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From Tesla fans to activists, what happened to them?

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The author is Zhang Kaijing, editor

Who is the most popular car company in the past year? In the face of this problem, Tesla calls it second, I'm afraid no one dares to call it first.

Since the beginning of 2020, Tesla's share price has been rising all the way. On January 25, 2021, Tesla's share price even rose to $900.4, with an increase of more than 800% in more than a year. As a result, CEO musk surpassed Warren Buffett, Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Bezos and others, and successfully ascended to the world's richest man. You know, Toyota, the world's first car sales company, has a market value of just over $200 billion.

However, behind the brilliant performance, some Tesla owners are dejected. In the past year, Tesla across the country frequently encountered various problems, such as spontaneous combustion, out of control, charging resistance and so on. According to incomplete statistics, in the first month of 2021 alone, Tesla had four out of control events, one spontaneous combustion event and one charging failure event.

At present, Tesla owners' rights protection team is becoming increasingly large. Radar finance interviewed several Tesla owners. The following is their rights protection story.

The owner of model s was cheated by Tesla, and the court decided to refund one for three

Netizens who support Tesla think that the female car owner has not come up with substantive evidence, while netizens who support the female car owner say that she will not joke with her life.

Han Chao, the owner of Tesla, is the one who supports female car owners. Because of his dispute with Tesla, Han Chao has transformed from a pure owner of Tesla to a rights blogger of Tesla. After more than a year of ups and downs, his lawsuit was finally decided by the people's Court of Daxing District in Beijing that Tesla should pay one back for three.

However, Han Chao did not expect that this purchase has become the beginning of the road of rights protection.

According to Han Chao, before purchasing, Tesla sales told that there were no major accidents, blisters, fire and structural damage in the certified car. However, when they asked the sales for the vehicle condition test report, the other side did not provide it. In line with the trust of Tesla officials, Han Chao paid the full amount in a lump sum.

In August 2019, Han Chao was driving Tesla on a high speed with a speed of about 120km / h. suddenly, the car gave a bang, the brake and switch were completely paralyzed, and five fault codes jumped out. Han Chao took advantage of the idle speed to slip to the emergency lane, and then the car was transported to Tesla service center. After a week of inspection, Han Chao was told that the battery umbrella valve and insurance of the car were broken and needed to be replaced, the battery could not be connected, and the accessories needed to be replaced for testing.

After the incident, Han Chao had doubts about the condition of the vehicle, and found a local authoritative testing agency with judicial expertise qualification in Tianjin to test the vehicle. The result was that the C-pillar and rear fender of the vehicle were cut and welded. So far, Han Chao asked Tesla to replace a safe second-hand certified car, but the latter refused. The company said that the car can be replaced, but it needs to be damaged first, and then it can be replaced with more money.

Dissatisfied with the way the company handled it, Han Chao took Tesla to court.

Although the car was bought in Tianjin, it was mentioned in the contract that Tesla has the right to transfer legal issues to any company in the country. Therefore, after a jurisdiction dispute, the case was formally filed in Beijing Daxing District People's Court on March 10, 2020.


Test report provided by Han Chao

At the same time, Tesla invited an expert witness to appear in court, pointing out that this is indeed a small problem, and later verified that the expert is an employee of Tesla. After negotiation, the court decided to identify whether the C-pillar cutting and welding repair of the vehicle has an impact on the value and safety of the vehicle. The result of the identification is that the value of the C-pillar cutting and welding of the vehicle is 241100 yuan, and Han Chao bought it at 138600 yuan higher than the market price.


Court judgment

Han Chao said that according to the current national standard GB / t4780-2020, the cutting part is definitely a structural part, so it must be structural damage.

Now, Han Chao has become a Tesla rights blogger. When asked why he did so, Han Chao said that he only made some news every day before, but gradually many Tesla owners with problems found themselves and became auto bloggers in the process of communication.

