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What are the USB 4 high-speed notebook, hard disk box and usb-c cable

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On November 11, 2020, Apple released the latest generation of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13, which are equipped with USB4 full-function high-speed interface. Before users can react, USB4 products and accessories have quietly come on the market. Since its birth in 1994, USB has gone through several iterations, such as usb1.0, USB2.0, USB3.0, usb3.1 and usb3.2. Now USB4 has brought USB standard to an unprecedented new level.

Compatible with lightning standard, it supports 100W charging, 40Gbps data transmission, ultra high definition audio and video transmission, etc. This article introduces the development history of USB4, and looks at the notebook, hard disk box and usb-c cable of USB4 high-speed transmission.

1、 What is USB4

1. Brief history of USB development

USB is the abbreviation of universal serial bus (Universal Serial Bus). Before the birth of USB interface, serial port, parallel port and round port of pin type were used to connect computers, which was slow and occupied space.

Usb3.1 as a decimal point Version (. 1) means that it is based on the evolution of USB3.0. After usb3.1, the original USB3.0 has been cancelled. Usb3.1 is divided into two versions, namely usb3.1 GEN1 at 5Gbps and usb3.1 Gen2 at 10Gbps. You can think of usb3.1 GEN1 as the vest of USB3.0. They are all 5Gbps, and things start to be interesting when the version hides.

In 2017, before ordinary consumers knew about usb3.1 and USB3.0, the usb-if Association released the next generation USB standard: usb3.2. Compared with usb3.1, the maximum transmission rate of usb3.2 increased to 20gbps. After the usb3.2 standard came out, the original usb3.1 standard was no longer used, so usb3.2 "renamed" the names corresponding to the rates, which were usb3.2 GEN1 (5Gbps), usb3.2 Gen2 (10Gbps), usb3.2 gen2x2 (20gbps), and many of them were dizzy,.

At the beginning of September 2020, USB promoter Group officially released USB4. The official name does not contain spaces or a few dots. It is neither USB 4 nor usb4.0. USB4 standard uses dual link channel, transmission bandwidth reaches 40Gbps, interface type is bidirectional usb-c, in terms of charging performance, it supports 100W USB PD fast charging, USB4 can be said to integrate lightning 3, and downward compatible with USB3.0 and 2.0, which has great advantages in performance and compatibility, and has high cost performance. In terms of performance, USB4 is divided into two versions, namely usb420 and usb440, corresponding to 20gbps and 40Gbps transmission rates respectively.

Xiaobian has made a form for the convenience of small partners.

2. The difference between USB4 and lightning 4

Before that, all the lightning protocols were private owned by Intel. Because of the high price and incompatibility with USB standard, the private ecosystem of lightning could not be widely popularized, which made Intel and a number of manufacturers very distressed. In 2019, Intel announced that it will open the lightning protocol to USB promoter group, so that USB4 can be compatible with lightning standard, has the performance of high-speed power transmission, and is downward compatible with various USB versions. With the advantages of USB4 general standard, it will rapidly promote the popularity of ultra-high speed interface. Since then, Intel has made a more stringent definition on the basis of thunder and lightning 3 and released thunder and lightning 4 interface specification, so there are three kinds of high-speed interface standards with the same 40Gbps upper limit, namely USB4, thunder and lightning 3 and thunder and lightning 4. What is the difference between them?

2、 Apple launches two USB 4 laptops

1、MacBook Air

Apple held a new product launch online in the early morning of November 11, China time, and released the new M1 processor MAC series products, MacBook Air, macbook pro 13, and mac mini, which adopted a new architecture, with unimaginable energy efficiency and greatly improved endurance. In terms of charging performance, MacBook Air is equipped with 30W PD charger as standard, while MacBook Pro 13 is equipped with 61W PD charger as standard. They are all equipped with USB4 high-speed transmission interface as standard.

In terms of interface, the MacBook Air has a 3.5mm audio interface and two full-function thunderbolt / USB 4 interfaces. The two thunderbolt / USB 4 interfaces support charging input, and the speed can reach 40Gbps when operating in thunderbolt 3 mode, and are downward compatible with usb3.1 10Gbps.

The MacBook Air package contains a 2-meter-long usb-c to usb-c charging cable. The charger is a 30W usb-c PD charger with a built-in 49.9wh lithium polymer battery. It can provide up to 15 hours of wireless internet access, 18 hours of Apple TV app movie playback, and has a very long battery life.

2、Macbook Pro 13

In terms of interface, macbook pro 13 has a 3.5mm audio interface and two full-function thunderbolt / USB 4 interfaces. The two thunderbolt / USB 4 interfaces support charging input, and the speed rate can reach 40Gbps when operating in thunderbolt 3 mode, and are downward compatible with usb3.1 10Gbps.

The MacBook Pro 13 has a 58wh lithium polymer battery, which supports 10 hours of wireless internet access, 10 hours of Apple TV app movie playback, and 30 days of standby time. Its battery life is far beyond the same level. The package includes a 2m long usb-c to usb-c charging cable with a 61W usb-c PD charger as standard.

