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Tencent Rog game mobile phone 5 phantom first experience: 18gb storage flagship, how cool to play the game?

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Rog player country, also known as the black eye, the name among PC players, it can be said that everyone knows. However, with mobile games becoming more and more popular, especially at the blizzard Carnival in 2018, the CEO of Activision Blizzard said, "don't you all have mobile phones? "So that the traditional PC manufacturers can not sit still.

With this opportunity, Rog also began to set foot in the field of mobile games in 2018. Before and after the launch of three products, now came to the fourth, Tencent Rog game mobile phone 5 Series (hereinafter referred to as Rog 5).

As a product line specialized in games under ASUS, Rog's performance configuration must be placed in the most important position, which is better than the best products on the market. SOC is still not in the upgrade cycle. It's quite difficult to distance itself from competing products in the field of "people have what I have". It's better to find another way to fill up the memory.

18gb running memory, do not play virtual

18gb, this is the running memory of this Rog 5 phantom in my hand, 2GB more than the computer I am using. Looking at the series of numbers in the system settings, it makes me dream back to 2015.

At that time, 4GB of memory was just popularized in mobile phones. Since then, there has been a prediction from the outside world, which probably means that the memory of Android phones will soon catch up with that of laptops and even desktops. The memory of the latest iPhone 6S plus was only 2GB.

In the Android camp, as predicted, the running memory is rising exponentially to the current 18gb. The role of memory in mobile phones is like deposits in banks. The more deposits you have, the stronger the ability to resist risks you can bear. The larger the amount of memory, the higher the execution strength and ability of multitasking.

However, today's Android native system or localization system based on Android has become very powerful in multi task management. In my daily use, killing the background has become rare, but rare does not mean that it has completely disappeared. Occasionally, I still encounter the situation of APP forced to exit due to insufficient memory.

So since Rog 5 directly raises the memory ceiling to 18gb, I also test it with extreme scenarios, and directly open 25 apps, including 5 domestic mainstream video applications.

After all the apps are opened, go back to the first app and keep the original interface. Then click the previously opened apps one by one. The situation is still the same, and there is no application crash during the whole process. Presumably, the 18gb lpddr5 memory equipped with Rog 5 is more than enough to meet the needs of most users.

Although it is not easy to open a bunch of applications and switch back and forth in a short time in daily use, the huge amount of 18gb memory shows its value over time.

However, when the hardware parameters are full, the software level strength of Rog 5 is slightly insufficient. The overall experience of Rog UI based on Android 11 is close to native. In some localization scenarios, the adaptation is not so good. If you want to become the main engine in the hearts of consumers, you need to work harder.

The shape is still hard core

I've been waiting for a long time. I know you've wanted to see the full picture of Rog 5 for a long time.

As the top product in the series, Rog 5 phantom is extremely exquisite from packaging to mobile phone appearance.

The packaging adopts a symmetrical hexagon shape. Although it is not as cool as the design of the early Rog briefcase, it still has rich visual elements. It is difficult to describe it in a specific style. However, the staggered lines and digital codes printed on it have drawn out the soul of my middle two.

By the way, the logo of Tencent game is printed on one corner of the box, which means that it has a better optimization tendency for Tencent mobile games.

The outer layer of wrapping paper is lined with a cyberpunk style city portrait, which is a bit like the set of a game. In fact, Rog has created a complete cartoon short film.

After opening the package, you can see the comics printed on both sides. With the AR scanning function of Rog 5, you can watch the complete short comics.

There are mobile phone body, instruction manual, clip, hollowed out hard plastic shell, 65W original charging head, nylon data cable and cool fan 5 in the package.

Of course, the highlight is the Rog 5 phantom itself, but with cool fan 5, the game equipment is complete.

The top version of the Rog 5 phantom has only one white color of the phantom. The back cover is too rich in elements. The white gorilla glass 3 is used as the base, the black lines are added with the inscriptions, and the blue lines are used as embellishments.

