This is not 996 any more. On the contrary, I envy 996 because I am 8107. I have two children, one and a half years old and three years old. The only day off this month is because I ask for leave. My eldest daughter is going to kindergarten, so I have to sign up for her. My daughter is sitting in front of my electric car, and my wife is sitting in the back. It has been more than a year since my family went out to do something together.

In our local area, the most common choice of young people in the village is to work, so do I, so I went to Chengdu. Later, the express delivery point has decided to open to our county. A friend told me that there is a lack of express delivery person in the county. He will be tired and work seven days a week, but he can go home at night. I agreed the first time, and I didn't even care much about how much money I made every month. I told my wife that day when I got home, and she was also very happy, because once before, she worked in a hotel in Guangxi for half a year. When she came home, her daughter called her aunt directly, which made her very sad. We all love our children and hope to be with them. In this sense, I'd like to thank the courier for his job.

The county is not big, there are only two main roads, and the houses are built on the mountain, so I have already got through the roads of the county, but there are few elevators. It's really tiring to climb the stairs to receive and deliver express. Once a man bought a refrigerator, and I carried it up to the fifth floor. Two days later, the man came back and said he wanted to return it. I carried the refrigerator down from the fifth floor. But most of the time, the local people are very polite, because they also know that I am the only one who delivers the express in the whole county.

I don't have a base salary. I rely on commission. Recently, the company has been more strict in assessing our praise rate and punctuality rate. Every time I complain, I have to be fined, so the atmosphere is really low recently. But I try my best to do it. I think as long as I can go home and sleep every day, these fines will be regarded as the rent I have to pay when I work in a big city.

Only once, I worked until 11 p.m. that day, because I also helped the site to sort out the goods. I was so tired that I took a nap when I rode an electric car home along the mountain road, and a big car in front of me almost hit me. At that time, I fell in the Bush next to the mountain road and didn't get hurt. I'm really lucky, but when I think of this scene caused by working overtime, I'm still afraid.


Picture / visual China

Sun Zheng, 24, Changsha


As a tutor, the most tired time was last July.

At that time, I was just 23 years old and worked overtime until 11:00 or 12:00 every day. I had frequent nosebleeds. I went to the hospital and found out that there was something wrong with my liver. One index was more than four times higher than normal. The doctor suggested that I take a rest. I must not work so hard any more. At that time, with the doctor's diagnosis, I was also hesitant to ask for leave.

The main thing is not to worry about children. At that time, I was in charge of dozens of primary school students. Before the online class, I was the first one to preview for them, and then after the lecture, I was also the one to answer their questions. As each child has more than ten minutes to answer questions, they have to be assigned homework and corrected, and they have to call the parents who quit one by one to see why.

Today's children have too much homework in school and extracurricular classes to finish. Some children have to practice piano and flute. Finally, it's my turn to answer questions. It's 1:00 in the morning when I receive wechat. I'm still afraid to sleep. I'm staring at my mobile phone. That's our tutor's duty every day. What we can really rest is one day a week. But on this day, there is a steady stream of wechat from parents or children.

Tutor this job, to tell you the truth, there is not much technical content, primary school problems, we such undergraduate graduates, certainly can solve. I am in Changsha. The best job in this city is to be admitted to a civil servant or go to an enterprise like mangotai. But I graduated from a secondary school, which is basically impossible. The threshold for recruiting a large number of people is not so high. There are three kinds of jobs. One is sales, which I'm not interested in. The other is we media operation. I've tried this. It's too much to watch. The third is to be a tutor.

In this sense, I am very grateful for the wave of online education, which enables me to find a job and live in Changsha with this income.

Being a tutor, at least, has some social value. The lecturers are all in Beijing. I have been to the headquarters, which is well decorated, and there is a special live room for lectures. But our tutors are in Changsha, and the environment is much worse. Many teachers can only answer questions with children in their own stations, and there is a lot of noise around.

I go to work at 10 o'clock every day and leave work at 12 o'clock in the evening. I work six days a week and feel tired. I can accept 996 because I have a sense of achievement. Children will appreciate you and like you very much. Real tiredness is mental tiredness. We also have sales tasks. We have to let the parents continue to buy our classes, and let the children feel that our classes are very helpful to them. This is the most tiring. The renewal rate is the biggest mountain in our spirit.


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