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I'm hiking in the tropical rain forest of China with apple watch, but my sports record is the last thing I care about

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Although the Lantern Festival is over, do you still remember the flag you set at the beginning of the year?

On the first day of March, aifaner, supermonkey and apple watch jointly launched the "make time for your health" campaign challenge, inviting you to pick up this year's sports goals!

Through the challenges application, apple watch users can pull friends to form a team and exercise together. Based on the three dimensions of standing time, activity heat and exercise time recorded by Apple watch, they can calculate scores and conduct PK between teams and pairs.


As an internal staff, we have experienced this app in advance last week, which enables colleagues to compete with each other to "enter the sports state".

It's said that in order to complete the task, some people also drive the "indoor walking" mode of Apple watch to walk in circles at home; others sprint at home at more than 11 o'clock in the night to run in situ, quickly let the body's heart rate enter the movement state, just to close the activity and heat circle.

I was in Yunnan when I received the invitation to form a team. I was going to take part in a hike to Xishuangbanna tropical rainforest. I thought it would be OK to close the circle.

Unexpectedly, at the end of the trip, I found that using the apple watch to record the movement data and close the ring had become the least "attentive" thing in this trip.

Rainforest, I'm coming

I can't deny that on the way to the rainforest, I was both scared and excited.

The tropical rain forest I went hiking this time is located in situ area of Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna, with an altitude of more than one kilometer. It is a tropical rain forest reserve that is rarely open to the outside world (which also means that it is not fully developed).

My fear is naturally due to the lack of exercise at ordinary times, and my physical fitness can not keep up. That's why since I arrived at the hiking starting point, I have listened to the leader's explanation of the precautions very carefully.

For example, when you go downhill, you must walk sideways. Even if you slip and fall, you will only fall on your hips, not your head.

It was also at this time that I tactfully turned on the fall detection function on the apple watch, which had already been stimulated with strong survival sensitivity.

At the same time, I also checked the emergency contact information on my iPhone by the way. If I really have to use the "SOS emergency contact" of my watch, the emergency contact mobile phone number is wrong, and the location and help messages are sent to strangers, it would be too miserable.


Long press the side button of the watch to call up the "SOS emergency contact" function. When it is turned on, the watch will automatically dial the local emergency service phone, and contact the emergency contact set in the iPhone through SMS to synchronize the user's current position with them.

However, looking back at that time, I was really carried away by fear, because when the team leader took us to warm up, I forgot to turn on the apple watch sports mode and missed the opportunity to actively calculate the amount of exercise.

Fortunately, when I set out to go up the mountain, my competitive spirit came out and reminded me to turn on the "walking mode" on the apple watch.


At the same time, I opened the voice memo on Apple watch.

I often think that sound is a very intimate memory carrier. At the same time, recording it has little interference to the current experience, and takes less memory than visual images.


With the reassurance of voice memory, I put my mobile phone in my small bag. Most of the time, I open my hands to find a way to climb up the slope. By the way, I can feel the texture of different plants in the rain forest. Basically, I can't help taking photos with my mobile phone only when I encounter something particularly interesting.

For example, out of concern for the team members and take the initiative to help the backpacker leader, he can not help but sigh camouflage clothes and LV really match.


For example, I don't know when I secretly collected an earthworm and turned around to teach us the lesson "rainforest survival 101". Another leader who ate earthworms.


How to eat earthworms

Another example is the lovely mountain crab in my hand.


Mountain crabs in portrait mode

In this way, although I don't see the animals and plants with gorgeous colors and strange shapes in documentaries, I don't even see bees in Guangzhou everyday. This time, I saw crabs, spiders with thin and long feet living in the mountains (the leader said they could eat), bees and flies staying in my hands for a long time (I didn't see them fly away after taking many photos), I'm very satisfied on the whole. It's unforgettable.


It was also because I lost my mind and didn't feel uncomfortable during the time, so it was at noon when I started eating that I realized that my "walking mode" had not been turned off. In the process of walking, in fact, the middle of my watch also reminded me once or twice that I had a strange phone call (just like an advertisement) and a few unimportant new messages, so I pushed them away.

In the whole process, apple watch's "sense of being" is actually invisible.

The circular door tells you that sports are everywhere


This "senseless" outdoor experience also made me realize that the best thing about Apple watch is that it does not require you to pay too much attention, but invites you to pay more attention to yourself and the outside world.

In my opinion, apple watch's sports circle is just a "beginning", because when you step on the road of closing the circle every day, you will unconsciously pay more attention to your body and mental state.

In the next few days when I was a tourist in Yunnan, I not only went to the city to see the scenic spots, but also drove the "outdoor walking" mode and carried out the "average heart rate of 110 beats / min" exercise. The same thing will change because of our cognition and the information available.

Gradually, you will take the initiative to pay attention to your feelings in different sports States, from simply looking at the physical signs on your watch to asking yourself more inwardly, "do you like this state now? 」

At the same time, because more attention to self, also from the movement for exercise, slowly become to choose some let you feel good, can enjoy the movement.


The picture comes fromChen Dexin

At the end of a week, closing the circle gradually becomes a "by-product" of life, because sports are hidden in all aspects of life. Because recording data has become a kind of "senseless" operation, more attention has been liberated to better manage our energy and pay more attention to the things that make us feel happy.

After downloading the challenges app, you can invite three friends to form a team to participate in the challenge, complete three tasks every day, get points, and view your team's ranking in real time on the app.

14 days, not long, not short, pull up friends to accompany you through the initial habit forming period, together with the ring to get started, to more in-depth understanding of self, to explore their own happiness.

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