Create a futuristic look

This is the official saying. It's good to see benevolence and wisdom, but when the mirror like monochrome PMOLED screen lights up, a sense of the future will come. In the intelligent control center, different dynamic effects can be set in different scenes, such as lighting up the screen, charging, connecting external devices, and calling, and each scene has several kinds of animation for players to switch.

When I showed my colleagues the back cover of Rog 5, all my male colleagues called me Shuai Pao. I just hate that most of the time I get along with it, this "Rog personality window" is out of my sight, and I can't see it more.

The overall workmanship is exquisite, and the touch is delicate and smooth.

The top three cameras are:

Sony imx686 64 megapixel main camera, f1.8 aperture, support pixel four in one technology;

5 megapixel macro camera.

With the cool back cover, the back shot area is specially processed with irregular graphics, which is visually more powerful.

The curved surfaces on both sides of the back cover transition to the metal frame, smooth and natural. The sides of the fuselage are crowded with USB type-C interface and fan interface on the left side, while the buttons are all set on the right side. In addition to the raised volume key and lock screen key, there are touch ultrasonic shoulder keys on both ends, which can be of great use in the game.

There is a USB type-C interface and a 3.5mm audio interface at the bottom. Why are there two type-C interfaces? You'll see the next part of the game.

Since the appearance is so hard, so is the volume. The net weight of the fuselage is 238G, which is not light. However, it is barely acceptable for the large capacity of 6000mAh with two built-in batteries.

Screen does not dig holes, leaving no regrets

The way to achieve a full screen without holes in Rog 5 is to thicken the forehead and chin to put down the front lens and stereo dual speakers. The 6.78-inch Samsung AMOLED E4 screen on the front can keep the most complete shape in front of the player's eyes, with a refresh rate of 144hz and 300Hz It's worth mentioning that it's also Samsung's best refresh rate screen. Everything is for electronic competition.

Despite the high refresh rate, this screen is also excellent:

The aspect ratio of the screen is 20.4:9;

Color gamut: 111% dci-p3;

Peak brightness: 1200 nits @ APL1;

Minimum brightness: 5 nits

This screen doesn't disappoint me either in daily use or in the game process. The refresh rate can be adjusted to 120Hz on weekdays, and then switched to 144hz when entering the game, so as to achieve an artificial balance between performance and power consumption.

At present, mobile phone manufacturers focus their efforts on the screen, and when they choose between high resolution and high refresh rate, most of them choose the latter. Consumers and the market also respond: the sales of products with high refresh rate are often several times higher than those with high resolution.

Rog 5, which focuses on the game, will naturally give priority to high refresh rate. In fact, the trend of high screen swipe was first started by game phones. Today's Rog 5 is still in the forefront of the industry.

Experience as smooth as dove

Finish the screen, then come to the most important part of this article, the game part.

The game experience of Rog 5 consists of four parts: hardware and software, accessories, vibration and sound effects.

In the mobile game market, Rog 5 has its own system. First of all, it cooperates with Tencent games. At present, except codm, almost all Tencent shooting games support 90hz or even higher frame rate mode. Among them, crossing the line of fire and ACE soldiers directly support 144hz mode. Every time they turn around and open the camera, they are smooth and fast.

At the system level, Rog 5 provides x mode, which is equivalent to "one click overclocking" in the game's laptop. In this mode, the processor turns on the full frequency state, and the memory is directly full of 18gb. Players can eliminate the hardware variables. It's just a technical contest, and they have to blame themselves for losing.

However, Rog 5 has long helped players think of a way to improve their technology, that is, six finger operation that others can't do.

Pull down the status bar, one click to open airtrigger 5 mode, or draw right from the left edge in the game to open the game wizard interface, and map the ultrasonic shoulder key to the corresponding key on the screen. My habit is to set the left key to trigger and the right key to open. This set of four finger plan is enough for me to kill all sides.

