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Internet companies that do not lend are not "good companies"

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Debt, has become the shadow of this session of young people can not escape.

According to the report on the debt situation of young people in China released by Nielsen, 86.6% of young people aged 18 to 29 are using credit products, that is to say, only 13.4% of young people have no debt. CCTV finance and economics also released a report on China's youth consumption from 2019 to 2020, which directly pointed out that this session of young people are extravagant and wasteful, poisoned by consumerism, but their bodies are still honest.

Once online, the loan is as deep as the sea. On the eve of last year's double 11, the "debtors' union" rushed into the microblog hot search. This Douban group gathered a group of people who were in debt for various reasons, such as over consumption, fraud, investment failure, and so on. They gathered together to warm up and comfort each other, but so far few of them have landed.

In recent years, the frequent thunder of P2P has killed those online lending companies. However, the bloody everywhere has attracted more giants.

Because in the difficult year of 2020, almost all Internet giants have more or less entered the field of online lending. Everyone's life has been so difficult, giants still want to lend money to people who need money, what kind of spirit is this?

No one can escape Internet lending

After three years of ink weather, Chenchen finally decided to uninstall the weather service software that she originally preferred. In the past two years, she has found that there are more and more advertisements for ink weather, covering recruitment, rental, second-hand housing, second-hand goods, housekeeping, life services, etc. almost all places where they can be implanted have been implanted with advertisements. But what's more intolerable to her is the surge of loan advertisements.

For software products advertising for Internet finance, users have the right to unload. However, if they can unload all of them, there are not many apps that users can continue to use.


Alibaba's beautification of lending, Jingdong's vulgar marketing, and giants' eating habits have caused great discomfort to netizens, but this is only the tip of the iceberg of Internet financial advertising.

Tiktok had already seen about 50 loans in the early 2019. Some media revealed that the shake off tone relaxed the restrictions on advertising in the financial industry, even for the tiktok platforms such as usury and violent collection. The tiktok tiktok reported in 2020, which said its advertising revenue in China is expected to reach 180 billion yuan, which contributed nearly 60% of its vibrato. The two major advertising boards of games and finance are the most important source of profit for the jitter.

Giant routine, both when and stand

When the concept of Internet finance was put forward, it was quite meaningful to change the traditional finance and support the vulnerable groups. In China, more than 80% of the common people and small and micro enterprises are in fact difficult to obtain financial services from traditional financial institutions, especially individuals. The consumption demand and desire of the young generation are expanding unprecedentedly, but their consumption ability is restricted by the reality of anxiety such as loan and car loan. So to a large extent, this group is ignored in front of traditional finance.

The emergence of Internet finance, because it reduces the threshold, is considered to be the most feasible form of Inclusive Finance.

However, today, inclusive finance has become a general liability.

Why do you say that? Take 360 finance as an example. As early as October 2018, 360 IOU, the core product of 360 finance, reached a scale of 10 billion yuan in a single month. In this year, the income of 360 IOU business accounted for 83.09% of the total business of 360 finance. What is 360 IOU? It's a small and micro credit platform for ordinary users, so it's not inappropriate to say that 360 finance is a lending company.

Does Internet Finance widen the gap between the rich and the poor?

From the perspective of science and technology, this idea is not impossible, but from the perspective of finance, the result is not to break the gap between the rich and the poor, but to aggravate it, as is the case with the current domestic Internet finance.

In 2019, China Institute of income distribution of Beijing Normal University randomly selected 70000 samples and calculated that there are 547 million people with a monthly income of less than 1000 yuan, 52.5 million people with a monthly income of 1000-1090 yuan, 364 million people with a monthly income of 1090-2000 yuan, and the number of low-income groups is close to 1 billion.

However, Internet finance has not yet sunk into the low-income group, but has pushed many middle-income people or families into debt predicament. The reduction of their wealth is the main reason for the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

Among the 86.6% of the young people who use credit products, 57% work after 90, 39% work after 95, and 21% school students. It's because of their parents that the online lending platform dares to lend money to students at school or to Xiaobai who graduated soon, but the families behind them have to pay for their children's debts.

In the financial market, the low-income group is an absolutely vulnerable group, while the middle-income group is a relatively vulnerable group. The former is poor, while the latter is poorer and poorer under the temptation of consumption desire expansion and credit.

What about the Internet giants? He is still happy to stir up opposition and indulge desire.

It is worrisome that, in the case that the chaos in the industry does not cause reflection, Internet companies will use financial means to harvest users, or there will be no bottom line, and will eventually go to the edge of out of control.

But the first ones to get out of control this time are Internet companies that may be lending like crazy.

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