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Edge classic has been completely removed! Microsoft failed again

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Microsoft confirms that,The classic edge will be completely removed from the system in the update of win10 build 19043.899 (21h1).

We know that last year, Microsoft began to push the new edge browser based on chromium kernel. Now the new edge browser has finally become the only edge in the system, and the classic edge browser has become a memory.

For many soft fans, the disappearance of the classic edge browser is a pity. As the last browser with Microsoft's self-developed kernel, why did the classic edge have to give way to the chromium edge?

Why did this browser, which had been highly expected by Microsoft, have to go down the stage of history? Let's have a chat.

Why edge classic failed: poor performance


The classic version of edge browser has brought a lot of highlights. Its efficiency is very good. It has strong ability to play video and save power. The page slides smoothly and zooms smoothly. Compared with ie, it's really different.

However, edge is not perfect. Although it has made great progress compared with ie, it still has many shortcomings that can not be ignored, which push its users to the competitors represented by chrome.

Slow update iteration

Compared with chrome and Firefox, the update of edge classic is as slow as a snail.

The classic version of edge needs to be updated together with the top 10 versions of win in order to be upgraded. In the era of rapid development of mobile Internet, it is difficult to keep up with the new network features and users' pain points.


Poor stability

The update of edge classic is slow, which brings a big problem that many shortcomings are difficult to be quickly repaired.

For a long time, there have been problems with the stability of edge classic, such as frequent flashback and blocking, and the tag page is prone to feign death or overload. When the computer recovers from hibernation, edge classic has a high probability of collapse, which makes it difficult for people to use edge classic as their preferred browser.


Lack of function

This could be a fatal injury to the classic version of edge. Until the end of its life, the functions of edge classic are still weak. It still does not support common functions such as interface customization and custom font, and professional functions such as color management and multimedia control are not satisfactory.

Especially for extension support, there is a huge gap between it and chrome, Firefox and other browsers.

In 2016, one year after its release, edge classic can support extensions, but it is not directly compatible with chrome extensions. Developers need to use transformation tools to turn chrome extensions into compatible versions of edge classic. In the end, there are few extensions of edge.


Generally speaking, compared with chrome, the comprehensive product power of edge classic is inferior, but this is not the whole reason for the failure of edge classic.

Why did edge classic fail? The loss of Microsoft's right to speak on the Internet

In fact, edge is not the only browser that has given up self-developed kernel in recent years.

For example, opera, which once led the trend in many functions, abandoned the Presto kernel a few years ago and switched to the same blink engine as chrome. This time, Microsoft gave up edgehtml and embraced chromium, which actually conforms to the trend of the industry.

Except for Firefox and safari, there are few browsers with self-developed kernel on the market. Looking ahead, Chrome browser has become the absolute mainstream, which has a lot to do with the changes of browser market ecology in recent years.



In the era of mobile Internet, Android has occupied a large number of shares through the mobile platform, and the WebView used by Android system is the same as chromium, which makes a large number of web pages tend to be optimized for chromium.

For example, the classic version of edge has encountered compatibility problems on YouTube. In this era, self-developed kernel seems to be laborious and thankless.

In other words, chromium compatibility has become a de facto industry standard,Compared with the vest browser using chromium kernel, the browser with self-developed engine is more and more difficult.

By contrast, the self-developed engine is hard to please, and the cost is not good enough. It's understandable that opera and edge give up the self-developed engine and switch to chromium.

In this context, the end of edge classic is reasonable. Microsoft failed to hold its foothold in the mobile market through WP, so it lost the traffic entrance in the mobile Internet era, and naturally lost the voice of web standards in the new era.

In other words,Even though the classic version of edge has no shortcomings and is even better than chrome, it will inevitably fail in the era when the traffic hegemony has shifted from desktop to mobile platform.


Generally speaking, the failure of edge classic has its own reasons, but it more reflects the loss of Microsoft's voice in the era of mobile Internet.

In any case, the new version of edge is really a better product for comprehensive experience. Let's watch the end of the classic version of edge.



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