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Does Apple really have to wait until 2025 or beyond?

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Back in 2016, when a large number of news related to car R & D appeared, such as Apple's excavation of auto related engineers, the secret establishment of R & D laboratory in Berlin, retired hardware executives coming out again, the fans and fans were really excited for a while, and they were also very looking forward to Apple's car. At that time, there were still enthusiasts who drew the imaginary effect of Apple's car Fruit map.

In June of 2017, apple CEO Cook, who interviewed for the first time in the interview, admitted that they were concentrating on the autopilot system and sat on the rumors of their involvement in the car. Taking into account the secrecy of Apple's secrecy, they would not disclose any information before the product was formed. Cook admitted to focus on the autopilot system, and the outside world seemed to see the launch of Apple automatically. The dawn of driving electric cars.

But unfortunately, when Apple was expected to launch an autopilot car, it came out in 2019 with the news that the Titan Titan's apple car project had not progressing well. The staff had undergone a large-scale adjustment, from 5000 people in the peak period to 200 people. Meanwhile, the mileage of the road survey on public roads in California in 2019 dropped to 79745 from 79745 miles in 2018. 7544 miles (about 12140.89 km) in 1997.

In August and October 2018, Apple's self driving test car was hit by other vehicles on the road near Apple's headquarters. One of them was in automatic driving mode. Although the accident was not caused by Apple's self driving technology, it was not glorious to enter the field of vision by accident.

In 2019, a major adjustment was made in 2019. In February 2020, the motor vehicle administration of the California released the report on the automatic driving vehicle road test. After revealing the mileage of the apple automatic driving test vehicle, the code named Titan's autopilot project was silent for a long time, and there was no relevant news for more than half a year.

Half a month later, it was announced in the industrial chain that Apple motor would be launched at least two years ahead of schedule in September this year. Later, some sources said that Apple motor would start production in 2024, which might be delayed to 2025 due to the epidemic situation. Apple fans and car fans are looking forward to Apple motor again.

One week after the news appeared, Guo Mingyu, a famous apple product analyst, said in his report that Apple car will not be possible before 2028. Considering his ultra-high accuracy in Apple product prediction, his report undoubtedly threw cold water on Apple fans and fans who are looking forward to Apple car.

After 2020, the news about Apple car is still emerging, and has been upgraded to the OEM level. South Korean media reported that Apple has been negotiating with Hyundai Motor Group about OEM, and plans to start production in 2024.

However, some sources believe that Apple will have to wait at least another 5-7 years, that is, after 2025.

Seeing this, many people may guess when the expected Apple car will be launched, whether it is before 2025 in terms of industrial chain or after 2025 in the view of analysts and sources.

How did it come out before 2025?

Apple auto will be launched before 2025. The news mainly comes from two levels: the first is auto parts suppliers, and the second is the media in the country where the potential agent is located.

At the part supplier level,On December 21 last year, a number of auto suppliers, such as heta, Heqin and Futian, disclosed that apple is urging suppliers to deliver their cars. These suppliers expect apple to launch its cars in September this year, at least two years ahead of the original plan.

The media of potential industrial and commercial countries are mainly Korean media.At the initial level of parts suppliers, it was not disclosed whether Apple would hand over its cars to other manufacturers, just like Foxconn would hand over its iPhone and other products to Foxconn, but soon South Korean media revealed that it might hand over its cars to Hyundai Motor Group.

South Korean media began to report on the cooperation between apple and Hyundai Motor Group on January 7 this year. At that time, Hyundai Motor also said in a statement that Apple was negotiating with a number of automobile manufacturers around the world, and Hyundai Motor was just one of them. The negotiation was still at an early stage and there was no final decision yet. However, the news still promoted the share price of Hyundai Motor At one point, it rose by 24%.

However, in the subsequent reports, the South Korean media gradually involved the production of Apple cars. On January 10, the South Korean media reported that apple and Hyundai plan to sign a cooperation agreement in March this year, mainly because the latter will manufacture the OEM cars for apple. Hyundai will start producing the rumored Apple cars in 2024. At that time, Korean media also mentioned that in order to make apple car more perfect, Hyundai and apple planned to launch a test version of Apple car in 2022. In subsequent reports, South Korean media gave new information. The negotiation between apple and Hyundai Motor has reached the point where Hyundai Motor Group arranges Kia to be responsible for the project. If Kia agrees to be responsible for the production of Apple cars, it may use its factory in Georgia, the United States. It plans to produce about 100000 cars in 2024, and the subsequent annual production capacity will be increased to 4 million units 0 million.

Hyundai Motor Group began to produce the rumored Apple car in 2024, which is the second level information that Apple car will launch before 2025.

Not before 2025, where did it come from?

Although the media in the countries where the supply chain and potential agents are located all believe that Apple auto will start production in 2024, that is, it will be launched before 2025, but the powerful analysts and some sources are not optimistic that Apple auto will be launched before 2025.

Analysts, mainly in Apple's product forecast has a high accuracy of well-known analyst Guo Ming. In 2018, he predicted that under the Titan project, Apple might develop a car as soon as 2023, but the launch time of Apple's car might be delayed to 2025.

In December last year, after the news that Apple auto will be launched this year and start production in 2024 came out from the supply chain, Guo Mingzhen said that Apple auto is unlikely to be released before 2025. Most of the previous rumors about the release were excessive hype. In view of the fact that no OEM has been selected, they expect that if the progress is smooth, it may be launched between 2025 and 2027, or it may be possible In 2028 and beyond.

Two days before South Korean media reported that Hyundai and apple planned to sign a cooperation agreement in March, foreign media quotedInsidersApple car is still in the early stage of research and development, and may be in the futureIt will take another five to seven years to go public.

The person at the time also revealed that Apple has formed a small hardware engineer team to develop solid vehicles. The team includes drivers of R & D engineers, vehicle interior design and vehicle appearance design. Apple's ultimate goal is to launch cars, not previously reported autopilot systems.

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