However, Rog 5 thinks that the 4-finger operation is not dazzling enough, so two small sensing areas are set at the lower part of the back cover. Sliding can trigger the preset action, and the 6-finger God of war can be easily achieved.

If you think that's what Rog 5 is all about, you're wrong. There are more ways to play with cool fan 5.

Cool fan 5 not only changes the shape design, but also adds two buttons and a bracket. The slightly tilted left and right buttons can also realize some specific skills through the mapping function, such as mapping to the left and right probes, so you can play a role in peace elite, and the operation speed will be faster than anyone else.

act with confusion? It doesn't exist.

With the help of the bracket behind the cool fan 5, the mobile phone can stand on the desktop, which is a necessary artifact for the party who can't cook drama and eat rice.

Perhaps ROG designers have been through many years' user Tucao to design the best form of cool fans in this generation. It is not wonderful to have a spare part, a text to support the whole machine to watch a play, and to make complaints about games and heat dissipation.

There is no need to say much about the performance hardware. It must be the current top stream configuration

2. 84 GHz Qualcomm snapdragon 888 SOC, 5 nm process, 64 bit 8-core;

Dual front symmetrical stereo speakers, Dirac tuning;

Support WiFi 6e and Bluetooth 5.2 protocol.

First, it's hard bone, crash 3. After opening the game, you can directly enter the settings. The picture quality is pulled to the highest, and the 90 frame mode is turned on. During the fighting, the number of frames is basically stable, and the occasional fluctuation does not affect the game.

Crash 3

The following three shooting games are call of duty mobile game, ACE warrior and crossing the line of fire: the king of gunfight. The performance of the three shooting games is more stable. The frame numbers are stabilized at 60, 143.8 and 143 frames respectively. With six finger operation, it is difficult to lose.

Call of duty mobile game

Ace Warrior

Across the line of fire: the king of gunfight

The last one to test is the original God. This game can be called the next generation of mobile games. Before, there were few models that could run smoothly in 60 frame mode with extremely high image quality. Let's take a look at the performance of Rog 5 phantom.

From the test screen of perfdog, we can see that the Rog 5 has not completely conquered the original God, but compared with other mobile phones, the fluctuation range of frame rate has been relatively gentle. In the extremely high 60 frame quality mode, the number of frames hovers between 40 and 60.

The original God

After entering the town, the number of frames will be further reduced. If you turn off some special effects that have little effect on the image quality, you can alleviate some frame dropping.

The overall experience of the game, in addition to vision, don't forget to have hearing. The dual speaker design with the voice tuning of Dirac audio company in Sweden, the overall sound quality is rich and shocking, and the volume is louder than ordinary mobile phones. Especially among the peace elites, it can significantly improve the efficiency of listening and debating. In the past, only when I put on headphones can I get similar effects.

The x-axis linear motor on the Rog 5 is also commendable. Whether it is the usual typing input vibration, or the dynamic feedback when pressing the shoulder key in the game, it is accurate and powerful. The feeling of boxing to the meat has a wonderful effect on improving the overall playing experience.

However, after Rog 5 has the beast like performance, it also has its troubles. Too big and too heavy is the most obvious point. If you want to use it as the main engine on weekdays, you will inevitably encounter a lot of inconvenience. For example, it is difficult to operate with one hand; if you put it in your pants pocket, it will fall, and so on.

The reason that Rog 5 has two type-C interfaces is that it can charge from the bottom when holding the mobile phone horizontally and connecting the fan. It is no longer a pain for players to play games while charging.

The original intention does not change, the individuality depends on

In terms of game experience, Rog 5 mirage continues the fine tradition of PC / laptop field, with hardware as the main part and software as the auxiliary part, which can present the best game experience. Thanks to Rog's insistence on the positioning of game mobile phones, in today's mobile phone market with increasing convergence, Rog 5 mirage is more and more popular Such a unique product is more valuable. The market needs such a product to meet the needs of different groups of people.

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