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Baidu vice president Cao Xiaodong officially took over YY. Is $3.6 billion worth it?

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By Yang Xiaohe and Li Xiaolei

Source: Tech planet (ID: tech618)

Head picture vision China

In the voice of short YY, baidu finally sent staff to accept YY of huanju group, accelerating the integration of the two live broadcasting businesses.

With Li Xueling, the founder of huanju group, fading out in YY and the newly appointed person in charge of Baidu coming to the post, YY will be fully integrated into Baidu and become the new reliance of Baidu's live broadcasting business.

YY employees sign Baidu, take over and accelerate business integration

At the end of 2020, Baidu and YY invited their core guild to hold a closed door meeting. By way of commendation and face-to-face communication, they stabilized the morale of YY guild system and released all kinds of benefits in the future. At that time, the transaction between the two had not been officially completed, and YY had an annual public award ceremony every year.


The great significance of holding this closed door meeting is to shorten the distance between Baidu and YY core guild, enhance mutual understanding and deepen trust. Therefore, according to industry news, ah Zhe, a big anchor with 14.896 million fans, has shown signs of returning after he announced his retirement after 8.5 years of live broadcasting in YY. Maybe he is interested in the new opportunities brought by Baidu's acquisition of YY.

On January 16, 2021, the YY annual grand ceremony, also known as the 10th anniversary of YY, was highly valued internally. It not only invited Xu Liang, Wang Sulong and other stars who had been broadcast live in YY, but also won great promotion from Baidu. In the home page of Baidu live broadcast, the live broadcast entrance of YY annual grand ceremony is set at the top.


According to the financial world report, starting from November 2020, Baidu has new tasks, the budgets of YY's business lines have increased several times, and the pressure on the person in charge has also begun to increase. A YY employee also told tech star that YY is currently increasing social recruitment efforts to supplement manpower to boost performance.

Traffic is not YY's core asset

10 years Kwai change, YY hopes to get Baidu's traffic and technology support, and the rapid rise of the jitter and rapid live broadcast, and the battle of the tiktok and the live broadcasting territory, and the future WeChat broadcasting will also make a bigger mess for YY.

Now this wish has been realized. On the evening of February 8, huanju announced that the sale of its YY live business to Baidu company has been basically completed.

For Baidu, the 500 million monthly Baidu app needs to find more effective commercialization means besides advertising. Especially for a series of products that are not fully commercialized, such as good-looking video, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know, etc., Baidu will import these users into YY live broadcast to realize the flow. Live broadcast is the best monetization means.

Therefore, what Baidu is interested in is not the traffic of YY, but the live broadcast operation and commercialization ability that YY brings to Baidu.


Baidu can import the user traffic of its products into YY, and further monetize it through YY, which is also the core reason why Cao Xiaodong, the person in charge of Baidu Post Bar, good-looking video and other businesses, sent by Baidu, enters YY. Integrating resources and deeply opening up the comprehensive integration of Baidu products and YY is an important goal in the short term.

And Baidu's anchor operation can also learn from YY's well-known guild operation system, which is also worthy of attention.

Wang Wei, a person in charge of the game guild, told tech star that he had guilds in both Betta and tiger teeth. The Huya guild system, which is separated from YY, has excellent means of operation and commercialization. This is also the reason why in the early days, when the flow of tiger tooth was not as good as that of Betta, its revenue was always stronger than that of Betta. And in 2019, douyu also strengthened the construction of the guild system, and the revenue gradually catch up.

In Wang Wei's view, the scale of YY in the live broadcast should be surpassed by the trembling of the 650 million tiktok. But the head anchor's commercial ability has not been inferior. This year, tiktok also followed YY and hosted the annual live broadcast. The head office was throwing money to play the host's heat. After Baidu's blessing, the flow and brand are rapidly improving, and the competition of YY guild will be further intensified in the future.

Two strategies of Baidu live broadcasting

In fact, Baidu's acquisition of YY is also a coincidence.

In June 2020, baidu introduced Gufeng (Chen Luojin), the former early veteran of YY, who participated in the founding of Huya, to join as the head of Baidu live broadcast center. Huanju era has always had the idea of selling YY to get cash to help its overseas business development. Gu Feng's familiarity with YY should play an important role in Baidu's acquisition of YY.

But the latest progress is that Gu Feng, the former director of Baidu live broadcast b-end products, left Baidu in February 2021 for personal and family reasons. The previous internal adjustment on November 6, 2020 already indicated this situation. At that time, baidu announced that the pan knowledge, pan service and pan entertainment live broadcasting business had turned to Cao Xiaodong, vice president of Baidu, as a whole, including Baidu live broadcasting Zhongtai and YY live broadcasting business converged to Cao Xiaodong.

It is expected that the effect of Baidu's acquisition of YY will be apparent in the near one or two fiscal years. This is also an important reason why baidu has begun to channel for YY in the 20212 Spring Festival red envelope war of 2.2 billion. Live broadcasting is the channel, and revenue is the key.

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