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Wechat reading water test reader is very similar to the MIUI of that year

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Wenlei Technology (ID: leitech)

Wechat reading ink screen reader is finally on sale. Frankly speaking, it's not too surprising. After all, after Amazon's success, there has been no shortage of imitators. Domestic manufacturers that have launched ink screen readers include ZhangYue, Xiaomi, Wenshi, etc. Hisense even launched ink screen mobile phones.

As a domestic Internet giant, Tencent's every move will attract the attention of countless people. What's more, Tencent owns Yuewen group, which has the largest market share in digital reading. It has wechat reading, QQ reading and other reading products. The launch of ink screen reader will naturally arouse everyone's attention and discussion.

1499 yuan, 500 sets, a small test of wechat reading

No matter from the appearance or configuration, wechat reading ink screen reader is like a copy of aragonite Boox poke3. Specifically, this ink screen product uses a more simple appearance design, the shape is more square, there is no redundant decoration, the key only has a power key.


In terms of configuration,On the whole, the overall configuration of this product of wechat reading is relatively high, and it can reach the high-end level in the competitive products. However, the difference between wechat reading ink screen reader and Wenshi Boox poke3 is that,It uses a closed Android system, which theoretically cannot be installed through a third-party channel.


(photo source: Zhihu user @ Muggle in action)

In addition,The price of wechat reading ink screen reader is 1499 yuan, and a free unlimited annual card (worth about 228 yuan) is more expensive than the 1180 yuan Wenshi Boox poke3. Moreover, there are only 500 products on sale in the first batch, and 500 of them will be selected by lot from the booking users. It's not difficult to see that the new product launch of wechat reading can be seen as a test of the market.


In addition, before the official launch of the ink screen reader, wechat reading had tried in this aspect.At the end of 2019, wechat reader launched the ink screen app, which is compatible with Android 4.4 or above. Wenshi, Mohan, Hisense, Hanwang, Sony and other brands are among the supporting brands.


Interestingly, although the Kindle is not an Android system and does not support the installation of third-party applications, wechat reading still gives a user's guide, that is, through the system's own web browser function, you can jump to the wechat reading web version customized for the ink screen, and you can also use wechat reading normally.


To be honest, it's hard not to remind people of Xiaomi. Before the official launch of Xiaomi mobile phone, MIUI, as a third-party customization system, made ROM adaptation for mainstream popular flagship computers; at the beginning of the release of Xiaomi mobile phone, engineering machines were distributed to a few fans first, and then mass production version was launched.In other words, the first 500 users of wechat reading ink screen can be regarded as testers of this new product to some extent. The problems encountered in the use process and improvement suggestions may become the direction of subsequent product optimization.

Content and users are the key

When it comes to digital reading and reader products, you can't get around the Kindle. At present, Amazon has explored a mature business model and effective market strategy in this area. The same is the combination of content and hardware. Compared with apple, the Kindle is more in line with the content profit model. In terms of hardware, the price of the Kindle can barely cover the cost, mainly through the e-book content on its platform. The hardware is one aspect of the success of the Kindle, but the content is the key.

According to the official data, as early as the end of 2019, the number of registered users of wechat reading exceeded 200 million, while Yuewen group disclosed in the latest financial report that the average number of monthly live users of its own platform products and self operated channels reached 233 million.According to the "white paper on digital reading in China in 2019" issued by China audio visual and Digital Publishing Association, the total number of digital reading users in China is about 470 million. In other words, wechat reading and Yuewen group have won half of the domestic digital reading market.

In terms of content, the number of books on wechat reading is about 500000, which is almost the same as that of palm reading. At the same time, the copyright provider of wechat reading is Yuewen group, which has a reserve of more than 13.4 million works, ranking first in the domestic digital reading industry.


Whether it is the number of users or the number of content, wechat reading has a huge advantage in the domestic digital reading market, and it is natural to test the water reader. Of course, the most important platform for wechat reading is still smart phones. On the one hand, smart phones are the most pervasive smart devices, with the most extensive user groups, and also in line with the fragmented reading habits of most people; on the other hand, wechat reading is positioned as a social reading platform, and the linkage between the mobile terminal and wechat is its biggest social advantage.


However, for heavy reading users, the special ink screen reader is the best reading device. Taking the Kindle as an example, compared with smart devices such as mobile phones, its functions are more focused. The ink screen is more friendly in the reading experience, and its low power consumption can bring longer battery life. Besides reading, the simplification of functions helps readers get an immersion reading experience without interference.

According to the official data released in 2019, the number of wechat daily reading users is more than 5 million, accounting for 80% of the users with bachelor degree or above, and 80% of the users in first-line and provincial capital cities.From the perspective of daily life user structure, wechat reader products can find the corresponding audience. With the launch of wechat reading ink screen products, the hardware profit in the short term can be said to be negligible, but it may play a role in enhancing the user stickiness and enhancing the brand height.

Is there any purchase value?

It should be noted that there are only 500 wechat reading ink screen readers in the first batch, and the difficulty of purchase is about the same as a lucky draw. It is not meaningful to discuss whether it is worth buying, but this product is still likely to be mass produced in the future.

From the perspective of product cost performance, the advantage of wechat reading ink screen reader is not obvious. For many users, starting with a lower price, the original aragonite Boox poke3 may be a better choice. In addition, most of the domestic ink screen readers are equipped with Android system, which is more open. They can install all kinds of apps including wechat reading, and have more choices in reading content and experience.

In addition, the Kindle is still the leader in the ink screen reader industry, accounting for more than 60% of the market share. The Kindle has more advantages of first mover, and has been deeply cultivated in content for many years. At the same time, the product is relatively mature, forming a quite good user reputation. However, from the perspective of business model, wechat reading also has its advantages.

On the one hand, wechat reading currently adopts the subscription system of monthly card and annual card. Users can get the right to read a large number of books by paying a small fee; although Kindle also has such subscription service as Kindle unlimited, the amount of content covered is still too small compared with wechat reading. This advantage of wechat reading is very attractive to serious bookworms.


On the other hand, relying on Yuewen group, wechat reading has more advantages in online text copyright. Although wechat readers prefer to publish books and serious literature in their reading habits, considering the large number of overall users, the content of online articles also has a large audience.

Therefore, Xiaolei's personal conclusion is that wechat reading, as a content platform, has certain advantages in some areas compared with competitors such as Kindle. But as far as wechat reading ink screen reader is concerned, its advantages are not particularly obvious at present. In terms of cost performance, Kindle, Wenshi, ZhangYue and other brands also have good products. Of course, we also expect wechat reading to launch more mature and competitive ink screen products in the future.

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