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Toshiba Canvio flex mobile hard disk: support win10 / MacOS cross platform transmission without pressure

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In work, we often need to share and transmit some documents with colleagues. However, if we encounter large amount of data, we will find that the use of U disk or online sharing of documents can not meet the needs of fast office work.

And sometimes we will encounter the problem of document sharing and transmission between different operating systems, such asBetween windows system and MacOS system, Android system of mobile phone and windows system of computerAnd so on.

At this time, in the data sharing and transmission, if there is a kind ofTransfer between different operating systemsIn the way of transmitting large capacity data and ensuring the transmission speed, it will naturally be favored by office workers.


Recently, Toshiba launched a cannio flex mobile hard disk, in addition toUp to 4tb capacityIn addition, it can also achieve flexible switching between windows / MacOS systems to meet the data management and sharing under different systems.

Small and elegant appearance

Because of my work, I have also used a lot of mobile hard disks. When I first started, I felt that they were different. In terms of volume, Toshiba Canvio flex mobile hard disk is relatively small,The length is 111mm and the width is 80mmIt's a little bigger than a business card holder, so it can be easily carried in a handbag or pocket.


The shell is made of silver white frosted material, which can make the overall appearance more textured. The most important thing is that frosting can increase the hand feel, which is not easy to slide, and silver color matching is not easy to be stained with fingerprints.

Toshiba Canvio flexSuperspeed USB 3.2 GEN1 interface is adopted, the transmission rate is greatly improved.

At the same time, in order to facilitate the use of different systems and different equipment users,Toshiba provides usb-a and usb-c data cablesEven on MacBook notebook computers with only usb-c interface, Toshiba's Canvio flex mobile hard disk can be used directly without adapter.


Toshiba Canvio flex is widely used,It is compatible with Windows system, Mac OS system, iPad OS and Android system,Today's mainstream computers and tablets can be used to access and store data between various electronic devices.

Toshiba Canvio flex mobile hard disk provides three different capacity specifications of 1TB, 2TB and 4tb, which can meet the storage needs of different people for data files.

High speed read and write, high efficiency data sharing

How to improve work efficiency is the focus of enterprises, especially in file sharing and management, transmission speed and stability are the two most important factors, which is also the biggest reason why people tend to use mobile hard disk when transferring large files.

Next, we will test the read-write performance of Toshiba Canvio flex mobile hard disk through the standard read-write speed test.


Through USB 3.1 interface, using attodisk benchmar to test the write and read speed, Toshiba Canvio flex mobile hard disk has a maximum write speed of 156mb / s and a maximum read speed of 150.6mb/s. From the test results of read-write speed, the product can meet the daily big data fast transmission of enterprises.

The test data of Toshiba Canvio flex mobile hard disk on crystal diskmark and HD tune are also good,The average read speed is over 140MB / s, and the write speed is about 110mb / sHigh speed reading and writing speed can bring ideal efficiency in the process of data copy and transfer.

In addition to the software side read-write speed test, the author pays more attention to the performance of Toshiba Canvio flex mobile hard disk in practical application.

It happens that I have about 3.65gb data to copy, including documents, excel tables and some video materials. I will use these data to feel the actual performance of Toshiba Canvio flex mobile hard disk.


Regardless of reading or writing, Toshiba's Canvio flex mobile hard disk is excellent in speed, with the highest speed exceeding 130mb / s, and the 3.65gb data can be copied in less than one minute.

In the past, it may take a few minutes or even more than ten minutes to copy these materials. In terms of time, the efficiency is greatly improved.

In the face of today's massive video demand, the transmission of a single large capacity video file has become a common work recently.


We copy a 2GB video material to Toshiba Canvio flex mobile hard disk and transfer it to other computers. The reading and writing speed is maintained at about 137MB / s. We can copy a video material in less than half a minute, and the progress bar scrolls smoothly, which makes us feel very comfortable.

Multi platform compatibility and real data sharing


Mac OS System Storage Interface


Storage interface in Windows system

Toshiba Canvio flex not only perfectly solves the data sharing and transmission between windows system and MacOS system, but also solves the data sharing and transmission between mobile Android system and computer windows system and other cross system platforms.

For users, we all hope that their mobile hard disk can realize data sharing and transmission between multi platforms and multi systems to facilitate their use. Toshiba Canvio flex mobile hard disk creates a very convenient data storage and transmission solution for users through flexible technology and diversified connection methods.


Science Popularization

The main reason why the data between windows and MacOS are not fully compatible is that the two systems support different disk formats.

Toshiba Canvio flex mobile hard disk adopts the file format that can be read by both systems by default, which solves the problem of data sharing and transmission between the two systems.

In the actual use process, we copy some files in the windows system notebook computer to the hard disk, and then read them on another MacBook. The MacBook system quickly recognizes the Toshiba Canio flex hard disk, and the data on the disk is also recognized normally, and the files are opened normally.

If the reverse operation, copying data from MacBook, can also be identified in the windows system laptop, which also makes cross system data sharing and transmission become very convenient.



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