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How does pinduoduo get anonymous information from employees?

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Good guy, when I wake up, this video has been forwarded nearly 300000 times on Weibo alone.

According to the Convention, let's first briefly talk about Wang Taixu's complete experience of being driven out of pinduoduo: it also starts from an anonymous dynamic message sent by Wang Daxu in his pulse

On January 7, Wang Taixu saw an ambulance parked at the door of the company, and then a male colleague was taken to the ambulance.


On January 8, Wang Taixu was interviewed by two HR and two direct supervisors. HR took this anonymous photo and asked if it was from him.

Soon pinduoduo responded to the incident through the third-party media.


Even in pinduoduo's response, Wang Taixu picked out all the negative comments about pinduoduo from October to December this year.


No matter how much, I want to fight to die on October 22, 2020

Did you send it to me as a former employee? 22 October 2020

? State of mind collapse, know a person around to take 2 feel not how to work, unexpectedly take so much? I'll work hard and add a little bit. Damn it, November 16, 2020

Insist on self-discipline = brainwashed and worked hard to understand December 8, 2020

Pinduoduo response screenshot

Pinduoduo's reply is very urgent.

Immediately send a microblog to clarify: pulse itself does not disclose customer information.


If we get rid of the suspicion of privacy leakage of pulse software itself, and try our best to locate the anonymous comments of our employees on pulse, there are still many ways. We might as well make a bold reasoning according to his reply.

Of course, in advance: the following is pure reasoning. It's a coincidence if they are the same.

Old friends should know: a casual ordinary photo, can reveal your privacy is too much.


We have the time and place. Then we just need to check the monitoring in the company lobby to roughly confirm the employees in this time area.


Bad friends in the pulse of the job words Click on the user's ID to be able to view.


Then the bad friends can take a close look at the screenshot of pinduoduo in the response, which is very similar to the screenshot sorted out by the crawler after capturing the pulse data.


So why can pinduoduo accurately find all the comments published by this ID in just a few days?

Bad review Jun once read a saying on the Internet: pinduoduo every few days, will go to the pulse to crawl the negative comments about pinduoduo, and keep them.

The above is poor comments Jun according to pinduoduo's reply, reasoning out the most likely way.

In fact, pinduoduo wants to accurately locate an employee in an anonymous community. There are many possibilities, such as through the company's internal network.

When you connect to the company's WiFi, in fact, the information you browse on the Internet will be recorded. The bad friends should have heard something called hardware firewall.


For example, some information sent by employees through WiFi, such as chat messages, will be recorded on the firewall.

Want to know who is in this period of time to use the pulse, just call the firewall inside the interception record.

This kind of behavior has another unique name: employee online behavior management.

That's another guess.


These two kinds of behaviors are the two more possible ways for the poor critic to exclude the possibility of selling the user's information by virtue of his limited technical knowledge.

In fact, it's perfectly normal to monitor employees' online behavior in a big Internet company. After all, there are many confidential information in an Internet company. If it is leaked by employees, the loss to a company will be immeasurable.

Moreover, many enterprises really can't tolerate some employees slandering their corporate image on the open platform. Therefore, many enterprises generally have some requirements for employees' opinions.

Pinduoduo fired the employee for violating the employee handbook and making extreme remarks.


How to write the employee handbook, how to define extreme speech, and the right to speak is in pinduoduo's hands. I say it or not, and the employees say it or not.

You can't say that there is any big mistake in this procedure, but you always feel that it's not very authentic, and the employees have no right to speak.

The progress of science and technology itself is the continuous upgrading and iteration of tools. There is no right or wrong in it. In the whole process of this matter, we can only make a bold guess based on a little information.

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