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Indians use this manual "virus"! 20 billion dollars from the Americans

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When it comes to telecom fraud, what do you think?

Fortunately, in the past two years, there has been a lot of anti fraud publicity in China. We are very alert to cheaters. As long as there are strange and unknown calls and unclear conversations, we will hang up and basically not kill them by mistake.

But it's a matter of fraud. It doesn't know borders. If there's no sense of prevention, it's a matter of fraud.

Two days ago, when you were brushing the video, you found such an anti Telecom fraud video.


Whether it's the routine of the fraud gang or the counter tactics, they are all very clever and have a sense of seeing mission impossible.

First, let's introduce the background of the video.

The video author is an American named Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer who later spent some time in apple, and developed a patent for autopilot.


The big brother's strength is that he will seriously use his professional skills to make trickery props.

To put it simply, he made a device that would automatically spray bright powder and skunk spray. As long as a thief opened the device as a courier to steal home, the organ would trigger a "heaven" justice.


He is through the installation of a kind of camera secretly observation, the thieves angry ugly like shot down, uploaded to the pipeline.

This series of trickery thieves has been upgraded three times, and the most popular video has exceeded 80 million...


This time, the device was the same device, but mark Rober dug up a $20 billion fraud Gang through it.

Here's the thing.

When making trickery device 3.0, mark always gets some harassing calls, which is very annoying.

So he's going to send them the latest devices and see what kind of people are operating behind these harassment calls.


So he found another small partner on the pipeline, Jim browning, who specialized in fighting against the fraud gang.


The white guest has a way to find the fraud Gang, hack into their computer, monitor every move, and stop the tragedy at the critical moment.


In many surveillance windows, they found a woman named Tracy, who had just been cheated out of $12500 by sending cash.


In the 1920s, it's amazing that such a large sum of money can be swindled away by sending cash. The swindler's move is a bit of a step.

In order to figure out the specific layout, they called Tracy directly and asked for a clear answer.

First of all, the scam gang will give the victim a voice call or an email. They will claim that they are Amazon's customer service and that your account has been consumed for $200.


If I don't admit the expense, it's a mistake on their side, so I can call them directly for refund.

When the victim calls, the swindler will show that he is willing to help and operate the computer for you.

At this time, the swindler will send a remote interconnection software address, the function of the software is a bit like the remote assistance on QQ.


People who know a little bit about computers will surely find something wrong at this time, but swindlers are gambling that the victims don't know about computers.

After the victims put down the software, this routine will be more than half successful.

Through this remote interconnection software, the swindler controls the victim's computer, and all operations on the computer will be within their range.

Then it's time to test your acting.

The swindler will let the victim open his bank account to confirm whether the refund has arrived.


This matter is made up from the beginning to the end. Of course, no refund will be received.

But the swindler will say that maybe the money has not been paid in place. He needs to communicate with the financial department and log out of the bank account in front of the victim.

Then he will turn on a plug-in that blocks the screen of the victim, so that the swindler will be able to manipulate your computer.



This step of modification is actually to pave the way for the future. After secretly touching these things, the blocked image will be restored.

At this time, the swindler will tell the victim that there is something wrong with Amazon's financial department, and there is no way to directly transfer the money to the account. Now, the swindler can only go through the refund procedure through an irreversible form, which can't be changed.


This so-called form program is fun. It is not a refund program at all, but a text document prepared in advance. The swindler asks the victim to fill in the refund information step by step.

Interesting place came, because the computer is in the state of remote connection, swindlers have a way to input information in this document.

When the victim hit the refund amount, the swindler deliberately hit three zeros remotely, making the victim think it was his misoperation.


After switching to his bank account page, the victim will see that his account has increased by $20000.


This part of the extra money is the information that the swindler stealthily altered.

The rest of the process is left to the swindlers.

At this time, the victim will think that it is his own misoperation, which leads to the other party giving him more money. In fact, he is ashamed.

In this state of mind, the swindler guides the victim to mail out the money by cash step by step, which is very easy.

The swindler will guide the victim to hide the money in the book and then send it out to avoid spot checks. ▼


After learning the whole story, mark Rober and Jim browning decided to start his trick.

First of all, they obtained the mailing address given by the fraudster to Tracy, and then they squatted at this address and succeeded in squatting to express brother.


After making the whole story clear, let the express brother send the express back to the original address.


Then they replaced the express with their own trick device 3.0, which was delivered to the door by a man.


The results needless to say, the explosion was perfect.


However, they blew up the wrong person. This man is not a swindler. He just ordered a tenant of airbnb online.

After explaining the whole story to this unfortunate old brother, mark Rober responded that this address is a fake address for trading, and the person who really came to collect money may have already come.

After investigating the surveillance nearby, they found the middleman who came to withdraw the money and followed the clue all the way.


In the meantime, a few more middlemen were killed with trickery devices.


Finally, several scam groups in India were targeted.


Third brother, I really have you.

This technique itself is undoubtedly a kind of virus. In fact, they make the things that Trojan horse virus should do artificially. I have to say that they have some ideas.

Finally, you still want to be hypocritical. In the face of Telecom fraud, you'd better not listen, believe or transfer money.

If you really think what the liar said is reasonable, you must discuss it with the people around you, and then consider sending money.


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