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"Wechat red envelope cover" turned out to be a profiteering business, with some earning 100000 yuan a month secretly

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By Tong Tong and Yang Xue

Design: melon

Source: Operations Research Society

Seeing the new year, once again, WeChat's red envelope cover was double.



The point is that last month, wechat finally opened the function of customized red envelope cover to individual users, and everyone had a better time.


What are the playing methods and routines? Today we're going to have a grill.


Wechat red envelope cover, why so hot

After all, the red envelope cover is just a picture. Why can people get up early and go to bed late and stare at it? After careful study, I found that there was something in it.

Although the customized function of red envelope cover has been open to both enterprise users and individual users, the high threshold application process is still daunting.

① Enterprise customization

The user function of the red envelope must be registered by the official account of the enterprise. The red envelope cover should be paid to WeChat according to the standard of 1 yuan and 1.


② Personal customization

Individual users customize the red envelope cover, although the application fee is also 1 yuan, but the request is still stuck.

In addition to real name authentication and video Number Authentication, personal video number should meet the requirements of publishing one content in nearly 30 days and more than 1000 fans.


2) Business routines emerge in endlessly

① Limited time and limited collection

Limited time and limited collection is the most basic way to grab the red envelope cover. The official brand will announce in advance the time point, number of copies and the specific way of participation.


② Draw

The official brand will also announce the time and the number of covers in advance. You only need to click the app link to get it at the specified time. The red envelope covers of Nike and Adidas are such operations.


The difference between this method and time limit is that time limit is really a combination of hand speed and Internet speed. If the hand is slow, there will be no more.

Because the probability of winning a lottery is limited, it may take several times to get the cover.

Some people hit it once, and some people can't even hit it 100 times. In a word, it's not harmful, but it's very insulting.

With the increase of the number of participants, many big red envelope cover extraction has more stringent requirements.


According to the test of netizens, it's hard to get the cover by directly clicking on the link now. Only by clicking on the link shared by group chat and circle of friends can we get a high probability of winning.

That is to say, users must communicate through real social relationship to get the cover.


For example, if you want to grab the red envelope cover of Gucci, you need to fill in your personal information to register members before you can participate in the lucky draw.


In this way, the brand side not only reduces the customer acquisition cost minute by minute, but also effectively combines the brand exposure advertising and red envelope social networking, resulting in a soaring user touch rate.

④ Access to the game

After the red envelope cover fire, not only the fashion brand in doing custom cover marketing, game brand is also followed.


⑤ Continuous check in acquisition


⑥ Mission treasure fission acquisition

In addition to enterprise users, individual users who meet the application conditions also began to use the red envelope cover to do drainage marketing for themselves, and gave birth to some task treasure fission play.

Red envelope cover, how profiteering?

Although the red envelope cover looks very simple, but you may not think that someone has long relied on this to achieve a monthly income of 100000.


1) official account closure


So what is keyword closure?


Then the official account issued a large number of articles about the cover of red envelopes every day. Official account of WeChat will rank the public according to the number of words, reading volume and point praise.

As long as users go to WeChat search keywords, these official account will have a great chance to appear, basically can achieve interception on WeChat.

And the number of owners usually open N official account at a time, so the overall exposure rate will follow UPUP.

When the official account has enough fans, the owner can sell the number, or sell things through the advertisements and official account, and quickly realize the cash.

Official account asks for fans to pay attention to official account and watch videos, so that they can receive red envelopes free of charge. Through these ways, the owner can easily earn tens of thousands of yuan a month.


2) Do red envelope authentication service

As mentioned above, only through certification, individuals and enterprises can use the red envelope cover.

Although wechat has lowered the threshold for personal and enterprise certification, there are still certain requirements for fans, and not everyone can meet the certification requirements.

Some businesses aimed at the needs of certification services, and made a clearly priced certification package.


Professional certification needs to be bound with professional identity. The store will provide the certificate of acting agent. This set of certification costs 300 yuan.

The official account official account is more expensive. One is to certify the official account number of the enterprise name, the other is to rush authentication. The store provides the public information, the price is about 500 yuan.


3) Selling red envelope cover to make money

Although the cost of the red envelope cover is only one yuan, but we do not have the qualification of customization, hand speed is not fast enough, can not grab the free cover, we can only go to Taobao to buy ready-made.

Because wechat official does not allow the sale of red envelope covers, businesses attract users by selling other things and sending red envelope covers. Now the most common way is to buy facial expression bags and send red envelope covers in disguised form.



4) Design red envelope also makes money

In addition, the price of the red envelope cover of the dynamic version and the personal customized version is more expensive, and the designers are also making a lot of money.

This year, the cover with selfie is also very popular. I asked a designer to customize this kind of personalized cover, and the price would be 100 or 200 yuan.


According to the official account @ ten Li village, there is a red envelope cover group, which covers a few days in a day.

There are designers in the group, and the charge for a cover is 999 yuan. Now we still need to queue up, so we can't get more work.



It has to be said that under the threshold of customized cover, wechat red envelope cover has become a kind of social currency.

Plus a few days ago, WeChat also announced that the red envelope cover of WeChat has already opened the video number, and pulled down the red envelope reception interface, and then it can jump to the brand small program, official account number and video number.

Combined with the causes of this year's epidemic, it is estimated that 80% of the red envelopes for new year's greetings will have to be transferred online, and the popularity of the red envelope cover will only increase.

But it should be noted that wechat official is not allowed to buy and sell red envelope cover! There are still risks in buying and selling covers, which can be recycled at any time.

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