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The future of win10

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At the build 2019 developer conference, Microsoft once released an operating system.

This system is similar to win10, but has many differences with win10. For example, it is a dual screen interface, which can easily realize some special operations.

There is no menu in the whole system, which is similar to Android and IOS.

Just after people all over the world thought that they had been stood up by Microsoft, this product miraculously appeared (had to obey Microsoft's wave of operation)!).


Recently, a virtual machine image (vhdx version) known as windows 10x build 20279 was leaked to the Internet,This is actually the RTM version of win10x.

However, due to some minor problems, Microsoft suspended the release of this version. So what does this quasi RTM look like? Pacific computer has had an experience with it.


Virtual machine deployment

At present, the leaked version we have obtained is vhdx, which is a special image format for Microsoft Hyper-V (Microsoft's own virtual machine product). Next, let's demonstrate how to deploy it to a virtual machine.

Note: first of all, it should be noted that the operating system cannot be home version or educational version, but must be one of windows 10 professional (professional version) and windows 10 enterprise (enterprise version).

At the same time, BIOS should turn on CPU Virtualization (VT-x, vt-d or AMD-V). Only after the above preparations are completed can the deployment phase be formally started.

Install Hyper-V

Hyper-V is Microsoft's own virtual machine component. You can install it directly in the system if you want to use it.


Build virtual machine

After Hyper-V is installed, you can create a new virtual machine.


New virtual machine



Power on

If everything is right, you can see the following picture, which is actually the new boot animation of win10x.

It takes about one and a half minutes to boot up for the first time, and then you will enter a very gorgeous configuration wizard.


Practical experience

The configuration wizard is the first change we've seen. As mentioned earlier, win10x has a new configuration wizard.

Although the whole interface is not so amazing, it should also be the most beautiful configuration wizard launched by Microsoft.

The whole interface is small and fresh, and also integrates many popular designs, such as micro animation, flat wind and so on. All these have deepened our expectation for this new operating system.

Unlike the current version of win10, win10x no longer supports local (offline) accounts. On the one hand, it is the trend of the times; on the other hand, I think it is probably because win10x focuses on mobile environment.

Online account has more advantages in information synchronization and resource storage. Of course, this account is also unified with the current version of win10. Enter your Microsoft account and you can directly verify it.


The next steps are not different from the current version of win10, such as pin, user agreement and privacy settings.

The only difference,It's the part of singing poems and entertaining ourselves without win10. Then we successfully entered the main interface of win10x.


Same pin setting


Privacy settings

Single screen interface

Compared with the preview image released last year, one of the biggest changes in RTM is that it is presented directly in a single screen.

This also shows Microsoft's attitude that running fast is not as good as running steadily. If the dual screen is really pulling the hip, leading to a strong wait-and-see mood among hardware manufacturers, it may be more meaningful to actively adapt existing devices and take the lead in occupying the market than to launch a personalized operating system (I believe Microsoft still remembers the situation of Vista in those years).


RTM compared with last year's image

The taskbar is in the middle!

The task bar of win10x is designed in the center, which is different from win10 and apple dock.

The task bar of win10x does not support mouse size drag and drop, and even the right-click menu. It seems that win10x is still different from the traditional operating system. One is a productivity tool, and the other is just a win10 based mobile operating system.

The setting panel provides three groups of sizes to meet the needs of different users (devices). And a more interesting point is that you can see a small dynamic effect embedded in the taskbar, which can be seen when you open the application, close the application, and minimize the window.


The start menu is not very good


The search bar is similar to the current version of win10. It can start applications, modify settings, search online, and the window zooming effect is different from the current version of win10.

It should be noted that win10x no longer has the concept of tile, and all applications appear directly in the menu in the form of icons.

At present, the list of commonly used apps in the start menu is not updated with the frequency of use, and there is no manual fixed function. To be honest, it is not easy to use. When you right-click an application, you can only pin it to the taskbar.

Operation center

Win10x enables a new operation center. In addition to a clearer classification, some functions of the previous start menu have been transferred here (such as shutdown, restart, volume adjustment, etc.).

