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The age of myopia is advanced to 3-7 years old

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According to CCTV news reports, China's myopia population is increasing, and the age is also developing to young age.

Li Hui, chief ophthalmologist of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, said that the age of myopia has moved from 6 to 10 years old to 3 to 7 years old.

With regard to the increase of children's myopia, some experts say that there are many electronic products at home, such as computers and mobile phones. If they are used for a long time, they will make eyes tired, which will easily lead to myopia. And electronic products will produce some radiation, which is also easy to damage the eyes.

In addition, myopia may also be caused by these reasons. For example, many children will write on their stomach and read with their heads tilted, which can easily lead to myopia. Some children sleep with the light on, which will make the eyeball can't rest. If the time is long, it will form myopia.

Daily diet is also related to myopia. If the body lacks certain nutrients during the growth and development of the eyes, it is easy to make the eyeball become fragile. Coupled with some environmental factors, it will make the sclera of the eyeball wall expand and lead to myopia. At the same time, myopia can be inherited. If both parents have myopia, then the probability of children's myopia is very high.

Experts also pointed out some rumors about myopia. I hope you all know:

Myth 1: young myopia, later will not get presbyopia

When young, there are some mild myopia. When presbyopia appears, the degree of myopia just offsets the degree of presbyopia, so it won't be as hard to see as presbyopia?

But in fact, myopia and presbyopia problems exist; if the myopia degree is low, it will still be difficult to see myopia; if the myopia degree is too high, it will not be clear to see far and near.

High myopia patients will take off the glasses after the eyes are particularly prominent, like goldfish eyes, not good-looking!

Many people think it's the eye deformation caused by wearing glasses, so they are not willing to let children wear glasses. In fact, the eye convex is not caused by the glasses, but after the development of myopia, eye axis continues to grow, gradually convex.

Myth 3: children myopia does not matter, grow up can do laser surgery

Myopia laser surgery is to correct myopia by cutting the cornea with laser. The higher the degree of myopia is, the higher the corneal thickness is needed. If the child's myopia is too high before adulthood, and the corneal thickness is not enough, he will not be able to accept laser surgery after adulthood.

Finally, experts also remind us that we must use our eyes reasonably and cherish them. We should not indulge in electronic products too much. Children should correct their writing and reading posture, and do not play with electronic products for too long.



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