Model 3 performance owners vow to fight Tesla to the end

In March 2019, I got my personal index at the half of the month. As the first car in my life, I hope to buy the best car within my ability. After weighing it, I chose the top equipped Tesla Model 3 performance (high performance version). Thus, the half of the month became the first group of model 3P owners in China.

Less than a month later, the car began to make a strange noise. At the beginning, I didn't find a specific location until one day I opened the trunk and the back bar fell off. In this regard, the after-sales explanation is that it is broken after leaving the factory and can be replaced free of charge. However, in the process of replacement, after-sales scratched the fender and rear bar of the car.

In July 2020, in the process of shifting into reverse gear on the half of the month, it was found that the reversing image did not appear in time, and the observation center control did show that it was reverse gear R. however, when the accelerator pedal was slowly pressed on the half of the month, the car body was moving forward. After one foot of the brake is applied, the vehicle can't start normally in reverse or forward gear in the half of the month. At this time, the wind speed at the air outlet of the air conditioner suddenly increases to the maximum, and the motor cooling fan is buzzing. In the half of the month, the vehicle tries to electrically unlock the door, but it doesn't work, so it has to quickly pull the mechanical lock to get off. Two or three minutes later, the vehicle restarted and returned to normal.

In the middle of the month, Tesla sent the car for after-sales inspection. On the ground of entering the site for upgrading, it proposed to replace the front motor, and repeatedly stressed that this is not a recall, and the vehicle itself has no potential safety hazard.

After changing the motor, when I went to the vehicle management office with the official statement of motor replacement and the rubbings of the new and old motors on the half of the month for the engine change procedures, I found that the old motor number in the statement was inconsistent with my driving book, green book and customs declaration, but my driving book, green book and customs declaration engine number were consistent.


Statements, rubbings, driving copies, green copies and customs declaration forms provided in the half of the month


Chat records provided by half moon

After a period of time, the after-sales manager, the store manager and the North China Manager all changed their words and said that the original motor had been found, and the rubbing had been completed again and sent back to Beijing. However, the request to see it was never met.


It's worth mentioning that half of the month said that his driving record U disk had been inserted in the car, but later when he checked it, the U disk was formatted.

Model 3 owner, brake failure

Lin Wei is a Tesla Model 3 owner.

On March 7, 2021, Lin Wei encountered Tesla Model s in front of her when she was driving on the expressway. In a hurry, Lin Wei slammed on the brakes, but the car didn't respond, causing two teslas to rear end directly.

After the incident, Tesla customer service said that the monitoring data showed that Lin Wei did step on the brake, but the force was too small. Lin Wei pointed out that she had pushed the brake to the bottom, and said that the timeline data provided by Tesla was wrong. Tesla insists on the data provided by itself, and there is no further progress in the event.

Afterwards, Qin Fei went through more than seven hours of rescue, abdominal surgery wound more than 20 cm, blood transfusion 5000 CC, to save his life. According to the investigation, the vehicle hit at a speed of 120km / h at the time of the accident, and Qin Fei was neither drunk driving nor drug driving. In this regard, Tesla said that Qin Fei stepped on the accelerator.

Similar to the half moon, the data in Qin Fei's dash cam U disk has also been cleared. There are still many car owners who reflect the problem of data clearing.

Analyst: low yield of Tesla parts

According to the information released by Tesla in the fourth quarter of 2020, the company has plans to increase the capacity of Shanghai Super factory from 250000 to 450000 in 2021, which will be second only to California factory, which is expected to produce 600000 vehicles a year.

At present, Tesla market is still hot. Radar finance called Tesla customer service, and the other party said that at present, all factories are in normal production. It takes about two weeks for Tesla Model 3 standard version to pick up the car after placing an order. Model 3 high performance version and model y can only pick up the car in the late second quarter of 2021, and model s needs to wait until the third quarter.


Display failure case of LiFePO4 battery provided by Han Chao

*In order to protect the personal information of the parties, except Han Chao, Yueban, Lin Wei and Qin Fei are all pseudonyms.

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