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Jitter practitioners evaluate apple M1: tiktok is far less useful than Intel.

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In November last year, apple took an important step in the PC industry, launching M1 chip based on ARM architecture, and taking the lead in carrying it on its own MAC laptop.

Now, after four months, what do real consumers think of Apple M1?

Tiktok today, I will replace some of the short video practitioners, such as jitter, Kwai, and so on, to expound the real opinions of these people on apple M1 computer. To sum up, Apple's M1 is much harder to use than Intel.

Tiktok, fast hands and other short video practitioners Kwai Chung believe that you will have more or less around you.

Kwai Chung Kwai, tiktok tiktok, novel coronavirus pneumonia, has been a major global force in China. Especially in the 2020, when many new businesses were relying on the short video and the short hand, the short video players such as jitter, fast hands and so on have become a productive force in China.

Kwai tiktok is now a big apple in the world. M1 computer is very good in China, productivity can not be done.

Adobe Premiere experience of video production software: Apple M1 computer hard injury is too obvious

Short video practitioners certainly need the link of video production. Next, take Adobe Premiere as an example.

Speed is the key index to measure the performance level of a computer. Now let's compare the speed to see how the performance level of Apple M1 computer is. The processor for comparison is Intel's 11th generation core i7-1185g7.

An H.264 video with 1080p image quality, 60 frames per second frame rate and 11 minutes length is exported. In the end, apple M1 is much slower than Intel Core i7-1185g7.


The speed is a little slower, maybe some users can accept it, but for the compatibility problem of Apple M1 computer, most users can't stand it.

The computer's computer operators make complaints about the compatibility of Adobe Premiere on M1 computers, and many plug-ins are useless at all. This is the bruising of Apple's M1 computer.

For this problem, the author and some friends agree that Adobe Premiere is transplanted from x86 system to Apple Mac system, which needs Rosetta 2 to translate, which will consume some functions and performance, thus making it difficult to use Adobe Premiere on Apple M1 computer.

I'll expand it a little bit here,It's not only premiere, but also Adobe's many softwares have some compatibility problems on Apple M1.

In the middle of this month, the updated version of PS began to support Apple M1 computer, which is definitely a great benefit to the users of Apple M1 computer.

From this, we can see that Apple M1 computer is constantly improving, but,Because there are so many compatibility problems at present, it's hard to say when and when can we reach a higher level of productivity.For users who want to buy Apple M1 computer, they need to weigh it up before buying it!

On the contrary, Intel computer (win10 system) has complete functions and no compatibility.

After all, x86 architecture has more than 40 years of open ecosystem and common standards. Under Windows system, Intel can also cooperate with thousands of device manufacturers such as NVIDIA and software developers to build Intel computer (win10 system) into a first-class productivity tool.

PC platform tiktok experience: Apple M1 computer provides too little function.

I would like to emphasize that even for short video practitioners, most of their daily work time is facing the computer screen, and mobile phones are just auxiliary tools. Tiktok based on PC, it is very important for cross platform adaptation of short video App such as jitter and Kwai.

Tiktok first, let's talk about Apple M1 computer, with the example of App.Although Apple M1 computer can run, its functions are too simple at present, especially the size of the display window is fixed and can't be adjusted, so it doesn't give people a good impression.

In contrast to Intel computer (win10 system), the simulator of mobile app has many choices, and it is generally very good. The size of the window can also be zoomed as you like, and the appearance is much better.

Experience of external large screen display: Apple M1 computer can only be connected with one external display

For short video practitioners, the use of large screen display for daily office is a common phenomenon.

After all, it's too comfortable for Apple office workers to sit on a 3.13-inch mobile screen every day.

We know that Apple's new generation of MAC laptops have eliminated the HDMI interface, which is a little bit troublesome for external monitors.Fortunately, apple can solve this problem through docking station. For many users, things that can be solved with money are not things.

Well, for the time being, the disadvantage that Apple M1 computer does not support HDMI interface can be ignored. If it can only support one monitor, it can not support multiple monitors, so it certainly can not meet the needs of some users.

After all, working with multiple screens is very common in today's workplace. For short video practitioners, it is also a common demand for two monitors to work together.

It's very common for a powerful computer to be equipped with multiple monitors. Apple is always full of confidence in the performance of its MAC laptop, but it can't be equipped with multiple monitors. It's a bit unreasonable!

In contrast, Intel computers (win10 system), such as laptops equipped with Intel 11th generation core mobile processors, are equipped with not only HDMI interface as standard, but also thunderbolt 4 interface.

HDMI with a monitor and thunderbolt 4 with a monitor, it's a piece of cake to set up a dual screen office!

Expand hard disk storage: Apple M1 is too expensive

For short video practitioners, large capacity hard disk is undoubtedly indispensable.

I have seen Apple M1 computer users are basically equipped with at least one mobile hard disk. This reason is nothing more than the purchase of large capacity hard disk Apple M1 computer is too expensive!

I checked on Apple's official website. Taking Apple's MacBook Pro as an example, upgrading from 512gb SSD to 2TB SSD costs 4500 yuan. It's really a good guy!

At the same time, the internal memory and hard disk of Apple's new generation MAC laptop are soldered, so users can't upgrade by themselves. How much storage space they want can only be in place at the time of purchase.

In contrast, Intel computers (win10 system) are generally able to upgrade freely. It's easy to change a larger memory and install a larger hard disk.

Apple M1 computer hard disk door event: this user is necessary to know!

In February this year, Apple's M1 computer broke out the hard disk door incident, which consumers need to know before buying Apple's M1 computer.

A foreign netizen disclosed that in just two months, the TBW of his apple M1 MAC (16GB memory / 256gb SSD) was as high as 1%.

In other words, apple M1 MAC has done a lot of write operations in a short time. We all know that the internal memory and hard disk of Apple's new generation MAC laptop are soldered. Once the hard disk is consumed prematurely, the whole machine will be paralyzed.

In the use of hard disk, short video practitioners are heavy users of hard disk, which will cost more than ordinary users. If you use the apple M1 computer, the hard disk problem is not a small hidden danger.

For the users of Intel computer (win10 system), if they feel that the hard disk is not easy to use, it's a big deal to change one by yourself. It's no trouble at all!


At present, there are so many hard injuries to Apple M1 computer! Frankly speaking, without good software support, no matter how good the apple M1 chip is, its practical application experience will be greatly reduced.

Although many of these hard injuries can be perfected in the future, if you want to use the apple M1 computer as an important productivity tool and a tool to support your family, then not only you but also anyone can't wait!

Although the innovation of Apple arm is an industry initiative, software compatibility is absolutely an issue that can not be ignored. Intel's products are highly compatible, and the complete ecosystem provides strong support for productivity.

Even if Apple arm tries its best to solve the problem, there will still be a considerable gap between the two for a long time to come.



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