Like win10, the notification center is still placed above the operation center, but it can be seen that win10x has clearly divided them into two different modules. One operation does not affect the other.


The volume slider is also moved here, but it is not connected to the music app.

If there is music, a mini volume control board will be generated on the top of the operation center, and it can be called out under the lock screen, so that users can quickly adjust the music progress.


The shortcut button supports adding, deleting and sorting. The operation logic is the same as the current version of win10. Right click the button directly.

Of course, the whole logic is not different from the current version of win10, but it looks more holistic.

Although the operation center is perfect, it is undeniable that it is not a complete copy of win10. One obvious change is that some tray functions have been canceled, such as date display, shortcut schedule, task manager, etc.

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to download the Chinese language pack successfully.

The only thing that can be determined is a warm prompt given by win10x after adding Chinese input method. The main idea is that you can switch between Chinese and English by using the shift key. It should be consistent with the current version of win10.


Chinese switch should be similar to the current version of win10, but unfortunately failed to test


This is the prompt information given by win10x, which should be consistent with the current version of win10

6. Resource manager

Resource manager finally uses uwp, but a small change is that win10x does not provide local file management services, but directly replaces storage management with onedrive.

This seems to verify our previous conjecture once again. Win10x is an operating system specially developed for portable devices, and the use of network disk as the storage medium undoubtedly greatly reduces the demand for storage space of the device itself.

In addition to the localization factor, the completion of the entire resource manager is still very high. First of all, it provides two view modes, icon and list, to facilitate the use experience of different users.

Secondly, the function button is designed to be hidden. Under normal circumstances, only a few groups of common commands, such as new / share / sort, can pop up some object-oriented operations, such as cut / copy / paste / open / rename / delete, after selecting a file or folder.


Like onedrive of win10, win10x also provides localized keep on this device for some common folders to improve the use efficiency of online files.

And thanks to uwp, resource manager in dark mode is no longer hot. Unfortunately, this version still needs users to manually switch the dark mode, and the legendary automatic switch has not come.


Dark mode is no longer hot


In win10x, the traditional address bar has been replaced, and users can no longer enter paths through the address bar.


Click here to view the downloaded files, which is the only place where you can access local resources




Although we already know that win10x does not support Win32 applications, but in line with the principle of trying, Xiaobian decided to try again.

The result of course is a slap in the face. Whether I download directly from edge or synchronize to the virtual machine through onedrive, there is no wave in the explorer.

But this experience let me have an unexpected discovery, that is win10x even contains another resource manager!


For example, there is a search bar above the taskbar, which makes it easier to find and locate.

More shortcut paths are provided on the left side (still onedrive), functions such as return up, one click Select all, right-click properties are added to the function area, and the image view also realizes the display of thumbnails, etc.

But this module is not found in the win10x start menu, but is brought out by other system components. Overall, it should be a technical preview of the current version.


Of course, consider the virtual machine version, I want to throw the pot to the virtual machine, it should be no problem!


Anti theft mode

The settings panel is similar to win10, but not as rich as the current version of win10. Cross device sharing, cloud clipboards, windows Hello, system recovery and other basic functions are also included, and even some auxiliary functions such as color filter and magnifying glass are not left behind.


Settings panel! The appearance is very close to win10, but the function is much simplified


System reset, most of the regular functions are supported


application program

Due to its homology with win10, the built-in app is basically the same as the app we currently use, but some small changes (such as alarm clock) can be seen in individual applications. The following is a screenshot of some applications.






alarm clock




Remote desktop


Write at the end

Overall, this win10x gives us a very shocking feeling.

Although there are still some imperfections, but at least the design is unified. However, from the test, we can see that this operating system is not a substitute for the traditional win10, but has different emphases. Win10 focuses on productivity, while win10x focuses more on mobile devices.

Judging from the current situation, it seems that Microsoft does not intend to launch win10x on the Win32 app. With the popularity of the app store, it is hard to say how far win10x can go with uwp alone.

But in any case, win10x has created a good start for the future development of windows, and also let us have a deeper understanding of the actual effect of fluent design.

Therefore, we should see a process of the integration of win10 and win10x.



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