3、 What are the USB4 accessories

1. Akassis USB 4 hard disk box

Recently, Intel announced that thunder 4 and USB4 are compatible with each other, which means that the cost of licensing fee is greatly reduced. Massive integrated thunder 4 / USB4 interface notebooks will be launched one after another. Apple has equipped thunder 4 / USB4 interface on the latest generation of MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Air, which means thunder 4 / USB4 will be popularized rapidly. The charging head network received the message that akassis, focusing on ultra-high speed data peripherals, first launched USB4 hard disk box, which supports 40Gbps ultra-high speed data transmission rate, far faster than the traditional USB hard disk box, the same speed as lightning 4 hard disk box, and downward compatible with lightning 3. Moreover, akassis USB4 hard disk box can also be used on usb3.1, USB3.0 and USB2.0 interfaces, which has a wide range of versatility.

As the information on the packaging box indicates, the appearance of the usb4.0 SSD box of akassis is in the color of space gray. The whole box body is cut by integrated aluminum ingot CNC. The sandblasting surface process is printed with the brand logo of "acassis akassis" in the middle. The whole product looks very delicate.

In terms of interface, the hard disk box adopts a single usb-c physical interface, with a small circular power on indicator on the left, and the words usb4.0 on the bottom of the interface, which is also the biggest feature of this product.

The usb4.0 hard disk box is not fixed with traditional screws, but with ingenious elastic locking design instead of screws. The advantage is that the back cover can be directly disassembled without additional tools, and the shell can not be loosened when the elastic ball is installed. It's also very easy to open the hard disk box, which can be opened directly from the "open" position on the side without any effort.

When you open the hard disk box directly, you can see the internal slot position. An m-key m.2 slot is built into the akassis usb4.0 SSD box, which supports nvme SSD and can hold the most common 2280 length SSD. The installation method of SSD is screw fixation.

The disk speed test on MacBook Pro is used to test the read-write speed of the hard disk. The measured write speed is 1457mb / s, and the read speed is 2535mb / s, which is in the data transmission standard of USB4.

2. Coaxial technology USB 4 full function data line

Among all interface standards of digital products, lightning 4 is the highest data transmission interface standard at present. Before that, lightning 3 was not widely popularized due to Intel patents, licensing fees and other factors. However, last year, Intel announced the integration of lightning 3 controller on the 10th generation processor, and on the subsequent version of lightning 4 of lightning 3, it will achieve common technology with USB4. Various measures show that Lightning transmission interface will be popularized rapidly. Shenzhen coaxial technology has been focusing on the production and development of high-speed wire, taking the lead in launching USB4 ultra-high speed cable, supporting usb440 full blood 40Gbps transmission rate. All cores are made of coaxial technology, so as to achieve high-speed and stable data transmission.

Shenzhen coaxial technology has launched three USB4 ultra high speed cable products in one go, which meet the highest speed standard of usb440 and can be used in various occasions. The outer package of coaxial technology USB4 cable adopts transparent simple package design. The cross-section of the wire is printed on the surface. You can directly see that all the cables inside are made by coaxial technology.

The use scenarios of the three types of USB4 cables of coaxial technology are different, which are the 0.2m ultra short USB4 cable focusing on portability, the 0.7m elbow USB4 cable specially dealing with various tricky angles, and the most commonly used USB4 cable with 1m length.

The outer skin of the cable is made by gray black two-color weaving process, which is more wear-resistant. At the same time, the connection between the terminal head and the net tail is lengthened for protection, so as to improve the bending resistance and not feel too hard at the same time.

The other one adopts elbow design, which is different from the common straight end insertion. The elbow line adopts 90 degree side protruding terminal head, which is more convenient to use in some tricky occasions. On the surface of the braided body, grey and black interlaced fibers are laid flat on the body without burr.

The power-z km001c reads the e-marker information of wire rod. The screen shows that it supports 20V 5A 100W power transmission and 40Gbps data transmission rate. The USB standard is USB 4 gen3.

3. Elecom USB 4 cable

Elecom, a Japanese peripheral brand, launched its first USB 4 data line in October 2020. The USB 4 data line of elecom adopts fashionable yellow and black color bar packaging, and the product use situation diagram is printed on the bottom. There are black and white options, and the models are USB 4-cc5p08bk and USB 4-cc5p08wh respectively. The cable length is 0.8m, and the connector type is common usb-c to usb-c.

Elecom USB4 data cable supports usb440 transmission standard, the transmission speed is eight times higher than USB3.0, reaching 40Gbps, which is the highest speed cable at present. In addition, it also supports 100W power transmission, which can be used for USB PD fast charging. The cable adopts three-layer shielding treatment to improve the high-speed transmission stability, and adopts thick gold-plated contact to resist corrosion, which can maintain the electrical performance after long use The price of USB 4 data line is 5478 yen (about 354 yuan).

Summary of charging head network:

I still remember that after changing the USB3.0 motherboard, my friend took the USB flash disk of USB2.0 to copy information. Every replacement of the super speed interface needs to be popularized in the market in order to benefit users. USB4 is the best person to undertake this important task. The USB4 is compatible with lightning 4, and has the same 40Gbps high-speed transmission as lightning 4, supporting 100W With PD fast charging and downward compatibility with usb3.2, usb3.1 and USB2.0, the cost of authorization and certification is greatly reduced, which makes USB4 popularize rapidly. Notebook manufacturers, docking stations, hard disk boxes, USB flash drives and cable manufacturers will enjoy the dividend and become part of the promotion of high-speed interface popularization. As consumers, they need to recognize the differences between USB4 versions. Usb420 and usb440 correspond to 20gbps and 40Gbps respectively. Not all versions support 40Gbps ultra-high speed rate. The products introduced at present are manufactured according to usb440 standard, so consumers can pay attention to them when purchasing.

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